[নতুন] GP Minute Offer List 2023 – 30 Days, 15 Days, 10 Days, 7 Days, 3 Days

Grameenphone minute offer list for 2023 latest update is now available on this post you can easily check the valid offer for your number from the below text. GP 10 Minutes, GP 25 Minutes, GP 50 Minutes, GP 100 Minutes, GP 150 Minutes, GP 200 Minutes, GP 300 Minutes, GP 350 Minutes, GP 400 Minutes offer, GP 500 Minutes, GP 1000 Minutes for 4 days, 7 days, 10 days, 15 days, and 30 days.

The most impressive GP offers minute bundle for your mobile number is also can check here very easily. You are also checking the full monthly best GP minute offer in one touch.

GP Minute Offer 30 Days 2023

Last week Grameenphone sim company introduce a new sim offer for a minute bundle validity of 30 days long. As a GP user, you are now easily checking the full package offer. Some of the low-price packs also get from the pictures.

Offer Minute Price Validity
50 49.84 30 Days
100 86.72 30 Days
150 123.91 30 Days
200 157 30 Days
300 199 30 Days
350 218.24 30 Days
400 247.51 30 Days
500 307 30 Days
1000 609 30 Days

Note: The offer can be changed anytime by www.grameenphone.com authority.

GP Minute Offer List 2023 With Active Code

So, we have accepted your search item for the Grameenphone minute offer list. You have to know us your conditing in a comment. The condition means how much you need and what is your validity time length. We are giving a short list of these places for you.

Today 10 Minutes for Tk. 5.70 Active code is *121*4024# validity for 06 hours. Gp 25 minutes for Tk. 14 and activation code is *121*4001# valid time 16 hours.

Gp 40 minutes for Tk. 24 active code is *121*4002# time 24 hours. GP 70 minute Tk. 44 active code is *121*4003# for 4 days.

GP 85 minutes + 50 SMS only Tk. 53 active code dial *121*4004# for 07 days. Now GP 100 minutes for Tk. 59 active code dial *121*4205# for 07 days. This month GP 130 minutes Tk. 78 dial *121*4026# 07 days. Grameenphone 125 minutes Tk. 78 dial *121*4026# for 07 days. Minutes 160 for Tk. 99 dial *111*300# valid 07 days.

Only one offer of GP is 200 minutes Tk. 113 dial *121*4007# for 10 days. Last GP offers 410 minutes Tk. 237 dial *121*4008# for 15 days

Grameenphone 340 minutes Tk. 199 code *121*4018# validity 30 days. GP 500 Minutes, Tk. 288 dial code *121*5074# time 30 days.

GP Minute Offer 7 days

GP has introduced 100 minutes offer for 7 days only 68 takas. If you are interested to get the offer just check your number now. Click Here To Check the Validity

Terms & Conditions:

  1. To avail of this Talk Time offer, eligible customers need to recharge the exact 68Tk. or need to dial *121*4026#
  2. The customer will get 100 Min (GP-Any local operator)
  3. The validity of the Minutes will be 7 Days from the time of purchase

GP Minute Offer 53 Taka

You will get 78 minutes for 4 days only Tk 53. And you can use GP-Any local operator number 24 hours a. To activate this offer just dial *121*4004#.

GP 200-Minute Offer

As an eligible customer of GP 200 minutes for 30 days at taka 157 only. To get this offer recharge exactly 157Tk. or need to dial *121*5074#.

Just click Here To Check the Eligible List

You will use this offer for any local operator number 24 hours for 30 days. For checking the remaining balance, just dial *121*1*2#.

GP 100-Minute Offer 30 Days

Only some eligible customers can buy GP 100 minutes offer for 7 days validity. If you are interested in an active offer you have to need a 68 taka balance. To get this offer dial*121*4026#. And if you get 100 minutes for 30 days you have to need BDT 86.72 balance. This offer can be available on Mygp App.

GP Minute Offer Check

There is some options code for checking GP minutes offers of various plans. You can check your details offer from the Mygp app. And also can dial *121# and select 5 for My Offers.