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HSC Suggestion All Subject – Dear HSC student of Bangladesh, are you searching for Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Suggestion on Google? If yes then this content is for you. Going to show you the HSC suggestions for this year. We think this article will be a help for all students of class 12. You also can see here are HSC Board model question papers for all subjects from here. We will give you all subjects for all board-wise suggestions. So let’s talk about today’s topic.

First of all we can say that a good suggestion can help you to do a good result in your board final examination. A good result can help you to admit in a public University in Bangladesh. So that is why you must have a good result in this examination.

HSC Suggestion All Education Board

We all know that HSC final examination is going to start on 1st April of . So everybody take a good preparation for coming this examination. We also can help them to do good in the examination. That is why they need our this suggestion copy. They can collect it from us without pay any taka.

Our this suggestion copy student also will understand about this board final examination question pattern. Some student do not have any idea about board final examination. So this suggestion for also that type of student in our country. We also going to discuss about your MCQ part.

HSC New Routine Education Board

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The experience of our last year board final examination. So We can say that our suggestion will come on in the exam hall. Because previous year student can see this suggestion copy on their examination. So don’t think anything just follow our this suggestion copy.

Above all We give a good effort for you. Even more If you read this suggestion carefully you will obtain a good result in this board final examination. That will be our successful.

Dhaka Board HSC Suggestion All Subject

Rajshahi Board Suggestion All Department

Dinajpur Board Suggestion All Subject

Comilla Board Full Suggestion

Chittagong Board Final Suggestion

Jessore Board Suggestion Final

Mymensingh Board Suggestion

Sylhet Board Suggestion All Group

Barisal Board Suggestion New 

HSC Suggestion Bangla 1st Paper

So Bangla is common subject for all group student in Bangladesh. And so any student from science or commerce or Humanities they must have Bangla subject included with their other subjects. Rather We are going to show you Bangla first paper & Bangla second paper suggestion. So We hope that if you follow our suggestion it will help you a lot.

HSC Bangla 1st Paper Suggestion All Board

First of all we want to say that must read your all poetry and prose from your Bangla 1st paper main book. Because main book is the best one without other book in Bangladesh. Without main book you cannot read others suggestion. You also not to do a good result without read it.

If you read your Bangla main book you will come on full MCQ question from this book. Because the board examiner teacher take all question from the main book. You can also see the test paper book. It is paper suggestion copy as soon as possible.

বাংলা ১ম পত্র চূড়ান্ত সাজেশন

ক বিভাগ : গল্প (৫টি)

১. বিড়াল 
২. আহবান
৩. জিবন ও বৃক্ষ
৪. রেইনকোট 

৫. নেকলেস

খ বিভাগ : কবিতা (৫টি)

১. ঐকতান 

২. তাহারেই পড়ে মনে

৩. সেই অস্ত্র

৪. ফেব্রুয়ারি ১৯৬৯

৫. নূরলদীনের কথা মনে পড়ে যায়।

গ বিভাগ : উপন্যাস (৩টা)

১. জমিলার উদ্দিপক

২. মজিদের প্রতারনার উদ্দিপক

৩. সমাজব্যবস্থার সাদৃশ্য

ঘ বিভাগ : নাটক (২টি)

১. দেশপ্রেম ও দেশপ্রেমিকদের উদ্দিপক

২. বিশ্বাসঘাতকতা ও বিশ্বাসঘাতকদের উদ্দিপক


১. গল্প থেকে ১২টি

১২টা গল্প থেকেই যে আসবে এমন না)

২. কবিতা থেকে ১২টি

৩. উপন্যাস থেকে ৩টি

৪. নাটক থেকে ৩ট

HSC Bangla 2nd Paper Suggestion All Board

So All board and all group student can follow this suggestion. And so We have upload a good suggestion for this student who are going to attend this year HSC examination. Here we included both written and MCQ part for Bangla second paper. Therefore Without Bangla 2nd paper you will not do a good result in Bangla.

And we all know that Bangla is a dangerous subject for SSC students. Because a student cannot get a golden A+ for this Bangla subject. So take a good preparation in Bangla subject for this examination in this year. So Don’t use it today and we are here to help you in every subject. Keep With us to take a good suggestion from us.

HSC Bangla 2nd Paper Suggestion All Board

HSC ICT Suggestion All Board [100% Sure Common]

And so A good thing for you that in grammatical part you must take a extra time. Because all student are fail in this part. So They cannot Answer all question from grammar part. You also give some extra time for the MCQ question analysis. And so You can follow your test paper who is you what in this year.

HSC Suggestion All Subject [Higher Math]

And so This part our discussion topic is HSC suggestion 2020 higher math. Higher math is also called as electric math. This subject is for only science group student. So science group student can follow this part.That is why It is very important subject for them.

Some student will fail this subject because of they cannot get a good direction. And so We are going to discuss deeply about this subject. We think you will get some extraordinary knowledge from here.

And so Here we discuss about all kind of topic of this subject. So we think it will good one for you. So We give an idea to you please complete the previous 10 years all board question. And so If you think You have no board question.

Then we can say please go to your test paper here you can find all board question. So take a good preparation from your this book. We also can say that please do practice more and more to do oil in this subject.

HSC Physics Suggestion All Board

Physics is a good subject for all kind of student. Some student take it easily. Because they think this subject is so easy for them. But some students search on Google a suggestion for this subject. So this suggestion copy for this kind of student. You may also like SSC Suggestion

You know that there have two parts of this subject one is Physics first paper and another is Physics 2nd paper. We also going to discuss about both parts. Please take both part seriously in this examination. If you don’t take this subject seriously you will not answer all question in the examination.

HSC Suggestion All Subject [English 2nd Paper]

For grammar part you are suggested to solve previous 10 years all boards question.


  • Female education
  • Student and social service
  • Duties and responsibilities of a student
  • Climate change or global warming all greenhouse effect
  • Patriotism
  • My childhood memories
  • Wonders of modern science
  • Uses And abuses of internet
  • Unemployment problem in Bangladesh
  • Rivers of Bangladesh
  • Your aim in life
  • Population problem in Bangladesh
  • Deforestation
  • Benefits of reading newspaper
  • The season you like most
  • Your hobby

Paragraph writing For 2nd paper

  • Drug addiction causes and effect
  • Impact of Facebook on young generation
  • Climate change or the impact of climate change
  • Internet or the uses and abuses of internet
  • Road accident
  • Mobile phone or the uses and abuses of smartphone
  • Food adulteration
  • Importance of female education. 
  • My country
  • environment pollution
  • Deforestation
  • Importance of learning English
  • Dowry system
  • Pohela boishakh
  • Gender discrimination
  • City life and village life
  • A book fair

Report writing

  • The miserable condition of the slum dwellers
  • Prize giving ceremony of your college
  • Price hike of essential commodities
  • Road accident
  • Food adulteration
  • Fire In a garment factory
  • Drug addiction
  • Impact of Facebook on young generation.    
  • Outbreak of Dangue fever access the country
  • Book fair/ science book fair/ village book fair
  • Celebration of Independence Day
  • Celebration of victory day or 21st February
  • Causes of students failure in English
  • Sufferings of Rohingya people
  • Deforestation and its consequences

Formal letter writing

  • Setting up a debating club or English speaking club or language club or computer club.
  • Setting up multimedia classroom
  • Permission to go on a study tour
  • Providing sound system in the classroom.
  • Not to use cell phone in classroom.  
  • Increasing library facilities or common room facilities
  • To DC or UNO for relief and aid for flood Effective People.
  • Permission to stage a drama
  • Admission on TC
  • Seat in the college hostel
  • For testimonial


  1. Hold fast to dreams….. frozen with snow
  2. I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree
  3. Blow blow thou winter wind…..
  4. Fire daffodils, we weep to see…..
  5. I love to rise in a summer morn…..
  6. Because I have seen Bengal’s face…..
  7. Time, you old Gipsy man….
  8. Under the Greenwood tree…..
  9. I died for beauty, but was scarce…..
  10. I sit on one of the dives on Fifty-second street….
  11. She walks in a beauty….

Graph and chart

  • A student’s time spending on various activities
  • Choice of profession by educated people
  • People living below poverty line
  • Literacy Rate of Bangladesh
  • Family’s household income distribution into different categories
  • Source of air pollution in a city
  • The internet user in Bangladesh
  • Smartphone User in Bangladesh
  • People’s changing activities to pastime
  • Population growth rate of Bangladesh
  • Export or import sectors of Bangladesh
  • Percentage Of Travelers in Bangladesh travelling in different transports.
  • Economic growth rate of Bangladesh
  • Increase of overseas students at the universities.

E-mail writing

  1. Congratulation to your friend in his brilliant result.
  2. Congratulation to your friend for winning first prize in debate competition.
  3. Advising not to spend too much time in Facebook.
  4. Thank to Your friend for sending you a nice birthday gift
  5. Your friend about the science duty of Bangladesh.
  6. Inviting your friend to visit Bangladesh. 
  7. Advising your younger brother to read newspaper daily.
  8. Inviting your friend to join a picnic for your birthday party.
  9. Consoling your friend for his father’s/ mother’s death.
  10. Informing your father or mother about your progress of study for HSC exam.
  11. Admission procedure for Overseas student.
  12. Thank to your friend for his hospitality.
  13. Advising your younger brother to take part in games and sports daily.
  14. Telling your younger brother about the bad effects of smoking.
  15. Advising your younger brother to avoid Bad Company.

Traditional story writing

  • The thirsty crow.
  • One day a crow stole a piece of meat.
  • Once there lived a happy cobbler who passed.
  • Long long ago the city of family owned in Germany infested with rats.
  • The Ant And the Dove.
  • The greedy farmer and the golden egg.
  • Byzid Bostami and his mother.
  • The king and The Astrologer.
  • Robot Bruse.
  • The liar cowboy.
  • The honest Woodcutter.
  • King Lear and his daughters.
  • The Hungry fox and graphs.
  • Two friends and bear.
  • The fox without tail.

Paragraph writing

  • Food adulteration
  • 7th March speech
  • An ideal student
  • Earthquake And manners
  • Diaspora
  • Flock music
  • Climate change
  • Environment pollution
  • Early marriage
  • Adolescence
  • Human Rites
  • Uses and abuses of smartphone
  • Digital Bangladesh
  • The Sundarbans

Rearrange writing 

  • Napoleon and the English boy
  • Nansel Mandela
  • Aristotle
  • Mother Teresa
  • Titanic
  • A lad and a famous teacher
  • Finding a text collector
  • The king and astrologer
  • Fruit Seller and grocer
  • The cook and his master
  • Hare and tortoise
  • Nobel Prize   
  • Alexander and Porus
  • Dr Muhammad Shahidullah
  • Gazi Pir
  • Jerry.
  • Robert bruse
  • Rabindranath Tagore
  • Socrates.
  • King Lear.
  • Joynal abedin.
  • Martin Luther King.

Seen comprehension

  • 1.Unit 1 lesson 1 and 2
  • 2.Unit 2 lesson 1
  • 3.Unit 4 lesson 1
  • 4.Unit 5 lesson 1, 2 & 5
  • 5.Unit 6 lesson 1 and 2
  • 6.Unit 7 lesson 4
  • 7.Unit 8 lesson 1, 4 and 5
  • 8.Unit 9 lesson 3 and 4
  • 9.Unit 11 lesson 1
  • 10.Unit 12 Lesson 2 and 5
  • 11.Unit 14 lesson 1 and 2

HSC Suggestion All Subject

HSC Suggestion Biology All Board Common

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