Top College List in Dhaka | Top 20 College in Bangladesh 2020

Top 10 Best College List Dhaka Area 2020 | Top 15 College in Bangladesh – SSC Result 2020 has been published today. That is why is student want admit in a college. Now they want to select top 10 college list from Dhaka. This article we are going to show you top college list of Dhaka city area in Bangladesh. They placed the top list of Dhaka area College behind some reasons included. Well we will discuss detail information about this colleges.

We have considered the previous year result passing rate and the HSC examination Golden A+ and A+ percentage. We also give you all colleges official website links. You can easily find out all College official website from here and can take a tour from the website.

You have listed a lot of college but we selected top 10 colleges for you. After select this top 10 college we also added after five colleges which you can also select for your admission. So Let’s read about all colleges in Dhaka area 2020.

1. Notre Dame College

Northern college is a Catholic Higher Secondary School as in the UK. They provide 11th and 12th years of education are often referred as college. It is one of the oldest educational institution in Dhaka Bangladesh established in 1949. Only male students can admit this college. The official link is……..

The college is administered by the Society of prettiest. It has also bachelor of arts in BA course degree program. This course has been started from 2009. Now it is also become a University.

Notre Dame college take on 1800-1900 students in Science around 400 students in Humanities and around 750 students in business study group. The college accepts students with best GPAs and best examination in admission test of the college.

Currently the college has 16 classrooms for the student in science group. 14 classrooms for Bengali medium students and rest others for English Medium.

It has also extra curricular activities clubs. Adam college debating club, Notre Dame college science club, Notre Dame college Rover Group, Sports Club etc.

This College last 5 years HSC Board final exam performance is given below:

Year Participated Pass Rate GPA 5 GPA 5 Rate
2019 3,161 99.65% 2,245 71.27%
2018 3,085 99% 2,069 67.75%
2017 3,077 99.25% 2,057 67.35%
2016 2,628 97.98% 1,673 64.97%
2015 2,565 99.22% 1,642 64.52%

2. Adamjee Cantonment College

Adamjee cantonment college is one of the best college in Dhaka area. They started their journey add a high school in 1960. 1962 the first SSC examination was took by the students of this school. Some years later the it become a college and the name was changed to Adamjee Cantonment college.

The SSC result of the students in every year is 100% pass. We are going to provide you adamjee cantonment college five years previous result below.

Year Participated Pass Rate GPA 5
2019 2,212 99.95 1,241
2018 2,406 99.92 1,297
2017 2,154 99.86 1,121
2016 1,651 99.82 965
2015 1,387 99.93 1,058

3. Viqarunnisa Noon School And College

School of Viqarunnisa was established in 1947. In 1978 the school also established a college section. Then it has named as viqarunnisa noon school and college. There are only the female student study.

It keeps name by the result of HSC examination in every year. We have analysed previous five year result of the HSC Examination Board final. Every year a lots of student got Golden A+ and GPA-5 from this college. The college authority also satisfied for the result of their student.

Check last 5 years result from below list:

Year Participate Pass Rate GPA 5 Rate
2019 1,925 99.32% 40.53%
2018 1,853 99.78% 53.92%
2017 1,821 99.62% 52.59%
2016 1,568 99.43% 73.12%
2015 1,441 99.44% 65.25%

4. Dhaka City College

Dhaka city college is one of the oldest college in Dhaka area. The college was established in 1957. The college is located at Dhanmondi. The motto of this college is build the nation. They offer HSC program for 5000 students.

Check previous 5 years result in Dhaka Education Board HSC examination from below list.

Year Appeared % of Pass % of GPA 5
2019 3,370 99.35 21.65
2018 2,831 99.26 29.79
2017 2,603 99.42 40.92
2016 2,813 95.98 37.78
2015 2,806 99.61 39.79

5. Rajuk Uttara Model College

The Rajuk Uttara model college was established in 1994. They also admitted Bangla Medium student along with English Medium. From its journey getting admission in a college is very competitive. They have 100 staff and 170 + teachers are providing education system.

The campus of Rajuk Uttara model college is located in Uttara Sector 6 under north city corporation of Dhaka. It belong to 4.5 acres of land. Campus and along with different co-curricular activities make the Easter day and an unique in Bangladesh.

Check previous 5 year HSC examination performance under Dhaka Education Board from below list:

Year Appeared  Pass Percentage GPA 5 Rate
2019 1,589 100 % 70.61%
2018 1,539 99.94% 49.09%
2017 1,370 99.42% 57.93%
2016 1,351 99.85% 74.57%
2015 1,216 99.92% 59.67%

6. Holy Cross College Dhaka

The college is also Catholic Higher Secondary School for Girls student located at Tejgaon Dhaka. They serve In class 11 and class 12 section. It established in 1951 near the holy Russian charge bye August Minar of the sister of Holy Cross. It has become one of the rain on educational institute in Bangladesh for girls student.

The college started with 5 students and now it has around 2500 students. They also provide education under Humanities group science group and business study group. It has also some extra co-curricular activities club.

Result performance of HSC examination under Dhaka Education Board is given below:

Year Appeared % of Pass % of GPA 5
2019 1,267 99.68 60.49
2018 1,253 99.6 45.03
2017 1,199 99.5 58.26
2016 1,203 99.92 63.89
2015 1,176 99.83 65.5

7. Dhaka college

Dhaka college is one of the best college in Dhaka area. The college was established in 1941. They provide Quality education among the student of the college level. Only male student can admit under this college. They also perform a good performance in the board final examination in every year.

You Can check last five year performance of Dhaka Education Board from below list:

Year Appeared % of Pass % of GPA 5
2019 1,282 99.53 54.15
2018 1,091 97.62 44.79
2017 1,078 99.07 47
2016 963 99.58 62.57
2015 993 98.49 59.41

8. Ideal School And College Motijheel

Ideal school and college is located at motijheel area in old Dhaka. The institute was started their journey with only School in 1965. It has become as a college from 1990. One of the best school and college in Dhaka city area.

Every year the college section admit 2000 students in 3 category. They provide quality education among the students. That is why the student obtained a good result in the Dhaka board.

You can check last 5 years result performance of Dhaka Education Board from below list:

Year Appeared  Pass GPA 5
2019 1,362 99.85% 39.85%
2018 1,156 98.96% 40.38%
2017 1,181 99.24% 41.3%
2016 1,434 98.88% 57.48%
2015 1,084 97.97% 52.82%

9. Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College

It was called as Rifles public school and college. It is open for all category students in Bangladesh. The college founded on 1977 as a Junior School, in 1978 recognized as a Secondary School. The first HSC examination base appeared in 1985. The College started their English version journey from 2004.

The institute offers both primary and secondary education along with higher secondary education. The secondary level officers classes for science and commerce group only. The higher secondary level is also offers Humanities Bengali and English language version.

The last five years result under Dhaka education board in higher secondary level is given below:

Year Appeared Pass GPA 5
2019 1,875 99.31% 29.54%
2018 1,368 99.2% 20.19%
2017 1,396 99.86% 53.59%
2016 1,613 99.63% 60.3%
2015 1,211 99.92% 51.32%

10. BAF Shaheen College Dhaka

BAF Shaheen college Dhaka also known as the Dhaka Shaheen college. It is located at 3rd Gate, near Jahangir Gate Dhaka 1206. The founder of this college is Bangladesh air forces.

This college is Education-patience-Discipline. The college started their journey from 1960. The last 5 year result performance of Dhaka Education Board given below:

Year Appeared Pass Rate GPA 5 Rate
2019 1,527 99.41 % 21.74%
2018 1,173 96.68 % 4.32%
2017 1,417 98.38% 15.57%
2016 1,494 94.24% 22.44%
2015 1,309 97.17% 24.37%

List of Top 10 College In Bangladesh

1. Rajshahi College

Location: Boalia, Rajshahi
Established: 1873
EIIN: 126490
Web Address:

2. Abdul Kadir mollah City College

Location: Norsighi District, Dhaka Sylhet Highway
Established: 2006
EIIN: 132043
Web Address:

3. Rangpur Cantonment Public College

Location: Rangpur Cantonment, Dinajpur Board
Established: 1977
EIIN: 127500
Web Address:

4. Jalalabad Cantonment Public School & College

Location: Sylhet – Tamabil Hwy, Bangladesh
Established: 1999
EIIN: 130394
Web Address:

5. Milestone College, Uttara

Location: Uttara
Established: 2001
EIIN: 108572
Web Address:

6. Mirzapur Cadet College, Mirzapur.

Location: Tangail, Bangladesh
Established: 1963
EIIN : 133861
Web Address:

7. Mymensingh Girls’ Cadet College

Type High school
Motto Oh Lord Enhance My Knowledge
Established 1983
At Mymensingh town
Principal Md. Enayet Hossain
Enrollment 2000
Campus size 23 acres (9.3 ha

8. Comilla Victoria College

Location: Comilla , Bangladesh

Established: 1899 

EIIN : 105822

Web Address:

9. Pabna Cadet College

Location: Dhaka – Pabna Hwy, Pabna 6600

Established: 1981

EIIN :  125670

MottoShadhonay Shafollo (Perseverance is Success)

Web Address:

10. Noakhali Govt. College

Location: New College Road, Noakhali, Maijdee 3800

Established: March 1, 1963

EIIN : 107659

Web Address:

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