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Today’s post is for those who are new voters or who want to check and download voter id cards online ভোটার আইডি কার্ড চেক করুন এখানে. Read this voter id card checking post completely and hope you can solve all your voter id card-related issues.

We have to face many problems checking and downloading N ID cards. Many people do not find NID cards online. So if you follow this post well then you can easily check and download your voter id card. So let’s start today’s voter ID card checking process.


নতুন নিয়ম অনুযায়ী NID ডাউনলোড Link

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নতুন নিয়ম অনুযায়ী NID অনলাইন থেকে ডাউনলোড

An application form has to be filled out to become a new voter. After submitting the application form to the Upazila election office, fingers and photographs are taken. Then a slip is given, which has a 9-digit number. Voter ID can be checked with this 9-digit number. Or if you already have a NID card, you can also check with that NID number and download the ID card.

How to Check Voter ID Card

First, you have to enter the link given below and register. Click on the “Register” button to register. Then enter your NID number in the “National Identity Card Number/Form Number” field. And if you are a new voter then the registration slip has a form number box and there is a number. Enter that full number in the “National Identity Card Number/Form Number” box and your date of birth in the Date of the Birth box. Also, note that there will be a security code below it. Enter that code in the box below. Then click on submit button. Now select your division, district, and Upazila, as given in your voter card or NID. Once everything is given, click on the next button.

If everything goes well, your mobile number, which you provided while becoming a voter, will show. A verification code will go to this mobile. If you want, you can change the mobile number by clicking on the “Change Mobile” button. If you don’t want to change, click the “Send Message” button. A verification code will be sent to the mobile, after giving it you have to verify your face.

Face Verification to Check Voter ID Card

After verifying the number, a page called NID Wallet will appear in front of you. Now install the software called NID Wallet from the play store of your mobile. Now open the app and complete the verification as instructed. Scan the QR code and first hold the mobile camera in front, then right, then left. Once the three verifications are complete, the following three images will be ticked.

NID Check BD

Once the face is verified, go back to the previous registration step. Once there, you will see a picture showing your name. Below that, you can set the password and username by clicking on the Set Password box. Do not click on the skip button, otherwise, you will have to register again from the beginning if you want to change anything in the voter ID card later. And if you have a user ID and password, you can log in easily, you don’t have to register again.

After setting the user and password, the next step will be your profile and download options. Those who have just become voters, but have not received the ID card, can download the NID card from the download option. But those who have got a NID card and the card is lost or damaged, have to collect the NID card by paying the prescribed fee.

Voter ID Card Check With Photo

The need to check ID cards is always now because National Identity Card is required in everything, so today’s post is for those who want to check and download voter ID cards online. Read this post on Voter ID Card Check completely, you can download your voter ID card with the image and hopefully solve all problems related to ID card checks.

Voter ID Card Download Process

In the next step, if you set up a password, then proceed to the next step with the National Identity Card Number/Voter ID Card number and the password you provided. And if you want you can skip it, on this page you will get all the information about your voter ID card and you will also see the download option of your ID card on the site, if you click on download, your ID card will be downloaded.

Voter ID card viewing rules can be found in detail above, now you can do all your work through this card. If you want, you can print it and use it for all your needs.

Frequently Asking Questions and Answers:

A detailed article on how to correct the Bangladesh Election Commission Voter ID Card or Voter ID Card is available on our blog if necessary. Then check the Voter ID card correction questions and answers.

Question: How many times can the voter ID card be revised?

Answer: A voter card cannot be amended repeatedly You can amend a card only once. However, no amendment will be made unless your reason for the amendment is reasonable.

নতুন একাউন্ট খোলার পদ্ধতি

Question: The date of birth is wrong on your national identity card, you don’t have any documents, how to correct it?

Answer: If the date of birth on your National Identity Card is incorrect and you do not have any document with you, then you need to apply to your nearest Police Station or District Election Commission office to get it corrected. They will explain everything to you.

Q: How can I change the signature?

Answer: If you want to change your voter ID card signature then you can. In this case, you have to apply with the new signature specimen and acceptable reasons. You can change your voter ID card signature only once.

Question: What is the way to change the age or date of birth of a voter ID card?

Answer: You can apply if the date you want to change the date of birth or age is as per your SSC and HSC certificate, in which case you have to submit all your certificates and birth registration along with the application.

Q: My voter ID card is lost, how can I retrieve my NID?

Ans: If your Voter ID Card or National Identity Card is lost, first you need to make a general diary at your nearest police station. After this diary (GD) scan copy has to be uploaded and apply for the reissue of the ID card online. Voter ID Card/National Identity Card can be downloaded online as soon as the application is approved.

Q: What are the documents required to become a Bangladesh voter and how many days does it take to get the voter smart ID card?

A: As per your birth registration certificate, your identity, birth registration, current and permanent address, SSC HSC certificate and mark sheet if student, and your attendance nothing else is required. I registered voter in 2014 and got a smart n id card in early 2016 but now expect to get your smart n id card online copy within 21 to 30 days max but if outside Dhaka city it will take time.

Q: How long after voter registration online copy of the NID card is available? And how can I get a copy online?

A: After 20/25 days of voter registration you will get a copy of your NID by following the steps above to check your voter ID card through your mobile, and the hard copy will take some time to arrive and that too will be informed by the mobile message. Or you can contact your election commission office.

Q: I am not yet a voter. If I apply to become a new voter now, how long will it take to get my voter ID card?

A: It will take a long time to get the voter ID card, but after 20 days of applying online, submitting it, and taking a picture with your finger, you will get it if you check the voter ID card online by following the above steps from your mobile.

Question: How long does it take to get the voter ID card after taking the photograph and providing all the necessary documents to make the voter ID card?

স্মার্ট ভোটার আইডি (NID) কার্ড সংশোধন করতে কত টাকা লাগে?

A: It will take 20-30 and but it will take some time to download and get the online copy, if you contact your election commission office they will tell you.

Question: I will go abroad now. Can someone else withdraw my card?

Answer: No, you cannot do it. But you can download from online.

Q: What happens if I intentionally provide incorrect information on my voter card?

Answer: Can be punished with imprisonment or fine or both.

Question: ID card/national identity card number is 13 and why 17?

Answer: After 2008 all the ID cards being printed or regenerated have 17 digits.

Question: I have different ages/names on my various documents. Which will apply to voter registration?

Answer: Age and name mentioned in your SSC or HSC examination certificate. And in the future 5th/8th final examination certificates will also be accepted. Birth certificate, and passport, if education is not known. A driving license can also be applied for.

Question: Is it possible to detect duplicate entries with fingerprints?

Answer: Yes, definitely detectable.

Question: Is it possible for a person to get multiple NID cards in multiple names and ages?

Answer: No. One can make only one card. A voter at multiple places hiding your information will be captured by fingerprints on the central server and will definitely be prosecuted.

Q: What are the documents required for me to become a new voter?

Answer: Your birth registration certificate, SSC or HSC exam pass certificate (if any), copy of any utility bill to prove your address, civil certificate, photocopy of NID card of parents and spouse if married, passport, driving license, TIN number (if any).

There are many more questions and answers related to voter ID cards, which questions may also be useful to you, so you can read the questions and answers related to the voter ID cards.

Rules for correcting voter ID cards?

If there is any problem with your voter id cards like the voter id card name being wrong or the date of birth being wrong or any other problem then surely you can correct your ID Card Check online for what to do and visit for details.

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