Evaly Cashback Offer [ইভ্যালির ১০০% ক্যাশব্যাক অফার]

Evaly Cashback Offer [ইভ্যালির ১০০% ক্যাশব্যাক অফার দেখুন ও পণ্য কিনুন] – The local e-commerce company ‘Evely’ has become very popular in a very short time. The company has gained loyalty by delivering the products of various surprise offers to the customers at the right time. They have also ensured the quality of the product.

All in all, the online marketplace Evaly has quickly gained popularity by offering attractive discounts and cashback offers to buy products at affordable prices. This e-commerce company is strengthening its position among customers with fast delivery.

Evaly App Download

If you are interested to download Evaly App you have to follow below instruction carefully. We are going to show you how to download Evaly official app from online. 

First of all you have to connected your device on Internet. 

Using smart phone for downloading Evaly App from Google Play Store.

Now go to Goole Play Store and search “Evaly

You can see the first recommendation of the official app. 

Now install it on your device. 

And it will automatically download and install your device.

Evaly Registration And Login

You can easily login on Evaly official website. If you want to login on this website you can follow two way. One way is login by mobile app and another is login by website. Smart phone user can download Evaly’s mobile app from google play store and then do login from the app directly. Or you can directly go to evaly.com.bd this website and login it.

After complete to download Evaly Application on your device you will complete the registration process to access this app. Or if you want to get Evaly’s help you have to visit this website and do complete your registration process directly. 

Fast Delivery Processing in Evaly 

Mohammad Russell, the company’s managing director, recently made an announcement to speed up delivery to Evaly’s official Facebook group Evaly Offer, Help and Review Group. From then on, customers started getting fast delivery.

Officers and employees were seen working on the delivery issue even after visiting the office of Evaly at different times. Customers are happy with the delivery of Avail.

Another customer named Amin Uddin Arnab said, ‘I have been buying products from here since the beginning of Evaly. I was able to buy my dream motorbike at a much lower price from here. There would have been some delays in delivering goods to Evaly. But lately, it has become much faster. I hope Evely will hold it.

Evaly Bike Offer

The confidence and satisfaction of the customers as well as the sellers is increasing. Officials at Hero, a motorcycle brand owned by Niloy Motors, said their sales have increased offline as well as online since joining Evaly.

“Hero Motorcycle is one of the most popular brands in the country,” said Tanvir Adnan Avi, the company’s key account manager. In the meanwhile our sales have increased a lot since we joined Evaly. Especially online or in e-commerce. So far we have sold more than one and a half thousand bikes through Evaly. We are getting positive feedback from customers. Doing business with Evali is also very convenient. ‘

Evaly Mobile Offer And Exclusive Smartphone

The e-commerce based marketplace Evaly has brought the Realm brand C3 model smartphone. Mohammad Russell, managing director and chief executive officer of the company, said that the handset will available only in Evaly under the exclusive launch.

He said, ‘Since the beginning of the journey, smartphone devices of various brands and models have been coming up with attractive offers to its customers. In this way, the customers have got the opportunity to buy various ‘high-end’ devices of the latest technology at much lower prices. However, this is the first time that a mobile phone brand has launched its new model exclusively with Evaly. ‘

Thanking Realm for choosing Evaly to bring the smartphone to the country’s market, Evaly CEO Mohammad Russell said, “We have about 2.2 million registered subscribers on our platform.” In other words, out of these 22 lakh smartphone users, we hope that Realm will easily find their potential customers. At the same time, the aspirations and expectations of the customers towards Evaly with mobile products will be fulfilled in another phase.

Evaly Eid Cyclone Offer

The company’s advertisement is running on social media Facebook under the names of Evaly’s Cyclone, Lundbhand, Nabin Baran, Valentine’s Cyclone, Dhamaka Offer. And around the special day of the year, attracted by these tempting offers given by the company, many ordinary customers order their favorite products online from all over the country.

With a variety of attractive discounts and offers, online shopping platform Evaly has topped the list of discussions in the eCommerce industry within a year.

Evely Brings E-food

E-commerce platform Evaly will ‘home delivery’ fun meals from various reputed restaurants in the capital. With this service called ‘e-food’, food lovers can order food from more than 80 restaurants.

Evely has officially launched e-food service from June 18. Initially, customers in Uttara, Gulshan and Dhanmondi areas of the capital will get this facility. There are plans to bring the whole city of Dhaka under this service.

Evaly recently signed a memorandum of understanding with renowned and popular restaurants such as Secret Recipes, Chefs Table, Tarka. Regarding e-food, Evaly CEO Mohammad Russell said that Evaly is working on a variety of services to make it accessible to customers in a difficult situation.

If you order from 12 noon to 5 pm every day, food will be delivered from the restaurant within 30 minutes to one hour depending on the location of the customer. And so Conditional delivery charge is completely free if you order the prescribed amount of food.

Evely Express Shop

The Evaly Express Shop has become a symbol of trust for the homeless in Corona. Within a day of ordering, the company is delivering daily necessities to the homes of citizens of more than 25 districts, including the capital Dhaka.

The World Health Organization is advising everyone to stay at home as part of their precaution against corona virus (Covid-19). That being said, it is possible to prevent the spread of the deadly Covid-19 through self or home quarantine. 

On March 24, Evaly, one of the most popular eCommerce based marketplaces in the country, launched this program to deliver daily necessities on time. While customers have some complaints about delivery time early in the journey, those complaints are relatively low over time. And so Most of the products are now available at Evaly’s Express Shop within a maximum of 24 hours. And the customer is quite satisfied with such service.

Evaly Beginning Story 

Evely officially started her journey in the country on December 16, 2016. As such, the company is less than two years old. Evaly is already gaining an established and strong position in the Bangladeshi market like e-commerce giant Alibaba or Amazon in the international context. In addition to the regular online platform for a variety of product bikinis, the company is on track to create a complete e-commerce-based eco-system.