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“Antarjal” Antarjal (2023) is a Bangladeshi thriller film. It is directed by Dipankar Deepan and the story is written by Dipankar Deepan, Saifullah Riyad, and Asha Zahid. The screenplay is written by the director himself. The film stars Siam Ahmed, Vidya Sinha Mim, Sunerah Binte Kamal, ABM Suman, Amit Sinha, Mashroor Inan, and many others.

In this internet movie stories mainly social and human problems, love, family problems, career, and work-life can be made. These stories are often related to life’s problems and can have a profound impact on the lives of the audience. The film was released on 22 September 2023 and became a big success at the box office. It is guaranteed to become the highest-grossing Bengali film of 2023.

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  1. Licensed Streaming Platform: This is the most legal and secure way to watch movies. The following platforms provide Bengali movies over time:
  2. Netflix offers a huge movie collection and offers various Bengali movies for subscribers.
  3. Amazon Prime Video offers Bengali movies, web series, documentaries, and more.
  4. Hoichoi: This platform offers a growing range of movies and web series for Bengali viewers.
  5. ZEE5: ZEE5 provides Bengali movies and web series and a Bengali content portal for Bengali viewers.
  6. Local Theaters: You can go to your local cinema and watch movies on screen, which is a great way to see new movies.

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I could help organize a way to watch Bengali movies regularly. It is very important to use legitimate means to watch movies safely. It is important to remember that downloading or watching pirated movies is illegal and prohibited in society and law.

Main Characters of the Movie:

Lumin is the character played by Siam Ahmed in ‘Antarjal’. Rajshahi’s IT Genius Lumin believes in creating a startup himself and giving jobs to others instead of going to others with CVs for jobs.

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Director Dipan said the character of Lumin and Siyam is not simple, but have a little complex mentality. Every character in this movie is based on some real character. Apart from Siam, the names of other character artists in the film will be announced very soon.

Antarzal Bengali movie story

Many stories in Bengali cinema show different aspects of the internet or social media. These stories can be published by Suprasad Sen, Satyajit Roy, Sujit Sarkar, and other popular filmmakers. Many movies contribute to this story by creating stories about online reviews, social media, an up-to-date plot, performance or lead.