All Board HSC Result By Mobile SMS (এসএমএস রেজাল্ট দেখার নিয়ম)

We are going to resent a new method to check your HSC Result by Mobile phone SMS. You can easily check it from your own cellphone any time on the result publish day. But remember that it will start after publishing results by the Education board of Bangladesh. We know that all candidates know the old and the common method but a new method has come here. Now we are going to discuss this post in detail about the new method. If you need it then read this article carefully. So do not waste time going to our main topic direct. 

Candidates of 2020 Higher Secondary Certificate Exam, it can help all board student to see their result by mobile SMS. And on that post, the BD Exam Help authority discusses that style separately. So that one can easily take this new method and can understand it easily.

Follow Easy Method To Get HSC Result By SMS

How can you get your result easily from your own mobile phone it is not to know all. Though all students do not have a smartphone or normal mobile phone they can use guardians’ phone to check it now. But if they do not know the main method then it has no value to do anything.

A guardian also can follow our method to check their children’s results from their home. Normally a guardian does not go out to check students’ results. They feel comfortable to check it from their own house. This SMS System is not a new thing, it has a lot of popularity in society.

A total of five mobile operator companies continue their business in Bangladesh. They also do some events which can help people. SSC results provide by Mobile SMS also one of them. Though they do not give this service free they take 2.50 taka per result from the user. But on the result publish day when all online result server is down and can to provide service that moment this service doing help a lot.

HSC Result All Board Mobile Checking System 2020

All mobile users can check this result from their mobile phones. And we are going to show all things about this system. By following this system all education board student can take their result from the Education Board official website. We are also going to discuss every board checking system separately.

General education Board Students, along with other board students can follow this method below. 

At first, the user goes to the mobile phone SMS system, remember that it can be any type of mobile phone.

Write HSC for your Exam Name and then give a space.

Now type the first three letters of your own education board’s name and give a space again.

On this place write your HSC Exam Roll Number carefully give another space.

At last write 2020 for your examination year.

Finally, send this SMS 16222 this number.

The Format Is Like, HSC<Space>First 3 letters of board name<Space> Roll Number<Space>2020 and then send to 16222

Example: HSC DHA 123456 2020 And Send to 16222.

Alim Exam Result Check By Mobile SMS

For students who attend the Alim Exam Under Madrasa Education Board of Bangladesh, this part is only for them. From here they will be able to know about result check by mobile SMS easy method for only Madrasa Education Board in Bangladesh. Madrasa board chairman also supports this method to check student’s results from home.

Madrasa Education Alim Exam Result SMS checking system is given below.

First of all, you have a mobile phone. It can be a normal phone or also a smartphone.

Now go to your SMS option on this phone.

Type “Alim” as Axam Name.

Then type the first three latter of your Board Name “MAD”

Write your own examination Roll Number.

“2020” write as your exam year.

Finally, send it 16222 Number from any operator.

Example: Alim MAD 123456 2020 And Send to 16222.

BTEB Technical Board (Vocational) HSC Result Check By Mobile SMS

Technical education board students those who have finished their HSC in this year you have to need to collect your result by mobile SMS. Because this system is very much popular in our country. There is some major difference between the general education board result checking system and the technical board.

We have already discussed the general education board result checking system on the first of this post. In this part, we are going to discuss the technical board result check by mobile SMS. Once upon a time, we all used this system. But today its uses in some places only. Because today everybody follows an online checking system very much.

The method of result checking by mobile SMS for the technical education board is given below.

At the very first you go to your mobile phone SMS option.

Now create a new SMS.

On the SMS write option write “HSC” as your exam name.

Given space and write “TEC” as your education board name.

Again give space and write your own examination Roll Number.

The next option you write “2020” for your exam year.

Now go to the send number option and write 16222 and click on the send option.

Example: HSC TEC 123456 2020 And Send to 16222.

“রেজাল্ট এখনও না পেয়েথাকলে রোল কমেন্ট করুন আমরা দেখে দিচ্ছি”

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