Italy Nulla osta 2024 Check Online Link

For those of you who applied for Italy on the 2nd, 4th, and 12th of December 2024, your nulla osta has started. Here you will find the link to check Italy Sponsor Visa, Agricultural Visa, and Domestic Visa Nilsta applied for December. Every year, two categories of people are recruited, but from this year, workers will be recruited in Italy according to three categories. Italy Job Nulsta Today 22nd Working Day Officially Informing All Applied Candidates Through SMS. If you applied in Italy this year, you need to access the Italy website now to check your Nulsta.

Italy Nulsta Check Link

First of all, follow our website to know the latest information about the Italy application from the right link in the fastest time. Earlier last application was accepted in March 2024. Currently, the results of the application for December are published. However, at the beginning of 2024, the new application will start again from the 5th of February. Those who wish to leave Bangladesh to work in Italy must legally enter Italy with proper visas following all procedures of the Italian government. All information related to Italy can be found on our website.

When will Nulla Osta come out?

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This year 1 lakh 37 thousand workers will be recruited from 34 countries of the world including Bangladesh. In this way, about three lakh more workers will enter Italy next year through government channels. However, the documents approved by the Ministry of Labor for the candidates who applied in December, which is called Nulsta, have been published today. We have already learned through workers living in Italy that Nulsta will be out today.

From the official information we have already received, Italy’s Nulsta is likely to be released on December 26. However many brokers will give you fake dates or false information in various ways. Since you will have to transfer a large amount of money to go to Italy, you must check your Nulsta and pay the money.

Italy nulla asta 2024 update

Italy Nulla osta

Already we have suggested some ideas related to Nulsta 2024. Many rumors about the release of Nulsta have been spread around by various YouTube and kuchkri circles. But according to all the unofficial information, you should not listen to all these words. If the Italian government announces the release date of Nulsta according to their official announcement, we will inform you through an update on our website.

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If you hear these things through any person working or broker living in Italy, they are false and not correct. However, we expect this year’s Nulsta to start rising between the last week of December i.e. 27th December to 1st January. A special reason for this is that new applications will start from next February. So according to the official information, they must complete all the old clearances before applying for the new one.

What to do to check Nulsta online

Since many candidates have not properly contracted with their brokers, there is fear in their minds about whether they have been given the right allowance. But you should know that this Nulsta can be checked online now. You can check it in no time through your mobile device if you want.

Since various companies in Bangladesh are working with Italian visas, you must verify your work permit information before making any money transactions. One of the reasons for this is that if you submit a fake work permit, the Italian embassy through VFS Global can issue you a visa ban for life. In other words, ensure strict security before doing all the work. Remember if you apply with the wrong Nulsta once then you will face many problems in the future. You can easily check it from our given link.