Smart NID Card/Voter ID Online Check & Download System in Bangladesh

This article is going to show you that how to download online copies of national identification cards in Bangladesh. You can also check your smart card online copy and download it here available on this post. Only the condition is you have to at the age of 18 and a citizen of Bangladesh. And if you are already have given your photography and complete the national identification from to Election Commission.

Bangladesh government has introduced a new system to use this website to download your national identification card or smart card online copy very easily. So let’s download the copy of your smart card from this post. As a new voter, you have to take this article carefully and maintain all of the conditions.

How to Check Voter ID Card Online in Bangladesh

There are many ways to checking a NID card online copy in Bangladesh. You can take this ID card for follow the below some easy steps. Give the all correct information and get the national ID card Without any problem. Now follow the below instruction carefully and download your national ID card.

First of all, you have to visit the official website of the NID card download.

Now type the slip number of the voter registration form in the first box.

And the next step you have to write the date of birth.

After given you have to follow the captcha security.

Finally, you have to click on the view voter information option.

Complete the first step registration then you have to follow the second step to complete the process. The second step registration process is discussing below.

Click the following link to complete your registration.

Then register your NIT number date of birth phone number and necessary others information carefully.

When you have complete the registration go to the site and log in to your ID card.

After you have successfully login you will find a PDF file and click on this file.

After downloading this file on your device you can see the identity statement.

You can print it in a hard copy or save this soft copy on your personal computer/ mobile or Google document.

National ID Card Bangladesh

A national identity card is the identity of citizenship in Bangladesh. If you are at the age of 18 you are eligible for getting this identification card from the Bangladesh government authority. By using this identification card you have to complete all of the Curriculum officials in the Bangladesh sector. That is why an ID card or smart card is a very important thing to us.

So, the top mint of Bangladesh learns the online system to complete your registration of national identification. The election commission is providing this permission according to the Government of Bangladesh.

As Bangladeshi citizenship, you have to get this ID card. Now The easiest way to get it online. We have already discussed that how can get this Download Online. Father of this article we are also discussing this method details.

Smart NID Card Online Copy 2021

In this part, you are going to know that how to download the online copy of a smart card. In the above paragraph, we have to discuss the matter. Now we are going to show you the process of steps by steps that how you can take or download your national identification card or smart card online. Two Particular methods are regarding tell you soon. You can also download this card from this post.

Now we are going to check the first step to download this card.

Online ID Card Check For a New Voter in BD

So the users you are only a new voter then you sure it. Because of this, this part is falling for the only new voters. As a new user, you have to complete the physical application form. In the physical application form, the authority gives you a clip number or serial number. By using this serial number you can visit your energy card and finally download this from our website.

In the blank box, you enter your serial number and click on the wizard and id option. In the second box, you have to give your birthday.

Now we are going to the second step,

If you are failed to download your national identity application card from following the first step you have to follow this step again. If you have a physical identification card or Smart Card you also can download it online. Remember that, this step is only for those who have a physical identification card.

At first, enter the official website of the national identification card for the Election Commission website.

And here you have to put your Smart card number and click on the registration menu.

For doing complete your registration you have to complete it by following the mobile number.

Send an OTP to your mobile number.

After getting this one-time password you can use it to download your NID online copy.

Frequently Asking Questions and Answer About NID

Final word,

Finally, we want to say that if you are following our upper instructions, we can ensure you you will be able to your online copy easily. And if anybody lost your voter ID card you also can follow this step to get your online smart card. Because this card is very important in every sector in the official purpose. Those who are not to avail of this step can comment us. We will also help you by giving others instructions. We think you have success to complete this method. If you have any query for one to know anything else you have to tell us by doing a comment.

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