NU Hon,s 2nd Year English Question Solution 2022 16 February

NU Honours English exam has been completed today. This exam was started at 10 a.m. And continuity 1:00 p.m. Students of Honours candidates from all nu finally attend this exam. Today our discussion topic is English question solution 2022. We are going to discuss this topic in more detail. So read this article carefully to find your solution from here. Honours English 2nd Question Solution 2022.

Students have finished their English exam today. Now they want to see this question solution online. That is why they go to their mobile browser and search for this question solution. We have collected all board English today’s questions. And We are going to Publish an answer sheet to this question soon.

We all know that there are a total of nu in Bangladesh. Dhaka, Rajshahi, Mymensingh, Comilla, Sylhet, Jessore, Barisal, Technical and Madrasa Education Board. Every boarding student comes online and wants to see their grammatical part question solution. Please read every board solution from our website now.

A Short Description About Honours Examination 2022

Exam Name: NU Hon,s 2nd Year English

The exam starting Date: 16 February 2022.

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Today’s Exam Subject Name: English

Full marks: 100

Pass marks: 40

In this year generally, Honours final examination is starting date was 1st February 2022. But there has some problem with starting this exam on the date that is why the exam is started on 3 February 2022. Today was the English examination.

Candidates who are English examination want to see the hundred per cent correct solution from us. Also, we will publish these answer sheet copies on our website soon. If anybody is interested to collect an answer sheet copy from us, please keep waiting we upload it here.

Honours English Question Solution

English is a second language in our country. Many students of Honours level do not understand English properly. They need only pass the examination in this subject. That is why some are today and also come to online collect Honours English questions. But in this year no exam question has Out yet.

As English is a very hard subject for Honours students. We have already uploaded a super common suggestion for all board students on our website. Those who follow our common suggestion have already done well in the examination. We also discuss here the grammar part of this examination.

Honours English Question Solution 2022 PDF Download

If you come here to collect the Honours 2022 English question solution from us. Then we can say that you are incorrect place. Because you will collect your Honours second paper English question solution from this website.

First, of fall We want to say that which board question solution you want to see. Please write your boring name on the comment box. We will give your board-wise question solution. This service is totally free for all board students in our country. Because we know that students do not pay any money for any question solution.

We know that you need the question solution as soon as possible. That is why we are working to solve it fastly. Our teachers also started this work some time ago. After uploading the award question solution copy you will download it as a PDF file or a JPG file from here. So why Late? Please share this article with your friends.

Honours 2nd Year 2022 English Question Answer

In this article, we are going to discuss the English question and sir 2022. Important for all Honours candidates of this year. Because they need their question solution.

Some students of some boards need this question solution from Google. But they fail to collect it online. We are here only who publishes this solution. You can check the award English 1st paper question solution from our website.

We have successfully published the English 1st paper question solution for all board students. We publish it board wisely. Today also we will publish all board English question answers on our website soon. We already collect English every Board different question.

However, we want to say that our English question answer is going to publish. We face some technical problem on our website to publish it here. After solving our technical problem we must publish it quickly. So keep with us till we publish this copy.

English Question Solution 2022

Finally, the Honours candidate of 2022 has finished their English exam. At first, they finish their Bangla 1st paper and 2nd paper exam. Today they finish the English examination for this year. And that is how they finish their Bangla and English exam 4 papers.

Honours 2nd year English Compulsory non-credit Examination 2022

২ নং প্রশ্নের সমাধান:
a)He insisted on my going there.

b)Namira paid me a visit

d)Haven’t you finished the work already.

e)she died last night.

g)He could not help going there when he heard the news.

৭ নং প্রশ্নের সমাধান:

a) Of all the fruits, I like apples most.

b) Nobody is free from avarice and greed.

c) To tell a lie; is a great sin.

d) She told that her English was not good.

e) Please inform my friend of my trouble.

f) I know who you are.

g) Health is the root of all happiness.

৮ নং প্রশ্নের সমাধান:

a) How often does visit his parents?

b) What time is it now?

c) Why could not you go?

d) Who believes a liar?

e) Whose umbrella is this?

f) Which does enrich our knowledge?

g) Where have you come from?

৯ নং প্রশ্নের সমাধান:

a) The

b) a

c) the

d) the

e) an

১০ নং প্রশ্নের সমাধান:

a) was hanged

b) would take

c) done

d) lay

e) did you not come

f) use

g) were told

১১ নং প্রশ্নের সমাধান:

”Give me a few grains of corns. I’m dying of hunger,” said the grasshopper.” But what did you do in the summer? Didn’t you store up any grain?” the ant remarked.”No, I was too busy.”

১২ নং প্রশ্নের সমাধান:

a) Example (v)-exemplify: This painting perfectly exemplify the naturalistic style

b) friend (adj)-he is a very friendly person.

c) nature (adv)-naturally: many plants grow naturally

f) success (v)-succeed: he succeeds in life by working hard.

১৪ নং প্রশ্নের সমাধান:

The history of the glory of Bangladesh during the War of Liberation. The liberation war liberated the country on December 16, 1971, after nine months of the war. Many freedom fighters were martyred. The freedom fighters respect us all. It is our duty to give them dignity.

We have already published Bangla’s 1st paper and 2nd paper question solution. In the last exam, we also publish the English 1st paper question solution on our website. Today we also publish the English question solution for every boarding student in Bangladesh.

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