দেখুন result HSC Britti Result 2023 Dhaka Board PDF Download

Dhaka Board HSC 2022 Scholarship Result

The scholarship result 2023 of the students who participated in the SSC examination 2022 has been published a while back. Only those students who have secured A plus in the examination are covered under this scholarship. Through a new notification, the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Dhaka has announced that merit scholarships and general scholarships of the board have been awarded based on the results of the Higher Secondary Certificate HSC examination of 2022.

Source: Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education 16 March 2023. Based on the results of the 2022 Higher Secondary Certificate Examination of the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Dhaka, merit scholarships and general scholarships have been awarded to the students enrolled in the science, humanities and business education departments as described below. The following rules and regulations must be followed while awarding this scholarship.

ঢাকা বোর্ড HSC বৃত্তি রেজাল্ট লিংক

Dhaka Board HSC Scholarship Result Pdf Download

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The first condition is: The scholarship gazette will contain the name of the institution from which the student has appeared in the examination and the institution will withdraw the scholarship money by applying through the admitted institution subject to issuing the certificate. The scholarship period is from July 2022 till the duration of the course.

  • The concerned students must be citizens of Bangladesh.
  • The scholarship will be awarded subject to the good conduct of the concerned students, regular attendance, and satisfactory academic progress.

The number, rate and duration of these scholarships can be changed or canceled by the government without showing any reason of apparent necessity.

The second condition is that the scholarship will be valid in approved educational institutions within Bangladesh. This scholarship will not be valid in any non-approved educational institution. Because according to government law, students studying in approved educational institutions are not eligible for scholarships, and study periods in unauthorized educational institutions will be considered as breakup studies.

Dhaka Board HSC 2022 Scholarship Result

The third condition, all scholarships will be awarded only among the students who have passed the regular examination according to merit and as per other conditions of the policy. In any case irregular students will not get scholarships.

Condition Four: All scholarship students will have the opportunity to study without pay. No government-approved educational institution can demand any monthly salary from scholarship students. If the monthly salary is demanded from them, punitive action will be taken against the head of the educational institution.

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