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An 6-year-old brother was injured while trying to save his four-year-old sister from a dog. The injured brother had to have more than 90 stitches on his cheek. And this child has become a hero for such courage. Hollywood actress Anna Hathaway described this courage. Avengers’ ‘Captain America’ Chris Evans also praised. This is not the end, the World Boxing Federation has given this child the title of Honorary World Champion for his bravery.

Bridger shared this adventure with his aunt through social media. Then the 7-year-old child became an overnight hero. Everyone appreciates his courage. News Kolkata24.

Bridger Walker Courage Story

It is known that 6-year-old Bridger Walker’s home is in the US state of Wyoming. Bridger was with his 4-year-old sister on July 9. Suddenly a German shepherd dog came running towards his sister. Bridger himself comes forward to save the sister. He stood in front of his sister as a shield. Although he managed to save his sister, Bridger himself was attacked by a dog. The dog bit his cheek.

The child’s cheek was injured by the dog’s sharp teeth. Somehow these brothers and sisters can save themselves from the dog. Doctors operated on the seriously injured bridge for 2 hours. More than 90 stitches have to be made on the bridge cheek.

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Bridger Walker Age

He is only 6 (six) years old a schoolboy.

Bridger Walker Sister’s Age

His Sister is only 4 (Four) years old.

Bridger Walker Sister’s Name

His Sister’s name is not available is anywhere.

Bridger Walker Biography

Full Name: Bridger Walker

Nick Name: Bridger

Profession: Student

Father’s Name: Currently Unavailable

Mother;s Name: Currently Unavailable

Brother’s Name: Unknown

Sister’s Name: Unknown

Date of Birth (DOB)/Birthday: 2014

Birth Place: Sheen, USA

Star Sign/Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Nationality: American

Present Address: Sheen, USA

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: Traveling, Shopping


Bridger Walker Reaction About Dog Attack

Bridger’s family later shared his story on social media. Then the word of his bravery spread everywhere. The 8-year-old child became a hero overnight. When asked why he jumped between the dog and his sister, he said, “I thought if the dog killed one of us, it would be mine.”

Bridger posted an Instagram post about Walker’s adventures, with millions of likes and thousands of comments. Lots of people shared the post. Basically, this incident came to the notice of everyone through this post.

Bridger Walker And Sister Pic

Bridger Walker Dog Story in Bangla

চার বছর বয়সী মেয়েটিকে হঠাৎ আক্রমণ করে একটি জার্মান শেফার্ড কুকুর। সেই আক্রমণ থেকে তাকে বাঁচাতে ছুটে আসে তার ৬ বছর বয়সী ভাই ব্রিজার ওয়াকার। তবে কুকুরের আক্রমণ থেকে বোনকে বাঁচাতে পারলেও নিজে আক্রমণের শিকার হয় ব্রিজার। এতে সে মারাত্মকভাবে জখম হয়। পরে ব্রিজারের মুখে ৯০টি সেলাই দেয়া হয়েছে।

Frequently Asking Question And Answer

Question: What is 6 year old boy Name?

Answer: Bridger Walker

Question: What is Hero Brother’s Name?

Answer: The name is hero brother’s is Bridger Walker

Question: Kukurer Hat Theke Bon K Bacano Celer Name Ki?

Answer: Bridger Walker

Question: Where is Bridger Walker Home?

Answer: He is currently living in Sheen, USA

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