www Class 5 Scholarship Taka pabo Kivabe? Bkash বৃত্তির টাকা পাওয়ার নিয়ম

All DPE Primary School scholarship students (meritorious and general) money will be sent to student’s bank account or BKash number within a short period of time. Through a new notification from the Directorate of Primary Education, it has been said that all students who have received general and talent pool scholarships in the 2022 primary scholarship examination should update their bank account information and send it to the Directorate of the Ministry of Education. It is expected that the school authorities will start collecting the development account number and necessary information from the students very soon. The detailed rules for the withdrawal of primary scholarship money are described below.

Officially released the notification from the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board to send the information of scholarship students of 2022. It is emphasized that students should provide correct information while sending information. If necessary, the school authorities will re-check. The group has been asked to send the information of the students who have been screened from among the students who have been awarded scholarships.

bkash মোবাইল নম্বরে টাকা পেতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন

Students have to enter information by logging into the MIS software ( It is also stated here that all the students who have received money from any scholarship of the Education Department earlier need not provide the information again.

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The important instructions given to educational institutions in the matter of screening of scholarship students are:

Whether the scholarship student is pursuing regular and continuous educational activities. Not giving data entry to such students who have stopped their studies after receiving the scholarship. No information can be given to students of Madrasa and the Board of Technical Education as they have different websites. If the student is below 18 years of age, the name of the father and mother and bank account number or Bikash number must be provided. School authorities will be responsible if any errors or inconsistencies are noticed after sending the information.

The Ministry of Finance has ordered to send of all types of scholarship money under the revenue sector to students’ bank accounts through EFT through the GTUP method. Accordingly, scholarship money is being sent to students’ bank accounts.

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