16 December Bijoy Dibosh 2023: SMS, Photo, FB Post, Caption, Song, Quote

Through this post, we will discuss with you today 16th December Victory Day Greetings, SMS, SMS, Quotes, Poems, Songs, Decorate as you wish, Facebook Status, Captions etc. in detail. Like every year, Victory Day 2023 is celebrated with the highest dignity in every educational institution, business and government offices all over Bangladesh. Today is a happy day for Bengali nation because on this day Bengali nation got victory from Pakistan. Today’s best moments photos, how to send greetings to your friends and how to post on Facebook, give captions Let’s start the detailed discussion.

Today we have this great victory day only in 1971 the Bengali nation got a thousand after nine months of war. Every year since the victory of the war till today 2023 we commemorate the day with joy and pray for the souls of those dying in the war. As this day is very happy for the Bengali nation, this day is very painful for us.

Victory Day Wishes Mobile SMS

As soon as the 16th of December begins, we send greetings messages to friends and relatives through mobile SMS. Today we have prepared some new greetings for you which you can copy and SMS to others.

এখানে ক্লিক করে নতুন দেখুন

Happy Victory Day to all and congratulations,, ??????

The month of Victory December, 16th December Happy Great Victory Day

This country is my pride—victory is my motivation, may it be enlivened with the spirit of the liberation war, great victory day, our humble respect to all the martyrs of the liberation war.

Today is 51 years of the blood-earned independence of my beloved motherland. Happy Victory Day to all the people of Bangladesh.

Victory Day Facebook Caption

Our posts here will be very helpful for those who use Facebook for today’s posts with captions. Posting with an exceptional caption will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. So all the Facebook captions in our collection are completely different from others.

Many will come and many will go, but no 2nd Sheikh Mujib will come. Happy Victory Day.

For victory in life we have to focus on our goal, behind the smile of victory is the blood of millions of martyrs, Happy Victory Day to all.

From people to people, I was stunned, listening to the story of victory in the voice of a wounded mother. To all the pioneers of the great freedom day

Tributes to all martyrs on the occasion of Great Victory Day on 16th December

16th December Great Victory Day is a deep tribute to all the brave freedom fighters and martyrs

Facebook post for December 16th

In today’s multimedia era, everyone celebrates Victory Day by posting on Facebook. You can try some of the prescribed posts we have provided for posting on Facebook. Our simple posts here can encourage you.

1. There is nothing more joyous than victory. There is no happiness more than freedom. And we got both victory and freedom.

এখানে ক্লিক করে নতুন কালেকশন দেখুন

2. Let there be a discussion about the martyred freedom fighters today on Victory Day. Doa mahfil should be held. This is their eternal peace.

3. We did not get the real taste of victory. I did not want the politics of killing people. Not even close to what I wanted.

4. I am Bengali Muslim. First of all, I am expressing gratitude to Allah on Victory Day. Then respectfully remembering all the fearless brave soldiers.
We got this country because of their sacrifice.

5. Let us pray for the salvation of souls on this day of victory. By whose sacrifice we got this independent country?

6. Today is December 16. Great Victory Day. On this day in 1971, we got this country in exchange for the fresh lives of 3 million martyrs and nine months of bloody war. So thank them.

7. The red and green flag is flying. Its red color is the blood of martyrs and its green color is borrowed from Nabiji’s fast.

8. Patriotism is part of faith. This is not a hadith but a very important thing. Nabiji had great love for the country. So we should keep it too.

9. Victory means a proud nation. red green flag Bangladesh appeared on the world map.

10. When someone from that country listens to my behavior in the diaspora and says, “Hey, you are not a Bengali!” Then fill your chest with pride. There really is no comparison to Victory Day.

Victory Day Quote

1. I got the country by fighting
Everyone is independent
Door to door on victory day
Neiko’s happy ending.

২. দেশকে সবাই ভালোবাসো
নিজের থেকে বেশি
দেশ উন্নয়ন কাজ করে যাও
ছেড়ে রেষারেষি।

৩. দেশের জন্য ভাষার জন্য
আমরা করি লড়াই
বিশ্বে আমরা বীরের জাতি
করতে পারি বড়াই।

৪. এই মাটিতে শুয়ে আছে
লক্ষ শহীদ গাজী
নতুন করে তাদের মত
হতে আছি রাজি।

৫. লাল সবুজের ওই পতাকায়
আছে যেন শক্তি
দেখলে তাকে ভালো লাগে
প্রকাশ করি ভক্তি ।

Selected Songs of 16 December Bijoy Dibosh

You know that December 16th like other days has certain selected songs. We request you to please not play Hindi or DJ songs on December 16th. We have achieved this victory to speak Bengali and to protect the dignity of Bengal. So we will play all the patriotic songs written in Bengali language on our sound box or mic on this day.

We will not forget you who brought the freedom of Bengal in exchange for the blood of an ocean.

This Vasundha of mine, full of riches and flowers, has the best in it…. And that wall made of dreams is surrounded by memories….

Where is your Mukti Sena party Omago…

You are a poem wet with vast Lagna Madhuri water, Suhrawardy, in Bhasani’s last wish….

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