SSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2020 All Board

Dear SSC Exam 2020 Students today we have made a 100% Common Super Suggestion For you. If you follow our this Suggestion you will get full common in the examination hall. So read that SSC English Suggestions 2020 carefully.

SSC English 2nd Paper Final Suggestions 2020 All Board

Education Board authority has published SSC Exam Routine on their official website. According to that routine the exam is going to start from 01 February, 2020

To get All subject suggestion please go to here ALL Board SSC Suggestion 2020

Part – A (Grammar)

You must practice All Board Question from 2010 to 2019. If you practice this question you will common 100% in the exam hall.

Part – B (Writing Part)

Paragraph Writing:

  1. The 21st February.
  2. Your national flag.
  3. Deforestation/ tree plantation.
  4. A book fair.
  5. A fisherman.
  6. A street hawker.
  7. Your mother.
  8. Early rising
  9. A railway station/a bus stand
  10. Environment pollution

Composition Writing:

  1. Journey by train/boat/bus.
  2. The season you like most.
  3. Computer.
  4. The duties of student
  5. Physical exercise

Application Writing:

  1. Sinking a deep tube-well for Safe water.
  2. Praying for TC/testimonial.
  3. For relief goods and medical aids to the flood victims.
  4. For full free studentship/help from the poor fund/stipend.
  1. For repairing the damaged roads/ construction a bridge.
  2. For opening a debating/ English language club/computer club/ canteen/ common room.
  3. For admission/ readmission.
  4. For a seat in the hostel.
  5. For enhancing common room/ library facilities.

Stories Writing Part:

  1. Bayazid was a small boy………………………
  2. There lived a saint in a forest. He was very kind. Once a mouse ran to him and took shelter in……..
  3. An old farmer had three sons. They used to quarrel with one another. One day the farmer……..
  4. There lived a farmer in a village. He had a wonderful goose. The Goose laid an egg of gold everyday……….
  5. Once there lived a middle-aged named Bilkis. She had three sons. Her husband was very lazy and he did not do any work. None but she had…..
  1. A Shepherd boy …………none came.
  2. Once a lion was sleeping in a forest. Suddenly a mouse came there. It did not notice the sleeping lion……….
  3. Once there were a hare and tortoise in a certain village……………….
  4. There lived clever fox in a jungle. One day he tell into a trap as he was passing through…
  5. One day two rats found a loaf of bread. They failed to divide it in two….
  6. Once there lived a poor wood cutter ——-
  7. On a summer day, a crow got very thirsty. It looked for water hither and thither. At last it saw a jar at a distance………..

Dialogue Writing:

  1. A dialogue between you and your friend about your preparation for the S.S.C examination.
  2. A dialogue between you and your friend about your future plan after the publication of your school.
  3. A dialogue between you and your friend about your plan after the S.S.C Examination.
  4. A dialogue between you and your friend about mobile phone.
  5. A dialogue between you and your friend about load shedding water/air pollution/ deforestation.
  6. A dialogue between you and your friend about bad sides of illiteracy and how to eradicate it.
  7. A dialogue between you and your friend about your aim in life.  
  8. A dialogue between doctor and patient.
  9. A dialogue between salesman and customer.
  10. A dialogue between you and your friend about importance of reading books/ newspaper/tree plantation.

SSC English Suggestions 2020

Summary writing:

  1. Sincerity is the root of success of all works………………be sincere to our work.
  2. Good manners form an important part of our education……man in the true sense of the term.
  3. Newspaper plays a vital role in modern civilization……the good reports and avoids the bad ones.  
  4. We have plenty of water around us but do not know what water is drink………..access to the information they need to know.
  5. People say, “Health is wealth”……… have patience and respect for other people’s feeling.
  6. The use of English as the common language of the world has been growing so rapidly……… setting and upholding these standards.
  7. It is not good for man that his life should be all joy and prosperity……… mixed with adversity become kind and gracious.
  8. Patriotism is a love for country…… leads to war and suffering.
  9. Money cannot buy happiness ………….practical and pragmatic life.
  10. Air is an important element…… healthier and happier.
  11. Traffic jam is a common ……a great extant.
  12. Education….. Right and wrong way.
  13. Sports are popular…. Way.
  14. The secret of success… of time.
  15. Man cannot buy happiness… his happiness

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