Solar Eclipse Surjo Grohon 2021 (বছরের প্রথম সূর্যগ্রহণ ২১ জুন)

The first solar eclipse of the year is going to be on Sunday 21st June. The last solar eclipse was at the end of December 2019. This is the first solar eclipse of the year. This year’s eclipse is even more significant because this same day is the biggest day in the world.


A solar eclipse occurs when the moon stands in the way of sunlight reaching the earth. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon falls between the sun and the earth in a straight line. When it falls in the middle of the moon, the light of the sun cannot reach the earth. As a result, the shadow of the moon covers the earth.

Full ring eclipse will not be seen from Bangladesh. Partial solar eclipses will be observed in this region of South Asia. The partial solar eclipse in Bangladesh will start at 11:23 am and will end at 2:15 pm. The highest eclipse was observed at 1:12 p.m. The solar eclipse in Bangladesh will end at 2:52 pm.

The first solar eclipse of the year

This year people will see the Ring of Fire in some parts of the country. During the solar eclipse, however, a partial solar eclipse can be seen in most parts of the country. Although it is not difficult to look at the sky during a lunar eclipse, you should not look at the sky with the naked eye during a solar eclipse. Eclipse can be seen through binoculars, sunglasses, projectors or telescopes.

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When Will The Solar Eclipse

In Bangladesh, the solar eclipse will last from 9:15 am to 3:00 pm on June 21 this year. The sun should look a lot like the Ring of Fire. This partial solar eclipse will start at 9:15 in the morning. And it will reach its peak at ten minutes past twelve. All in all, it will be three o’clock in the afternoon when the reception is over.

ঢাকায় সূর্যগ্রহণ শুরু হবে বেলা ১১টা ২৩ মিনিট ৩ সেকেন্ডে, কেন্দ্রীয় গ্রহণ শুরু হবে দুপুর ১টা ১২ মিনিট ২৯ সেকেন্ডে। আর শেষ হবে দুপুর ২টা ৫২ মিনিট ৩ সেকেন্ডে।

Some Important Direction

During the eclipse, many people become very enthusiastic and try to see the eclipse with the naked eye. Eclipses, of course, can cause serious eye damage at any time by looking directly at the sun. So filter glass can be used without looking directly, the type of glass used by mechanics when welding can also be used. Eclipses can be reflected in the water by taking clean water on a plate or any container and mixing some amount of turmeric powder in it.

No one will go to see the solar eclipse after ordinary sunglasses or glasses. Sophisticated filters must be used to view solar eclipses with a telescope or camera. Otherwise, the ultraviolet rays of the sun get a chance to fall directly on the eyes. There can be various eye diseases including complete blindness.

Surjo Grohon in Bangladesh

2020 is going on. As there are various accounts of the year, there are also pre-preparation stages around many events. Incidentally, there is curiosity in various quarters about the time of solar and lunar eclipses this year. Curiosity is rife among astronomers as well as astronomers.


It is to be noted that many myths and myths surrounding the solar and lunar eclipses have been prevalent for a long time. There are multiple religious and cultural ‘beliefs’ surrounding the adoption in different parts of the world. From America to Africa, there are many myths about solar eclipses all over the world.

Second lunar eclipse on June 5

The second lunar eclipse will be held on June 5 after the month of January. The reception will start at 11:15 pm on that day. It will end on June 6 at 2:34 p.m. Apart from India, it can be seen from Europe, Africa, some special areas of Asia, and Australia.


Surjo Grohon Kotha Theke Dekha Jabe?

This annual solar eclipse can be seen for at least one minute but from Sirsa, Ratia, Kurukshetra, Suratgarh, Anupgarh, Dehradun, Chamba, Chamoli, Yoshimath etc. The eclipse will also be seen in South Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Tibet, China, Taiwan and the Pacific Ocean, and in various parts of the Indian Ocean.

Surjo Grohon Pic 2020


Solar Eclipse Surjo Grohon 2020 (বছরের প্রথম সূর্যগ্রহণ ২১ জুন)



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