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According to the new schedule announced last October 2023, the Italian creative and non-creative visa application process has started. Sponsor visa online application starts on 2nd December 2023 from 9 am local time in Italy. But the website opens at 8:35 am and remains open till 8 pm. If you wish to apply directly then apply from the Italy Government website link.

Italy nulla osta application link

According to the new time announced last October 2023 as per the fixed click day announced by the government today only 53 thousand applications are being accepted. However, this application process has been fixed till December 26. But we know that those who apply first will be given nullaosta first. That is, to get a work permit, you must first complete the application as soon as possible.

Decreto flusi 2023 Italy nulla osta application schedule

In 2023, two application recruitments have been released so far. Among them, the first application was completed on March 27. On December 2, the sponsor quota application for the second application begins. December 4 domestic application date is fixed. And lastly, on 12th December, the application for a creative or agricultural visa will start. In this case, it will be clicked from the website every day at 9 am. The application must be completed within the stipulated time.

  1. December 2 sponsor application
  2. December 4 domestic application
  3. 12 December creative application

Italy Nulla Osta Apply Link Decreto Flussi 2023 can be done directly through the Italy Work Permit website. In this case, only the Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration – Services Portal should complete the application for Italy using this website. You are given the link to apply directly through our website and complete the application from there.

Italy Nulla Osta Click Day Online Application Rules

  • Access the direct link
  • Now click on the text “Log in with SPID or CIE” from the left side
  • Enter your SPID/CIE and password correctly
  • Enter the profile by clicking on the “Log in” button
  • Complete your application now by clicking on the “Apply Now” button

Of course, you have to remember that after applying, the online application fee of 80 Euros prescribed by the government must be paid through the bank. If you do not pay the application fee then your application is likely to be rejected. In this case, the government officials will have nothing to do.

Link: Services Portal Italy

Seasonal Richiesta di visto

This year, 82 thousand workers will be recruited from 34 countries including Bangladesh through creative applications. For this one must click on the application on various specific government portals located in Italy. Application must be completed by 9 am on the click day. Apart from this, the application is decreasing due to the problem of this website.

So if you want to apply directly through our website then click on the link given above. 2 lakh 60 thousand 320 applicants will click on creative visa from 34

Nonseasonal Application Link

The website was running properly for two minutes after the application started at 9 am. But after some time the website is down after 10.30 am According to the government notice it can be re-applied. About two lakh 60 thousand applicants are waiting for this. But we hope the website will be fixed soon and the application will resume.

Italy Work Visa 2023 Required Documents

  1. You need a copy of your nulla osta application
  2. A house or your address is required to stay in Italy
  3. 2 color images
  4. You must have the money you need when you leave here
  5. Duplicate flight ticket and schedule

In addition to the above information, if any new documents are required, you will be informed through a new notice. Also, you can visit our website to apply for the next click.