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Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited (BOESL), one of the best companies in South Korea, has already gained a good reputation in South Korea and abroad. This year, the lottery system has been divided into two parts to recruit workers in South Korea through the EPS system. First of all, those who are proficient in the language will receive their applications on 20th and 21st February. This year, 30 thousand 652 applications will be accepted from language proficient workers. To complete the application correctly, Boesel has already described the correct rules and regulations on their website as well as on their Facebook page. Follow the rules given here to apply for Korean Language Proficiency directly from Boesel’s website through the correct link.

Today’s application has already been started by Bocell, the only manpower dispatching agency in Bangladesh under the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment. If you first want to apply Korean language proficiency in a quick time then follow the links here. We found that the application is scheduled to start from 10 am but the website link cannot be entered now. So everyone must use high-power internet to complete the application properly.

Language proficiency application rules

  • First of all, you have to click on official link
  • Now you have to register the required information (name, date of birth, passport number, national identity card number, name of father and mother, photo) etc.
  • After applying you need to save your user id and password
  • The application fee has to be paid using the user id password
  • After the payment, the new user ID and password must be saved

According to the needs of Korea, a total of 43 thousand 52 candidates will have the opportunity to participate in the Korean language test in 2 steps. This year 30 thousand 652 candidates (17 thousand 4660 in the manufacturing industry, 7760 in fishery industry and 4268 in the construction industry and 1864 in the shipbuilding industry) will be selected on first come first serve basis for Korean language proficiency.

On the other hand, 12,400 candidates will be selected for manufacturing industry through lottery system. Candidates can apply in any one phase No candidate will be accepted in two phases.

South Korea Lottery Application Eligibility

South Korean applications are being accepted this year in two phases: language proficiency and lottery. But you must be a minimum qualified person to apply. The following are the qualifications that a candidate must possess:

  1. Must be proficient in reading, writing and understanding Korean
  2. Educational qualification SSC or equivalent
  3. Age range from 18 to 39 years
  4. The passport should be valid till 20 February 2024
  5. Name and date of birth and photo should match with passport and national identity card information
  6. Must have an interest in 3D work
  7. Must have practical experience with training in the manufacturing industry ship industry construction and fisheries sector
  8. Color blindness or the ability to perceive colors must be free
  9. Dress, manners and conversation should be elegant
  10. Persons addicted to drugs will be considered ineligible
  11. Persons who have been sentenced to prison or any other punishment for a criminal offense shall be disqualified
  12. Illegal residents in South Korea are ineligible
  13. Banned from the country and persons involved in any criminal activities will be considered ineligible

Who will be considered fluent in Korean?

Candidates who secured the desired marks in CBT/UBT 2022 and 2023 but were not selected in the final stage. and those who have received Korean language training from public and private training centers including TTC. Especially those who have acquired Korean language skills on their own initiative.

  • Haven’t you applied yet? Start the application by Click Here

Korean language proficiency application 2024 Link

This year, no application will be accepted outside the quota set by Bocell, an organization of Bangladesh government. It has even been warned that candidates from districts who have stayed in Korea and changed jobs will be given less priority. So you must prove yourself eligible before applying.

Since you can earn millions in Korea by applying this application at low government cost, you must present yourself as a qualified candidate. Applicants with correct eligibility will be considered eligible for this year’s application only. If you want to apply directly through our website then Click Here Now

Especially those candidates who can’t get good job due to lack of money or can’t travel to different countries only they can apply every year after learning Korean language. If you have already learned Korean, start your application now. Official website of Boesel has just been opened so you can start applying if you want.