HSC Scholarship Result 2019 Rajshahi Board pdf Download

Dear Higher Secondary School Certificate Students, do you know your Scholarship result has been published on the education board official website today? If you don’t know that read our article carefully. Here we have uploaded your HSC Scholarship result pdf copy and jpeg file also. Now you can download your scholarship result from our website.

The Directorate of Higher Secondary Certificate Education has issued an order to distribute the quota of revenue-based scholarship / merit based on the result of the HSC 2019 examination of the 8 education boards of the country.

Rajshahi Board HSC Scholarship Result 2019


Important Announcements for HSC Scholarship 2019

Those who have passed the HSC examination 2019 and have got a good result they can get a scholarship in the HSC scholarship program. The education board authority has announced that they will publish the scholarship result as soon as possible. They also said that in this year they will give scholarship money on time. The education board has said to the other all board head that the scholarship money be withdraw on time and distribute it among the students properly. The Government of Bangladesh is always is beside the brilliant students. Bangladesh Government also give free book for the students of class one to ten. The Scholarship is divided into two parts o e is General Scholarship and another is Talent pool scholarship.

General Rules for HSC Scholarship 2019

In Higher secondary Certificate program there are also have some important rules to get a scholarship 2019. If you have got GPA – A+ in your HSC exam 2019 you probably can get a Scholarship. There are two types of scholarship they are General Scholarship and Talent Pool Scholarship. So dear students get a good result is also helpful to your Scholarship.

HSC Scholarship Money Withdraw System 2019

Dear students if you have got a HSC scholarship you should withdraw your scholarship money. If you want to know the money withdraw system. Here we have discussed about scholarship money withdraw system.

Students those who gets Talent pool scholarship they will get 500/- in a month and they can withdraw that money from the own institution where they have done their HSC 2019. Those who have got general scholarship they will get 250/- in a month they will withdraw their money from their own institutions.

HSC Scholarship Result 2019 Dhaka Board pdf

Dear Dhaka Board Students, your HSC exam had finished on last May 2019 and your HSC exam result also had been published on last July 2019. Your HSC Scholarship resul will be published probably next December 2019. Those who have passed with a bright result that means A+ or golden A+ result they can be get a scholarship in Talent pool or General level. After publish the scholarship result from Dhaka board we the BD Exam Help team will also upload in our website. If you are think that you can probably get a scholarship in general or talent pool you have to check our website daily. Dhaka Board Scholarship result link  https://dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd/data/20191205153012880990.pdf

HSC Scholarship 2019 Rajshahi Board

Dear Higher Secondary Students of Rajshahi Board, Do you know your HSC Scholarship result is going to publish on next month? Yes, according to Bangladesh Education Board HSC Scholarship result will publish on December 2019. If you have passed in HSC 2019 under Rajshahi Board you have a possibility to get a Scholarship. Dear students, yes here we tell you how you can get a scholarship from Rajshahi education board. Rajshahi education board authority has been announced that the scholarship result is going to held soon. The Rajshahi Education Board Students do well in the university level of our country. We know that Rajshahi university is also situated in Rajshahi. This education board students are also get a chance in Rajshahi University. Those who have got a Scholarship from the board they are really good in study.

HSC Scholarship Result 2019 Dinajpur Board

Dinajpur is a large city of Bangladesh. The Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is controlled by the Dinajpur Board. This Board has a reputation in all over Bangladesh. The students from Dinajpur Board they do good in all sector of our country. Dinajpur Education Board Chairman has been announced that the Higher Secondary Certificate Scholarship 2019 will be published in December 2019. Those who have passed in HSC exam 2019 and got a good GPA or Golden A+ they can get the scholarship 2019. Students also are waiting for the scholarship result. We know that Dinajpur Board is also one of the most popular board in our country.

HSC Scholarship Result Jessore Board 2019 pdf download

Higher Secondary Certificate is called HSC. The Dinajpur Education Board exam authority has been announced that the Scholarship result been published soon. They said to the students that the result committee is doing work to publish the result on time. They also try to publish reslut on time. So if the result will publish we the BD Exam Help team also publish it on our website.

You also will collect the result from our website. We can say to students that the result what you expect that must publish on next December 2019. In this board result also divided into two types one is Talent pool Scholarship and another is General Scholarship. Students also can be collect their scholarship money monthly or also at a time. Though jessore is a rural area but the education condition is higher than other board in the country. Every students has good knowledge in education. That is why they do well in study and also get a scholarship.

HSC Scholarship 2019 Comilla Board

We all know that Comilla Education Board is a well known board in Bangladesh. Many scholars are exist who have done their study under this board. Every year a lot of students have done their study from this boArd. It has a reputation in all over the Bangladesh. Comilla Board HSC scholarship is going to publish on December 2019.

Scholarship money is divided into two types one is for talent pool scholarship and another is for general scholarship students. Students who will get Talent pool scholarship they will get 550/- per month or 1200/- one time in year. And those who will have got general scholarship they will get 250/- per month or 500/- in a year. Scholarship money can get in the period of education time.

HSC Scholarship 2019 Chittagong Board

2019 Higher Secondary Certificate exam has been finished, there were a lot of candidates attended the exam. In total 11 lac and 41 thousand students were attended in HSC and similar exam 2019. There were 6 lac students boys and 5 lac and more students girls have participated in the exam. In Bangladesh there are 8 education board and there also have one Madrasa board and one Technical education board in our country. Dear students you also know that the HSC exam result has been published on August 2019. We the BD exam help team also published the exam result in our website.

Dear students we know that you are aware that your HSC scholarship result is going to publish. According to Chittagong Board exam authority they have said that the scholarship result will publish in next December mid 2019. Interested students can check the notice from our website everyday.

HSC Scholarship Result 2019 Barisal Board pdf

Those who have passed their Higher Secondary Certificate under Barisal Board. Barisal Board exam result authority has been announced that the scholarship result will be published on the middle of December 2019. They said that the interested students can check the education board notice board. Dear students we have always update all information in our website. You can check our BD Exam Help when you want. Our team is always do help to you.

The Barisal Board SSC Scholarship result has been published on the official website of Barisal Board. Those who have got a scholarship they are happy to get it from the education board. They also do study in Higher level under the Barisal Education Board. Barisal board HSC Scholarship result is going to publish soon.

HSC Scholarship Result 2019 Sylhet Education Board pdf download

Sylhet Education Board authority has been announced that the Higher School Certificate Scholarship result 2019 is going to publish on next month. The scholarships are limited, the authority has said that the irregular students will not get scholarship. Students can withdraw their money from their college or institutions.

Those who have passed their HSC under Sylhet education board their HSC scholarship result will be publish soon. The students who have got a scholarship they will get a full free studentship. Those who will get a scholarship they must be Bangladeshi by birth.

HSC/Alim Scholarship Result 2019 Madrasa Education Board pdf

Dear Madrasa Education Board students, those who have attended the HSC/Alim exam 2019 and passed the exam successfully they will get a scholarship from Madrasa Education Board. Do you know that your education board is situated in Dhaka as only one education board in Bangladesh. That is why madrasa education board students will get their scholarship from their own board. The madrasa education board authority announced the scholarship result date 2019. The chairman of the board said us that they probably will publish their result in the middle of December 2019. Those who have got GPA 5 or golden A+ in the exam they can be got a scholarship like previous year.

Technical Education Board HSC Scholarship 2019

Dear students of Technical Education Board, your Higher Secondary Certificate exam has been finished and your result also have published but your Scholarship result not publish yet. Technical education board authority has just announced that the scholarship result will publish on next month probably. Those who have did a good result in their exam they can possibly get a scholarship.

You can view the results of the HSC scholarship along with the terms and conditions for obtaining a scholarship in a PDF file by downloading the links above. All the boards that have published the results of the scholarship till now, only those boards can download the results from here. The results of the rest of the boards will be given here only after publication.

HSC Scholarship 2019 Details

Based on the results of the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Examination of 2019, all the Board of Higher Secondary and Secondary Education of the country will publish the results of HSC Talent Pool and General Scholarship. The results of HSC and equivalent scholarship of published boards have been updated here.

Circle Amount and Deadline:

Talent Pool: Monthly rate – Tk 600, Annual one-time grant – 900, Scholarship term – 2 (two) years

General Receipt: Monthly rate: 350 Taka, Annual one-time grant 450, Scholarship term – 2 (two) years

HSC Scholarship of Dutch-Bangla Bank 2019

Dutch-Bangla Bank, under its social welfare program, has been providing scholarships to talented and economically disadvantaged students studying at various levels including higher secondary, graduate and various educational institutions of the country. In that continuation, scholarships will be awarded to students who have passed the HSC / equivalent examination of the year 2019 and are expected to receive financial assistance in the field of education.

Sonali Bank Limited Scholarship 2019

Sonali Bank provides education scholarships to Bangladesh students. Furthermore, Sonali Bank Scholarship is open to all levels of students, from high school, to graduate, undergraduate and postgraduate. Eligible students can apply. Also, do well to read the scholarship notice and see the previous results as you go through this article.

Scholarship eligibility

If successful, applicants will get a stipend of TK 10,000. However, the amount of this golden scholarship is a one-time stipend. In addition to being a citizen of Bangladesh, applicants must meet the following criteria.

For HSC level:

Applicants must have a minimum of 4.00-grade point average in SSC or equivalent examination. However, in the case of children with physical disabilities and freedom fighters, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.50.

For graduation level:

Applicants must have a 5.00-grade point average in HSC or equivalent examination. However, in the case of children with physical disabilities and freedom fighters, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.00.

Mercantile Bank Scholarship 2019

Mercantile Bank will provide education scholarship to students who have passed the JSC, SSC, HSC and equivalent examination of the year 2019. The scholarship will be offered through the “Mercantile Bank Abdul Jalil Scholarship-2019” program as part of the bank’s social responsibility.

Only those who have obtained at least GPA-4.50 in the test mentioned in the 2019 may apply for this scholarship. Besides, the average annual income of each student should be below 70,000 taka. However, if a student receives a scholarship from another private source, he or she can not apply for this scholarship.

Application forms for this scholarship can be collected from all branches of Mercantile Bank. The application form can also be dropped from the bank’s website www.mblbd.com. Applicants should send the application directly to the branch manager of Mercantile Bank nearest to the applicant or by postal mail with the head office of the company by March 7, 2020.

Scholarship JSC and equivalent students will get Tk 1,000 each month. SSC and equivalent examinations will get Tk 1250 monthly. And HSC and equivalent examinations will get Tk 1750 per month under this scholarship. The tenure of this scholarship at one time is 1 year.


In conclusion, those who have done their HSC exam under the different education board they are going to get their HSC scholarship result soon. Remember that the HSC Scholarship result has been publish on last month. They can check their result from the own education board official website. We also have publish their result on our website.

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