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16th December, Great Victory Day_???? On this day, I wrote on the chest of the capture, the victory was built with blood. The world has recognized, the high heads of Bengalis’ Victory_Day_Blood_Shubhechcha.

Victory Day is celebrated as a special day in Bangladesh all over the country. The day is specially celebrated in Bangladesh on 16 December every year. In a notification issued on 22 January 1972, this day was celebrated as a national day in Bangladesh and officially declared a holiday on this day. After 9 months of fighting, on 16 December 1971, approximately 91,634 members of the Pakistani army formally surrendered to the joint forces of Bangladesh and India at Dhaka’s Suhrawardy Udyan. As a result, a new independent and sovereign state called Bangladesh emerged on earth. This day is also celebrated as Victory Day in India.

Red and green memories surrounded Nishan my flight. I bought the blood victory in December.
Mago in your tears, Joy Bangla raised the sound, a thousand boys gave their lives in the morning of that new hope. This blood-bought victory in December.

First Bangladesh is mine, last Bangladesh?????? Life Bangladesh is mine, Death Bangladesh 1 war, 9 months, 7 great heroes, 1 country?? Wishing everyone a great victory day in advance❤️

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51 years of glorious victory ?❤️? Happy Victory Day to all. ??

?? December 16 is the Great Victory Day. ?? In return for the long 9 months of bloody war in 1971, we got our beloved motherland, a flag of gold Bangladesh and red green. ?? Deep respect and prayers to those who got this victory in return for their sacrifice.

Deep respect to all the martyrs on the Great Victory Day. ~ And to all my friends, congratulations and best wishes on December 16. ????????

We did not get the real taste of victory. I did not want the politics of killing people. I didn’t even come close to what I wanted.
I am a Bengali Muslim. First of all, I am expressing gratitude to Allah on Victory Day. Then respectfully remembering all the fearless brave soldiers. We got this country because of their sacrifice.

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It’s been a year, Happy Victory Day to all

Humble respect to all the martyrs on the occasion of Great Victory Day on 16th December

16th December Great Victory Day; This freedom in return for the great sacrifice; Deep respect to all those brave martyrs.
This history of victory written in the blood of lakhs of martyrs… Let the month of December come back again and again with the message of liberation! Greetings and greetings to all in the month of Victory. ????

Today 16th December is the Great Victory Day..!?

I love my motherland very much

By whose great sacrifice do we have this freedom? Deep respect to all those brave martyrs..!❤️?

Written in the blood of lakhs of martyrs, this history of victory..!??❤️

Let the month of December come back again and again with the message of liberation..!??❤️

Happy Victory Day to all..!?

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s speech on 16th December

16 Dec Respect to the great winners and Abhiram good home and best wishes

“Today is December 16. Great Victory Day. On this day in 1971, our beloved motherland was freed from the hands of the Pakistani invaders after a long 9-month war. Our freedom was gained by the blood of martyrs.

Victory Day means our pride

There is no joy than victory. There is no happiness more than freedom. And we got both victory and freedom

Happy Victory Day 2023 with love and wishes from my side to all. ❤️?❤️? Everyone rejoiced in victory.

On the occasion of the 51st Victory Day of Bangladesh, I pray for the forgiveness of the souls of all the martyrs ?? Happy Victory Day to the people of the country

“Rebellious battle-weary, I shall be calm on that day, When the cry-roll of the oppressed, Shall not resound in the sky, The sword of the tyrant Shall not strike the pitiful Bhima Ran-Bhoom” Wishing for liberation…… Happy Victory Day to all.

জ্বালাময়ী বক্তৃতা দেখুন এখানে

Chapainawabganj District Awami League Struggle President Acting Chapainawabganj 2 Constituency Former Successful MP Ziaur Rahman Bhai wishes you a great Victory Day, Joy Bangla.

The land of red and green

As if it is quite ?

Let it last all year

Ray of victory ??

Good luck to everyone

Fights with red blood

Got my mother tongue?‍♂️

Joy Bangla Joy Bangabandhu ??

From people to people, I was stunned, listening to the story of victory in the voice of a wounded mother. Wishing everyone a great Independence Day in advance.

May all our souls be liberated on the day of victory. Freedom from darkness. Freedom from violence, pride, hatred, superstition, violence. May love, compassion, patience and tolerance prevail in everyone’s heart. If you love the country, the people of the country, if you love the creator, first of all, you have to purify your thoughts. And this should be the motto of every person.

বিজয় দিবস পোস্ট

On the occasion of Great Victory Day 2023

To the brave martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the war for freedom and the best sons of the nation to the brave freedom fighters
My humble regards.

16 December Great Victory Day-To all….!

Happy Victory Day!

The beginning of dreams in you, in you…!

the end Still love-love-loving you…..!

Our Bangladesh. 16th December you…!

Bengali pride. You are millions of people!

Vijay Nishan, the signature of independent Bengal…………..!

16th December, you are the great joy of great victory.

You are the breath of peace of the captive breath of a widowed mother.

First Bangladesh is mine, last Bangladesh………!