NU 2nd Year Exam Suggestion 2023 (অনার্স ২য় বর্ষ সাজেশন 2023)

Part: B

1. “Communication is the lifeblood of any organization ” – Explain. 100%

2. Discuss the functions of communication. 100%

3. Distinguish between formal and informal communication. 100%

4. Under what circumstances written communication is more effective? 100%

5. What factors should be considered drafting a resume? 100% asadsir.

6. Discuss the limitations or disadvantages of oral communication. 100%

7. How does verbal communication differ front non-verbal communication? 100%

8. Discuss the major media of internal communication. 99% asadsir.

9. Discuss the essential features of a market report. 99% Asad sir.

10. Compare between agenda and minutes. 99%

11. What do you mean by mass communication? 99%

12. What is the mean by circular letter? 99%

13. What are the components of a formal report? 99%

14. What is Report? What is a business report? 99%

15. State the Prerequisites of a valid meeting. 98%

Part : C

  1. a) What do you mean by a business report?

b) Draft a daily market report on the vegetable market of Kawranbazar .asadsir.

2. a) What do you mean by a complaint letter?

b) Draft a complaint letter to a supplier for supplying defective goods.

3. a) What do you mean by the communication process?

b) Show the difference between the communication model and the communication process.

4. a) What do you mean by small group?

b) Discuss the roles of members in a group.

5. a) Discuss an interview process.

b) State the guidelines for the interviewee.

6. a) What are the media of visual communication?

b) Discuss the pre-requisites of a visual presentation.

7. a) What is communication Process?

b) Discuss the elements of communication process.

8. a) What do you mean by mass-communication?

b) Discuss the characteristics of mass-communication. asadsir.

9. a) Defined upward communication.

b) Write down the difference between upward and downward communication.

10. a) What are the uses of memo?

b) Narrate the merits of office memo.

11. a) What is videos conferencing? Briefly discuss the advantages of video conferencing.

b) Discuss the major media of electronic communication.

12. a) What do you mean by circular Letter.

b) Prepare a specimen copy of circular Letter.

13. a) What is the application? What are the considering factors in writing an application?

b) In the Daily Star 20 August 2018, Padma Bank Limited invites applications for the post of management trainee. Write an application addressing the HRM Department. Asad Ahmed BD.

14. a) What is effective communication?

b) Discuss the essential quantities of good communication.

15. a) How can informal communication spread rumors and distorted information quickly?

b) Draw the differences between formal and informal communication.

The National University admission authority has published an important notice for the students in 2nd year. The NU Hons 2nd year 2023 final exam routine has been published on the official website of the National University today.

New Routine for NU Hons 2nd year Students

Hons 2nd year examination under the National University the previous routine has been canceled by the admission authority and they have again published a new routine for Hons 2nd year examination. The edited routine has been published on the National University’s main website yesterday. The new exam date is November 14, 2023. BD Exam Help team also published a pdf and a jpg file for the NU 2nd year examination 2023.

National University 2nd Year Exam Routine 2023

Do you know the National University Hons 2nd year New Exam date will publish? If you don’t know that you can read full content for your answer. We have uploaded a pdf file in our website. Now you can download your Exam routine from our website easily. We uploaded a jpg picture on our website below. You also can download the copy.

When NU 2nd year Exam will Start (

Do you know when National University 2nd year exam will start? Dear students, we know the date for your Hons 2nd year final examination. The national university authority has published the edited exam routine on their website yesterday. The new date of his 2nd year is 14th November 2023.

Important Information for Hons 2nd year Final Exam 2023

Honors 2nd-year exam 2023 will be started on 14th November 2023. The form fill-up start in August 2023 and will end in September 2023. The last date of data entry is September 2023. The bank draft and students’ details information submission date is 25th September 2023.

Hons 2ns Year Online Application System (regular, irregular, improvement)

Hons 2nd year final examination will be held on the next 14th of November 2023. The form fill-up also started yesterday. The form must be filled up online. Those who passed the Hons 1st year examination only can fill-up Hons 2nd year final exam form. All colleges of Bangladesh are under the National University, In Bangladesh, there are provably 17k Colleges under the National University.

For the form fill-up of his 2nd-year final examination, you must log in with your id on the NU website. Then you can see an application form on your id. Then you click on the Application button for your online application. And Then you fill-up the information correctly. After finishing your form fill-up you can submit it. After your submission of the form, you will receive a payment slip, then you go to the Bank for your payment.

Exam fee for Honors 2nd Year Examination

Hons 2nd year final examination fee has been declared by the NU exam authority on the last day. The exam fee is for Theoretical (all full papers) 200/= taka, Theoretical (all half/ single paper) 140/=, Practical (all single paper/ course) 200/=, in course exam fee is 100/=, VIVA Voce exam fee is 200/=, Special Affiliation Fee 300/=, Only English 500/=, Center Fee 450/=, Center fee Practical 120/=, in course Exam fee for college 200/=

If you want to attend the Hons 2nd year examination 2023 you must pay this money for your examination.

NU Hons 2nd Year Exam date

Hons 2nd year exam 2023 (regular, irregular, improvement) new routine. The time of starting the exam is 1:00 pm every day, Exam code 2202.

NU 2nd Year Final Exam Admit Card Download

Dear students your National University Hons Final Year Admit card has been published by National University Authority on the last day. We also can help you to download your admit card from our website. Any time you can visit our website can download your admit card easily.

Important Documents and Forbidden

  1. Students must have their Hons 2nd year Admit Card main copy.
  2. The Students must have a black color pen in the examination.
  3. Students must have their registration card.
  4. The student never bears a cell phone in the examination hall.
  5. Bag,khata, and boi also never be with a student.
  6. Students must be ware a formal dress for the viva voce exam.
  7. Students must enter the exam hall 30 minutes start the exam.


Dear NU 2nd year final examination 2023 students if you need any help from us please comment to know us below. We are always active here for you. BD Exam Help can help you with any information.