Top 10 schools in Dhaka | Top 20 Schools in Dhaka 2023

Top 10 schools in Dhaka | Top 20 Schools in Dhaka 2023 – Guardian, do you know the top 20 schools’ names in Dhaka city? If you don’t know please read our content carefully and know about all school’s details. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 20 schools in Dhaka city. Because of inter admission test of Government schools is going to held on this month. Every student wants to admit to top schools in Dhaka city. BD Exam Help is going to discuss these matters.

We all know that the JSC and PSC result is going to publish this week. So every student’s Guardian also ever about that. Wants to admit their children to a top-level school in Dhaka city. That is why this starts in Google’s top 20 or top 10 schools. Those who search that kind of information this article for them. We are here going to discuss all top-level schools in Dhaka city.

We all know that Bangladesh is a poor country. But hair all nations want to educate. Education Nations can change this Bangladesh immediately. Every family wants to educate their children. That is why this starts a good level schools in Dhaka city.

What are Top Level School Means?

This is a good question that what is top-level school means. Top-level school means that these schools result good in the board result. In JSC and PSC exam is also one of the option to know about a school. Because if the schools all student doing a good result this School takes as a good School. According to the result of JSC and PSC, all schools count. Education Board authorities will publish this list on their official website soon.

Now we know that the top-level schools are in Dhaka city are Dhanmondi boys and girls high, Motijheel Model High School, etc. In Dhaka city, this kind of school always doing a good result in the board final examination. This is cool or 30 are also good in their rules. They are playing a good role in their all direction. Every Guardian wants to admit their children to a good school. Because they will also perform in the board final examination.

How Many Schools are in Dhaka City?

I don’t know how many schools are in Dhaka city. Because we don’t count all schools accordingly. But the education board authority found all schools. They have a list of all schools under the Dhaka Education Board. So we can see the list from the Dhaka Education Board authority. They have confirmed us at least 1,000 schools are exist in Dhaka city.

All schools are not good in their activity. They are not too active in their activities for students. Some government schools are performed well in all examinations. On the other hand, Some of them are not. So in Dhaka city, all schools are not good at all. That is why guardians always want to know the top 10 or top 20 schools in Dhaka. You may also like PSC Result 2023 and JSC Result 2023.

Top 10 School List in Dhaka 2023

  1. Motijheel Model High School
  2. A K High School
  3. Dhanmondi Model High School
  4. Rajuk Uttara Model College
  5. Uttara High School
  6. Shamsul Haque Khan School
  7. Mirpur Bangla High School
  8. Bidyamoy Girls School of Mymensingh
  9. Holy Cross
  10. Milestone College
  11. Dhaka Residential Model College
  12. Saint Joseph
  13. Motijheel Government Boys’ High School
  14. Samsung Haque Khan school and college
  15. Government Laboratory High School
  16. Aflatunnesa School of Badda
  17. Shafiuddin Sharkar Academy of Gazipur
  18. Ideal School and College
  19. Joseph Higher Secondary School

Motijheel Model School And College Dhaka

Motijheel Model High school and college are one of the best well-known schools and colleges in our country. It is situated in the Motijheel area of Dhaka. It was established in 1980. The Motijheel area freedom fighter named Mesba Uddin Sabu established this school. Here At least 8000 students are starting at a time. The school dated into the shift. One is in the area of Motijheel and the other is the area of Bashabo. The school has to shift to contribute there is study. Students are male and female also studying here.

That the School has two branches. One is situated in Kamlapur railway station and the others in situated at Bashabo flyover. But the college is only one branch in the Motijheel area. 12000 students studying in Motijhil area campus. And on the Bashabo campus, their also 3,000 students are studying. Inter College here also 1200 students are studying. The college Section is only for girls students. On the other hand in the school section, there are both girls and boys are studying.

This school has a model science club, and a model debating society. The science club started its journey in 1999. And in the debating club studying their journey 1980. There also have a library which is free for all students.

This is schools teachers and madams are also Cooperative with their students. They are 160 teachers and madam.

A K High School And College

School and college are a Secondary And Higher Secondary School. It is situated in Duniya, Dhaka. Every year in a number of students are getting admitted in this is cool. The principal of this school and college name it Fazlul Haq.

In 2009 the school in the SSC examination placed 6th position in Dhaka board. Restaurant in JSC or Junior school certificate exam 2012. 1 student also is a too fast place in Dhaka Board from this is school.

The school was established in 1971. This is school and college have to campus also. The main branch is situated in Duniya. And the second one is for the new one is South Doniya which was being established in 2007. The school area also is good for furnished with good facilities for the students.

The schools have a primary and secondary education system and their also a college. Which is officers is HSC or Higher Secondary certificate program only for girls student. Boys And girl both can get their education from this is school but it’s not a Cooperative educational system. There also has to shift in the educational system. Shaped girls’ attitudes and the shit where boys studying.

This school is one of the original schools on the Dhaka board. School students also doing a good result in PSC, JSC, SSC, and SSC programs. So I can say that this is cool is one of the top 20 schools. This one is also one of the best choices for the students or guardians.

Uttara High School And College

It is situated in the heart of Uttara model town and Sector 27 about 2 kilometers far from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. This is a school established in 1985 for the Junior school certificate exam. This is school is under Dhaka Education Board. This school has an official website.

Uttara high school and college are a few meters from Dhaka Mymensingh highway road. It is close to the Azampur bus stand of Uttara.

Uttara high school and college come from the fact that the necessity of a standard Educational Institute. It was a Luminous leaflet by the inhabitants of Uttara Model Town as it is cut off from the main city of Dhaka. It is a very high standard school which will admit boys and girls from all walks of life. And the employees of this school are very highly skilled because there are training the students are to make them physically and mentally strong. The essay all kind of skilled and going to take a challenge of the Educational Board exam. So that is why they do good results in the board final examination.

School also have some extra curriculum activities class like as science club dating club sports club. Video the students and teachers relationship also Cooperative to each other. They all love and help each other in anyone. That is why they also doing a good performance in all branches of education exam.

Samsung Haque Khan school and college

Samsul Haque Khan school and college were established in 1989. This is cool name made the area of Samsul Haq Khan who was a philanthropist. It is situated at Konapara Demra Dhaka. Have three buildings who is six storied and boys and girls in the school section through separately. Shift one is the morning shift for girls and another is the day shift for boys students. The college section is only for girls students. Although located in a rural area of Demra and a little town the school pulled a big surprise by securing the second position in the Dhaka Education Board. Is also one of the greatest school is under the Dhaka Education Board.

From this school, 502 students were set for the SSC examination and the past rate was a hundred percent. Above all hundred percent of student was GPA 5 in SSC examination of last year.

Mirpur Bangla High School and College

Mirpur Bangla school and college is a School located in Mirpur Dhaka. It has two branches which are separate for boys and girls. This is cool also has another name is Mirpur Bangla Uchch Bidyalay college. Also known as Bangla school. One brand which is for the boy’s section is located at Mirpur 11. And another one for the girl’s section is located in Mirpur 6.

Holy Cross School and College Dhaka

Holy Cross girls school is a Catholic primary and secondary school for only girls. Add a test in Dhaka Bangladesh. It’s a study student from class 12 class 10. Run by the Roman Catholic Church the school is open to students of all religions.

History of the college

It was the time after the position of the Indian subcontinent in 1947. The earth solution of Dhaka establishment of this girl’s college by the sisters of Holy Cross. It starts the journey on 1st November 1915 in Dhaka. Holy Cross College starts its journey with five students and now it has about 2500 students.

Milestone School and College Uttara

Milestone School and College are a Bengali and English medium co-educational private school in Uttara Dhaka. Even more, This college is one of the biggest colleges in our country. Above all discussion, this school is one the larger than others.