Book Eid Train Ticket From Online Or,

You must be known that is the new train ticket supplier in Bangladesh. So, is also the main website of Bangladesh Rail ticket selling as a subdomain. Now we are going to show you the new system to buy an Eid 2023 journey train ticket. 

New Account Registration, Login, Ticket Booking By www or, www_eticket_railway_gov_bd. So, after reading this post you are also able to know about shohoz train ticket, https://www_eticket_railway_gov_bd, train ticket, e-ticket railway gov bd, sohoj train ticket, We are telling you the details of this matter in the deep of the article.

সহজ.কম ট্রেনের টিকিট is the new official partner for selling railway tickets online. But from 26th March the people must get the ticket from this website first. Sometimes the public is also searching on Google about sohoj railway ticket, shohoz com train ticket, and সহজ রেলওয়ে টিকেট

www eticket_railway_gov_bd train ticket is the new seller who updated their website from 21st March to 25th March. They are now in the role position of this website controller. We think that you are trying most of the time to get the main website link to complete buying a ticket for your journey.

Advance Train Tickets for Eid Yatra Started Selling

I am sharing my personal experience here, I have also tried many times to enter this website. To create a new id for buying a ticket for my next journey. But every time I have failed to do this work properly. At last, I am going to the new website this link. You are also can try it. But if you are thinking that you do complete the registration process just read the below part carefully.

New Account Registration System

First, enter the website

After entering the website, click on the Railway E-ticket service / Railway e-ticket button from the Internal E-Services / Internal e-service on the right side and you will see 2 Options.

Click on the first option e-ticketing method to see the details of the registration process and ticket purchase process

And click on the second option e-ticket (website) Bangladesh Railway and shohoz Ltd. A new website with text and logo will open.

Click on the “Register” button on that page ( to complete the prescribed Web Registration form.

Railway Account Sign Up System New

Click on the “Sign up” button.

Then complete the registration process by verifying your mobile number through a verification code.

Then log in with your mobile number or email address and password.

Then a page of “Update User Profile” will open

Click on “Update your profile” by adding other information including date of birth and national identity card number or birth certificate number on that page.

And through this, all the information of the passenger will be saved.

Also ( can be accessed directly on the ticketing website of Bangladesh Railway.

Login And Buy a Ticket Now

  • First, enter the ticketing website of Bangladesh Railway (
  • Fill in the fields of your travel date, starting station, destination station, class, ticket number in the next page.
  • Click on the Find button at the end of the fill.
  • On the next page, according to the information you want, all the train information of that route will be given along with the time and fare.
  • Then you can check the train information of your choice by clicking on Route and Availability button.
  • If you have a ticket, you have to click “Purchase” button to purchase.
  • Fill in the mobile number or e-mail address and password in the “Log in” panel and click on the Log in” button.
  • Upon entry, the ticket can be purchased automatically by the Auto option by assigning a seat, and by the Manual option, it is possible for the honored passenger to assign the seat of his choice.
  • After selecting the seat, you have to click on the “Buy Ticket” button.
  • In this case, if the ticket buyer wants, you can first “log in” and later find out the information about the train.
  • The ticket price will be deducted from the passenger’s account through Credit Card, Cash Card, Brac Bank, Nexus pay, Rocket, bKash, American Express, City bank (Visa card) account.
  • And the ticket is confirmed by sending the e-ticket to the passenger’s e-mail.

Official Website Link

www.eticket, ticket, train ticket are recommended as the new official website link for buying a railway ticket online. You can also read ই টিকিটিং বাংলাদেশ রেলওয়ে 2023 and ট্রেন এর টিকেট কেনার নতুন নিয়ম articles carefully.