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Follow our post to see funny posts troll pick bad status and funny videos about the Argentina football team. Today we will destroy Argentina with Brazil fans. Argentina considers themselves to be the best team in the world but we saw them eventually get knocked out of the group.

All things considered, it can be seen that almost the majority of football supporters in Bangladesh are Argentina fans. Currently, a superstar player in this team is Messi. But they have not won the World Cup trophy in the last 36 years. They hope that Messi will present the World Cup trophy for Argentina at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. But our German team is ready to disappoint them.

Today, the Argentina football team will be spoiled in a way that will be remembered for a lifetime. A little more specifically, Argentina has won the World Cup trophy only twice. On the other hand, Brazil is the opponent of Argentina, they are five times world champions. This shows how bad and how stupid Argentina is. Hope you will have more fun reading the entire post.

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I personally support Argentina. Everyone tries to play well. So, if someone in my friend list trolls any player & posts bad jokes about Brazil, Argentina, or any team today, unfriend me at your own risk. Otherwise, I will unfriend you. Learn to respect others if you want to respect yourself.

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Since ancient times, Argentina is a neglected group!

Taskin is a Brazil supporter, and his father is an Argentina supporter, so what is the equation? Argentina is the father of Brazil.

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See a Facebook post. Inspired, I gave the money to a street child instead of buying the jersey of my favorite team, Brazil. Today I went and saw him walking around wearing the new jersey of Argentina.

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Brazil fans get the most joy when trolls make pictures of the Argentine and make them go viral on social media. On the other side, Argentina supporters find it very difficult. Hope you found our post just for fun.

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Every picture uploaded here is collected by us from various media. Through this post we only want to give some pleasure to the visitors and nothing more. I hope you don’t create any kind of trouble with this kind of Brazil-Argentina.

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Argentina Status Bangla

There are some seasoned football supporters who leave nasty comments or Facebook statuses about one team against another. Many say that Argentina won’t win anymore. Thirty-six years of not getting the World Cup and when will you get it? I have never seen Argentina win the World Cup since I was born.

Such comments are heard by most supporters of the Brazilian football team. India and Bangladesh are the most supporters of Argentina and Brazil in the world. If you have any bad post or status about Argentina then comment it.


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