DPDC Load Shedding Time in Dhaka Area – DESCO লোডশেডিং Schedule

Bangladesh Power Development Board DPDC/DESCO company has published the schedule of load shedding in the Dhaka district. The number of load shedding has increased in Bangladesh due to adverse weather conditions. In this context, the Bangladesh Electricity Development Board Company has published a possible schedule of load shedding in the Dhaka district on its website.

We have already received a schedule of load shedding as per government directives which will be applicable only to the people of the Dhaka region. Inside this PDF, all the regions have been divided differently and the load shedding times have been determined.

DPDC/DESCO Dhaka Load Shedding Schedule

Bangladesh Power Development Board Company has divided into two regions from Dhaka Division, one is Region and the other Dhaka Region. In this case, we have published the daily load shedding list of Dhaka and Region through PDF.

If you are from the Dhaka area then definitely know the load shedding time of the area by downloading the below image or PDF.

The only reason for area-based load shedding is that due to low power generation, the uninterrupted power supply is not possible across the country, so this pressure is being reduced through some area-based load shedding.

List of load shedding based on Dhaka District Area

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina presented the issue of area-wise load shedding in a press conference a few days ago in view of the issue of a new notification yesterday from the Ministry of Power and Energy. Click here to download a list of load shedding in the Dhaka district

How to download the load shedding list of Dhaka district?

Bangladesh Power Development Board Company i.e. Dhaka Region Loadshedding List has already been published on their website, you can easily download this list by visiting this website or you can follow the instructions below.

First, visit DPDC/DESCO website to download a list of load shedding

NESCO Official Website Link http://desco.gov.bd/

Now enter the notice board or click on the list of load shedding from the right-side text

Get your Dhaka region and region list very easily with a new PDF download

What is area-wise load shedding and why is it being done?

Area-wise load shedding is load shedding that will be done daily at a specific time in some specific area based on the rule of load shedding should be done at the time prescribed by the government. In view of the decrease in electricity production due to the increase in fuel prices, the government has arranged area-wise load shedding to reduce the pressure of electricity.