Download Ami Probashi App for Corona Virus Vaccine & Registration Android, iPhone Mobile 2021

The content is going to show you that the Download link of the “Ami Probashi App” for Vaccine & Registration. So, the article is only for your demand of the application download of the Ami Probashi app. That app is built in Bangladesh for the immigrant people doing registration of the Vaccine.


Now we are going to show you how to download the application from Google Play Store and the Apple Store. We know that you guys are facing some problems downloading this application. Now you can see the very easiest way in the world together eat on your smartphone.

The full process of registration online of getting the vaccine through this application is discussing here. So we think you will get the proper thing by using this application.

Some of the people looking for different websites that how to registration applications. Who is the first one to say that if you want to vaccine you have to read this post carefully?

Ami Probashi App Download for Corona Vaccine


This app is made basically for the registration of the coronavirus vaccine. The expert needs the application and it has been started its journey from 1st July 2021 to register for the vaccine for that app.

If you need the coronavirus vaccine in Bangladesh you have to register for this application. The coronavirus has caused an epidemic in the world so you do not get the vaccine you will not be allowed to enter any country.

Ami Probashi App Download


This is an application to allow the people who want to go abroad. The people under this condition must be registered by this application and taken the coronavirus vaccine from Bangladesh in government authority.

The Health Ministry of Bangladesh has taken the initiative so that people who want to go abroad do not face any complications.

As a result, the people will not suffer any problem getting the vaccine. And the other company also will not get taken the extra money.

CoronaVirus Ami Probashi App Download for Android Mobile 2021

If you are a user of an Android mobile phone you can download this application from Google Play Store. There have some problematic website occurs on the internet where you do not found the application. Only you have one option to download this application for the Android user in the world.

So, if you get the official applications of the Ami probashi application for coronavirus registration you have to download it from the Google Play Store.



Download Ami Probashi App

You do not have a need to open any actor account to download this application on your mobile phone.


Or you can download this application from the Google website also. Another option is available that the official website of the application’s here the link is available.





Ami Probashi App Download for iPhone

iPhone users, who want to download Ami probashi application for coronavirus registration can also download it on their mobile phones. Most expatriates use the iPhone because the users also express nobility.


If you want to download this application on your mobile you have to go to the Apple store. Without creating any new ID for downloading this application you can download it easily from here. The download is totally free for all users of iPhone.

Ami Probashi App Free Download in Windows 7/8/10

There have also another free version to download the application in the Windows 7 or 8 or 10 users in the world. What the problem is those who are using this application on a laptop or desktop PC must download it directly from the official website.


How to Registration Ami Probashi App?

This part is going to show you that how to register on this application by using the very easiest method. I think you are going to enjoy this part. The below steps are going to show you that how to register for the covid-19 vaccine application.

At first, you have to go to the official website of

Now you have to download the application.

In this step, you install the app on your device.

Complete the installation you can see some black boxes, you have to feel the box with correct information.


Finally, click on the covid-19 registration but on and register it correctly.

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