সময়সূচি দেখুন Tangail District Ramadan Calendar 2023 PDF Download

Today Tangail Sehri Last Time 2023

Right now we are going to discuss in detail Tangail District Ramadan Schedule 2023 Iftar and Sehri Last Time. The last time of today’s sehri is fixed for the people of the Tangail district area. And when today’s iftar time this post is made only for the people of Tangail district. The Tangail District Ramadan Calendar 2023 provided here is made according to this district time only. Here you can get the official download of Ramadan Calendar 2023 published by Islami Foundation. Direct download links and images are uploaded. So let’s take a look at today’s Tangail district Ramadan schedule.

Although none of us fast throughout the year, the month of Ramadan actually creates a lot of excitement among us because the Ramadan calendar is very important during this time. Along with that, it is everyone’s responsibility to know the Iftar and Sehri schedules correctly. Since we are fasting in Ramadan, it is good to know the schedule of five daily prayers. With this calendar, you will get daily prayer time according to the date.

সেহরি ও ইফতারের দোয়া – Iftar & Sehri Dua

Tarabi Namaz Porar Niom, Dua, Munajat [তারাবির সঠিক নিয়ম জেনেনিন]

People who are known as locals of Tangail district are informed that the 1st day of Ramadan will be observed on 23rd March every Friday. And according to this calculation, we will be able to perform Friday prayers on five Fridays in this month of Ramadan. Tell your other brothers this news immediately. Because performing a Friday prayer in the month of Ramadan is much more rewarding. Therefore, we must perform the five Friday prayers standing behind the imam, may Allah grant us that grace.

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পাঁচ ওয়াক্ত নামাজ পড়ার নিয়ম ও দোয়া বাংলায় (মহিলা ও পুরুষ)

We know the month of Ramadan is the month of peace this month all the faithful Muslims wish for their peace. You may find that many times people cannot eat well during this month of Ramadan due to price hikes. So officially, we need to keep the prices of all our products fixed during the month of Ramadan. In this case, the people of the Tangail district are an exception, the price of all commodities has not increased much.

Those who are forced to perform extra acts of worship in Ramadan and want to achieve more good deeds must perform all the extra acts of worship that are included. In the month of fasting, if you want to worship by offering additional Nafl prayers, you must know the rules of praying correctly. For this reason, you can follow the links of the correct rules of praying that we have given. And of course, you can see the correct rules for performing Tarawi Namaz in Bengali.

If you have downloaded the correct Ramzan Calendar of Tangail District then definitely share it on your Facebook. Through one of your shares, other people in your district will know the exact schedule.

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