Krishna Janmashtami [Date, Puja Best Timings, Food, History]

When will Janmashtami be celebrated this year? According to the calendar, Janmashtami celebrate on the eighth day of Krishnapaksha. Janmashtami celebrated on the 12th of this year. According to the calendar, Krishna Janmashtami will celebrate on the eighth day of Krishnapaksha in the month of Bhadrapada and on the constellation Rohini. However, there is disagreement over the date of Janmashtami this year due to date disturbances. According to some, Janmashtami should be celebrated on the 11th and again on the 12th.

There is no end to the curiosity about Krishna’s birth story. The most popular character in Hindu mythology is Krishna. From the Mahabharata to the Vaishnava verses, Krishna is everywhere.

After eating dinner with just one verse, the devotees fast and resolve on the day of Janmashtami. There are no rules for eating during fasting. They break their fast after eating fruits all day and after the eighth day.

Auspicious time of Janmashtami

According to the astrologers, the date of Janmashtami will be from 9:06 am on Tuesday, August 11 to 11:16 am on August 12. On the other hand, Rohini Nakshatra will be there from 3:26 am on August 13 to 5:22 am on August 14. In this situation, the moment of 12th August called auspicious for Janmashtami.

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43 minutes will be available for Janmashtami Pujo. According to scholars, Krishna can worship from 12:05 pm to 12:48 pm. Janmashtami is also called Krishnastami, Gokulastami, Ashtami Rohini, Krishna Jayanti.

Another special addition made this year. Kritika looks like a star this year. Besides, the Moon will be in Aries and the Sun will be in Cancer. Kritika stars and constellations have added to this situation.

Krishna Janmashtami History 

A Hindu festival. It celebrate as the birthday of Krishna, the incarnation of Vishnu. Its other names are Krishnastami, Gokulastami, Ashtami Rohini, Sri Krishna Jayanti etc.

According to the Hindu calendar, Janmashtami celebrated on the eighth day of Krishnapaksha in the solar month of Bhadra, when the constellation Rohini predominates. So The festival falls at some point between mid-August and mid-September each year, according to the Gregorian calendar.

Dramatic representations of Krishna’s life made with this festival at places like Raslila Mathura, Vrindavan, Manipur etc. Ras Leela depicts Krishna’s youthful deeds, on the other hand, the Dahi Handi tradition reflects Krishna’s wicked nature where a group of children try to break a piece of butter tied to a high place. This tradition celebrated in Tamil Nadu as Uriyadi.

Janmashtami Special Food

Janmashtami and food have a unique relationship and that can see every year on this auspicious day that marks the birth of Lord Krishna. On this day, there are a few signature preparations that offered to Lord Krishna, keeping his love for milk and milk products in mind. Here we have listed 10 famous dishes that offered to him during the midnight celebration of the festival. Interestingly, these dishes have proved to be good for the human body as they keep the gut at ease after the full day fasting.

Short Biography of Lord Krishna

At the time of Krishna’s birth, there was anarchy, oppression and oppression all around. At that time there was no such thing as human freedom. Evil forces were everywhere.

Krishna’s uncle Kangsa was the enemy of his life. On the night of Krishna’s birth in Mathura, his father Basudev crossed the river Jamuna and left him with his foster parents Yashoda and Nanda in Gokul.

How Janmashtami is celebrated

Janmashtami is an important festival for Hindus, especially Vaishnavism. This festival celebrated in many ways. Such as – dance according to Bhagavata Purana, drama which called Rasalila or Krishna Leela, singing religious songs at the moment of Krishna’s birth at midnight, fasting, Dahi Handi etc.

Raslila mainly shows various incidents of Lord Krishna’s childhood.

On the other hand, in the Dahi Handi tradition, butter bones kept very high and many boys try to break the bones by building a human pyramid. In Tamil Nadu this practice known as Oriyadi.

On this day people go hungry to express their love for Krishna, sing religious songs and observe fast.

At midnight on the birth date of Lord Krishna, his small idols are bathed, wiped with cloth and arranged in a cradle. The worshipers then break the fast by exchanging food and sweets among themselves.

Outside the various doors of the house, the housewives draw the footprints of Lord Krishna in the kitchen which considered to the journey of Lord Krishna.

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