SSC Result Marksheet 2021 All Board With Number [মার্কশীট সহ ফলাফল]

SSC Result Marksheet 2020 All Board With Number [মার্কশীট সহ ফলাফল]- Education Board has announced the most awaited SSC Exam Result 2020 with mark sheet today. It has been published for all education boards at the same time. Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has declared this result of 9 general education boards along with two tantamount education Boards which are the Technical Board and Madrasah Board. The final result has been announced at 11:00 a.m.Today.

And now the students can collect and download the mark sheet and the number they have got on an individual subject in their SSC examination. SSC or Secondary School Certificate exam is the biggest public examination in Bangladesh.

This year the process of collecting the result is a bit different. As the whole world is facing a deadly epidemic caused by a virus called Covid-19. This virus is contagious and can spread more widely. If students try to collect their results traditionally by visiting their school.

This is why the education ministry has decided to publish all the results through the internet. And our goal is to make the search for your result easier for you as you cannot collect the result from school. This is why this write up is here for the convenience of the SSC Result expected students.


“সকল বোর্ড এর সএসসি রেজাল্ট ২০২০ মার্কশীট সহ আজ সকাল ১০:০০ ঘটিকায় প্রধানমন্ত্রী শেখ হাসিনা ভিডিও কনফারেন্স এর মাধ্যমে ঘোষণা করেছেন


SSC Marksheet 2020 PDF Download

Are you an examinee of SSC exam 2020 and searching for the recently published mark sheet of SSC result 2020? Then this very article is most suitable for you to download your mark sheet with a specified detailed number that you have got in your SSC Examination. So, you are requested to read this article comprehensively for your own convenience because in this write up, we will inform you about how to collect SSC result 2020 with mark sheet.

এসএসসি মার্কশীট ডাউনলোড করতে সঠিক তথ্য দিয়ে নিচের ঘর গুলো পূরণ করুন তারপর সাবমিট বাটন এ ক্লিক করে অপেক্ষা করুন & পুনরায় দেখতে Again Search Result ক্লিক করুন

At the very beginning of this article, we will discuss the SSC result 2020 mark sheet. Then, we will explore how to collect SSC results with a mark sheet. After that, it will be an analysis of some popular methods of checking SSC result 2020 with a mark sheet. And at the last part of this article, Some very common and often asked questions about finding SSC results with a mark sheet will be answered which, we believe, will help the reader immensely. Without further ado let’s begin our exploration of finding the SSC result 2020 mark sheet and number.

How To Check SSC Result 2020 With Marksheet

There are actually two things which you need about your SSC result. One is the overall result and another is the detailed and specified result which is called the mark sheet. You have already come to know that there are many ways of checking the mark sheet and the primary way to find it is through the method online.

With the help of the online method, you can easily collect your mark sheet within minutes. And this year with the worldwide pandemic – Covid 19- hovering above our head, Education ministry has decided that all result of SSC has to be taken from online. No students are encouraged and allowed to go to their school to collect the result. So, knowing how to get results online is a must for students and that is why this article is a ‘must-read’.

Another important thing you should know that according to an announcement of the educational Boards of Bangladesh, it is completely free for anyone who wants to download SSC result in 2020 with a mark sheet. You can even print out the mark sheet from the website any time you want. Besides, you can use that downloaded mark sheet for your educational and institutional purposes.

Till now we have talked about the online method of getting results, now there is another way for getting SSC result 2020 with a mark sheet. This way is called the SMS method.

With this process, you can now get your SSC result without any extra trouble that the internet or website might give. You can collect your mark sheet on demand through SMS. But you have to be mindful of one thing that this process of getting results is not free as you will be charged Taka 2.50 for each SMS.

Now it is time for learning the two exact methods for getting SSC result 2020 with a mark sheet.

SSC Result 2020 Marksheet From Online

The first way of getting the result is to be connected to the internet and this is a very popular method and easiest way for checking mark sheets nowadays as we have known that everything can be found online. However, we are also well aware of the fact that every opportunity and facility comes up with some problems too.

So, you might face some problems while finding out your result on the official website but still this is one of the best ways to find out the result. You can collect results within a minute if there is no problem on the server or the server is not busy too much.

Now let us present you with a proper guideline for collecting the examination result. This exam called the secondary school examination as we have already mentioned and after successfully passing this exam you will be able to pursue your higher secondary education which is basically college education. You should be very excited about it, right?

This very exciting is the reason why secondary school students are waiting eagerly for the publication of the result with a detailed mark sheet. Because this certificate is the way to start pursuing further education. And those who are waiting for the result are requested to read the below instructions. So that they can easily check their online result.

SSC Marksheet Collecting System 2020

The very first step for collecting secondary school certificate results is visiting the official website of the ministry of education and the official websites of education boards.

Anyone can find results online this has understood by now but do you know the official website of the Education Board? There are chances that you might not know that. And if you don’t know then you must go through our article about SSC result 2020 website. By going through that article you will easily get 11 education board official website addresses at a glance.

When you will click on the official website link, you will automatically find yourself on the official website’s web page. Here, you will find boxes where you will have to enter your necessary information to get your desired result. First of all, you have to select your educational board under which you took the SSC examination.

After that, you have to select your examination type as SSC or equivalent. This is a must selection as based on this selection you will be provided your result and mark sheet.

After successfully selecting that, you need to select your examination year which is 2020.

Now you have to input your roll and registration number very carefully. Because this roll and registration number are the only numbers that will ensure your individuality among the hundreds and thousands of students.

After carefully filling in your roll and registration number you need to click on the submit button.

And after that, a window will appear on your screen with the SSC result along with your mark sheet. You can print out that or just save it as a PDF or image. Thus, you are able to download your desired result from the internet.

SSC Result 2020 Marksheet By SMS

We have mentioned till now, the process of getting SSC result through the internet now, it is time for you to learn the other way of getting your SSC result. This time you be able to collect results and mark sheets by sending SMS to a particular number from your mobile phone. The process of collective SSC results through messages is very easy and simple. Even then we will try to inform you the way you can successfully collect your SSC result through SMS only to reduce your time and energy.

So, if you want to collect your SSC result with a mark sheet by SMS. And you do not know how to do it. Then you are requested to read the passage below cautiously. In this portion of our discussion, we will try to clearly state bits by bits the processes. That you will have to follow to get your SSC result 2020 with mark sheet via SMS.

At first, you have to open the message option on your mobile phone. From that option, you have to look for creating a new message. Then you need to type the exact keywords we provide below.

Then send this message to 16222 number. If your SMS format is OK then your result will be given within a minute. You have to keep in mind that the SMS charge is applicable for every SMS. And you can only collect your result after the publication of the result at 2:00 p.m.

SSC Marksheet Download SMS Method

Just Open Mobile New SMS Option.

Type SSC space DHA space Roll Number space 2020

And send to 16222

Reply SMS you will get SSC Result with Marksheet.

SSC Result 2020 Full Mark

We have already informed you of both ways of getting SSC results. Now, do you want to know detailed marks of every subject? Then you are welcomed by our service. We will show you a particular subject number of every subject.

A few years ago many of the students have questioned the Grade point System. But the system of checking detailed marks in every subject declared and now that question is answered. The process of collecting a number of every subject for the SSC examination is very easy.

According to a declaration of the Dhaka board, it is known that SSC results can collect with numbers and mark sheets. And anyone can check their number of every subject by visiting the official website of Dhaka Education Board.

Now I am going to discuss elaborately how you can easily download your mark-sheet of your SSC examination 2020.

You have to visit the official website of the Dhaka board in order to check your number.

On that website, there is easy navigation to result in checking the menu. You need to click on Result. After that, you are asked to answer a few questions related to your SSC examination. Answer all the questions appropriately so that the board website can show you your exact result.

Most probably you will ask to give your roll and registration number. Input them correctly and finally click on the submit button. And the result with a detailed number will appear on the screen. You can print out all download the result on your device with a single click.

Grading System of SSC Exam 2020

Marks Range Grade Points Grade
80 – 100 5.00 A+
70 – 79 4.00 A
60 – 69 3.50 A-
50 – 59 3.00 B
40 – 49 2.00 C
33 – 39 1.00 D
0 – 32 0.00 F

From the above table, you have to know about the grading system. Your subject wise number also can see on your mark sheet.

SSC Marksheet Download 2020 Dhaka Board

SSC Marksheet collection for Dhaka Education Board is a very easy system. If you don’t know the method to download the Dhaka Education Board mark sheet of SSC examination 2020. You can easily collect it from here.

This section of this article can help you to collect your mark sheet online. Because we are going to show you some proper instruction.

Dhaka Education Board student can download their mark sheet by using online and SMS both methods.

Marksheet Download Online Method

Online is a very easy method to download the mark sheet. Just follow the below instruction to download your mark sheet online.

First of all, you have to visit the WEB-BASED RESULT WEBSITE.

Now select SSC/ HSC/ JSC/ Equivalent Result

Select your examination SSC/ DAKHIL/ EQUIVALENT

Year: 2020

Board: Your Board Name.

Result Type: Individual Result.

Roll: Write your exam Roll

Registration (Optional): Exam Regi Number.

Security Key: Complete box from picture.

Finally click on Get Result Option. And keep wait here you will download SSC Result 2020 with marksheet.

এসএসসি রেজাল্ট ২০২০ মার্কশীট সহ পেতে রোল নম্বর ও রেজিস্ট্রেশন নম্বর কমেন্ট করুন

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