Publication of SSC, Dakhil and Equivalent Examination Routine 2022, Check Start Date, Number & Details Here

Routine 2022 of SSC, Dakhil, and equivalent examinations has been published through a new notification of the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. The Board of Education authorities had to take some time to publish this widely discussed examination routine. We already know that all educational institutions have been closed since January 21, 2022, due to the infection of Coronavirus. The Ministry of Education has already taken the initiative to start SSC and equivalent examinations in mid-May.

Like last time, only departmental subjects will be examined in this examination. This means that students in the science department will test their department-based subjects, business education and humanities, as well as their department-based subjects, will only participate in the examination. A detailed discussion of test start date and test is given below.

Education has been on the decline since the coronavirus outbreak in March 2020. In continuation of this, only last year’s SSC examination was well accepted. Due to this problem, it was not possible to start the test on time this year. Although the start date of the examination has been given several times by the Ministry of Education, it has been repeatedly delayed. However, the Ministry of Education does not have the mentality to give auto passes to students. According to the statement of the Minister of Education, Dr. Dipu Monir, the students must directly participate in the examination.

The essence of an online meeting of the chairmen of all the boards is that the SSC and equivalent examinations will start from mid-May next year. The Chairman of the Board of Education has indicated that only short syllabus questions will be asked to the students. This year students will not have to study Bengali, English, and religion. However, students of Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Advanced Mathematics, Business Education, Accounting, Business Policy, Application and Finance, Economics, and Politics for Humanities students will be required to take a short syllabus.

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Earlier, the first week of April was scheduled for the commencement of SSC and equivalent examinations. However, considering the overall situation, it has been thought to postpone this date to May 10. Since the test routine has not been published directly yet, we can only make the right decision after publishing the test routine and gadget. However, we hope that the decision that will be made will be beneficial for every student.

If we look at the last SSC 2021 exam, we can see that only 50 marks were taken there. There, all the students got high marks in the board final examination because he asked all the questions before the students were given assignments. But most of the students failed to get an A+ plus in this exam because they got low marks in the JSC exam. Since the results are published in accordance with the JSC exam number, only the students are suffering. However, we hope that very soon the students will again participate in the 100 marks test and return to normal life in the field of education.

Download SSC & Equivalent Exam Routine 2022

According to a policy decision of a virtual meeting of the Board of Education, students need to prepare for the next exam very quickly. We hope that in the next 10 to 15 days SSC and equivalent examination routine 2022 will be published. This year’s exam will be reduced to 50 marks and 1:30 minutes will be taken. However, students are requested to start preparing for the exam by the 10th of May, the start date of your exam. The routine will be published on the website as soon as the routine is published. You can visit this website to get all the daily updates. Download SSC, Dakhil, and equivalent examination routine 2022 by clicking here

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