Garena Free Fire Game Download And Install From Play Store In Bangladesh

In The Bangladeshi Young Generation, Free Fire Game is now trending. During the Corona Virus LockDown situation students are addicted to it. So now there are a total of 70% of students who age under 15 years old are playing this game. To play this game nobody can have permission to go out. So, now we are going to show you how to download the game and play it easily. 

Generally, this is an Android smartphone game. So, that is why it does not have some critical policies to play it. Anybody can run it quickly as a first gamer. But the proper way is very much important for built it in a high. 

The below section is going to show you that how to download the Free Fire game from home. It thinks that any child students can play this game without any training. The terms and condition is also too much enclose for the user. 

So, if you are new to this game and want to know detail about it. Must come here to get a full complete description of the game this year. 

What is Free Fire Game Mean?

Gerina Freefire is an online action-adventure battle royal game played from a third-person perspective. It also known as Free Fire Battlegrounds or Free Fire is a Battle Royale game developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Gerina for Android and iOS. In 2019, it has become the most downloaded mobile game worldwide.

Due to its popularity, the game won the award for “Best Popular Vote Game” by the Google Play Store in 2019. As of May 2020, Freefire has set a record with more than 60 million active users daily worldwide. As of November 2019, Freefire has earned 1 Billion worldwide.

How To Download Free Fire Game Google Play Store?

Finally, we have come to the point of our discussion. You guys come here to know the system of download Free Fire Game from the Google Play Store. To download the game by following some easy techniques just follow the below method. 

At first, you have to need an Android smartphone.

Must get a Google account like Gmail access on your phone.

Now enter the Google play store 

Click on the search box of the app

Write “Gerina Free Fire” 

You can see the official app of Free Fire Game

Now Click On The Install Button

Give some time and keep wait here till the download complete

After complete, it will automatically install on your device.

Click Below To Download The Game App Now

Rules for Downloading Free Fire on Mobile

If your smartphone is running Android or iOS operating system, you can easily download the game. You do not have to pay anything to download the game. You can download the free Fire game for free. I gave it with the download link below !!

Download link for Android phone: Download Free Fire From Play Store

Download link for iPhone: Download Free Fire From App Store

Rules for Playing Free Fire Game In Bangladesh

The first thing that is very important to play a free fire game is the choice of character. There are a lot of characters in Free Fire and there are constantly adding characters to Free Fire. The skill of each of these characters is the same. For all these character skills, the free fire game is different from all the other battle royal games. In one character you can put the skills of mode 3 other character. Free Fire has two types of character skills.

  • Active Character Skill
  • Passive Character Skill

ফ্রি ফায়ার ক্যারেক্টার

Active characters are comparatively more powerful than passive characters. You cannot put more than 1 active character skill in a passive character and you cannot put any other active character skill in an active character. You can improve your gameplay a lot by combining characters well.

ফ্রি ফায়ার গেম খেলার নিয়ম

Some Popular Active Characters in Free Fire: DJ Alok, A124, Skyler, Chrono, K

Some of the popular Passive Characters in Free Fire: Hayato Kelly Andrew Moco Josep Jai

The better your movement in this game, the better you can play the game and master the game. If your movement speed is good in free fire, then you can easily learn to play the free fire game.


The weapon is the thing you need to know the most about playing free fire games.

There are some weapons for short-range, some for long-range but there are also pistols, snipers, grenades, mines for free fire.

M500 MAG-7 VSS Mp40 M4A1
USP M82B SPAS12 P90 AK47
Desert KAR98K M1887 MP5 Scar
    MAG-7 UMP M14
      VSS Groza

ফ্রি ফায়ারের গানসমূহ

Glow Wall

Glow wall is a very important issue in the free fire. This will protect you from being damaged by the enemy. The faster you can install the Glow Wall, the faster your game will improve. An attachment like Gloo Wall is the first to be introduced in Free Fire. This is why Free Fire stands out from all other multi-player games.


Control is extremely important for playing free-fire games. No matter how well you know the rules of playing a free-fire game, you can’t play the game well if you can’t control the game. Therefore, you will take control of the game as you like. Will play in the default control at first. Next, you can customize the control of your game as needed.

How to Play Free Fire on PC

There are many who want to play free fire games on PC. But Free Fire is a mobile game. There is no PC version. So how do you play free fire on PC? There has been a very simple solution to this. Which you will know in a while. The rules for playing Free-fire games on mobile and PC are different. Since Free Fire is a mobile game, you need to download separate software to play Free Fire on a PC. Which is called an emulator. Different companies have different types of emulators which you can find by searching for “Emulator for Pc” on Google. Here are some popular emulators –



Menu Player

Nox Player


Etc. etc. You can download and install an emulator of your choice according to your PC’s requirements. If you install it, you can see the software is completely like Android. Now you log in to Play Store with your Gmail account. After logging in, type Free Fire, search, and install the free fire game. After installing the free fire game you can play it on your PC.

Rules For Playing Free Fire Games

You can also play free fire if you want with free fire game mode or hack. But, free is beyond the rules of playing free fire games. If you play Free Fire with Hack, your ID will be permanently banned and your device may also be banned. So I would advise you to play Free-fire games without hacking. By doing this you will never learn to play free fire games and the balance of the game will be lost.

Last word

These were the rules for playing Free-fire games. If you pay attention to these five things, you can easily learn to play the game of free fire. However, there are many more things you can learn by playing Free-fire games.

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