SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2020 All Board

Secondary school certificate exam 2020 has been started from 3rd February of this year. Already Bangla 1st paper and 2nd paper exam has finished. Now the coming exam is English first paper. Today we are going to discuss about English first paper suggestion. SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2020.

SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2020 All Board

We are here shall publish for the all board English past papers super suggestion. Those who want to get a complete suggestion for your exam preparation you must read this article carefully.

We will discuss all parts of English 1st paper exam suggestion for you. We shall give you a complete suggestion in part by part. Us to get your main suggestion from here.

SSC 100% Common Suggestion 2020 All Board

English 1st Paper Suggestion 2020 Dhaka Board

We all know there Dhaka is a big board then others 10 board in Bangladesh. Under this board number of students attend the SSC examination of this year. In this part we are going to discuss a common suggestion for only Dhaka board student full suggestion.

Dear student we have already published a super, suggestion on our main suggestion post. You go to our website suggestion category you can see the main suggestion for SSC suggestion 2020. On this part you will get all subject suggestion. We think it will help you a lot.

SSC New রুটিন পেতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন।

English 1st Paper Suggestion 2020 Rajshahi Board

Rajshahi is too far from Dhaka. But there have a lots of brilliant student who is studying under Education Board. Secondary school certificate SSC exam also is started with the others board schedule. Already two subjects exam has completed of this board.

We also successfully give previous two subjects suggestion properly. And the student also got all question come on in the exam hall. Those who follow our suggestion they will get a plus in Bangla 1st paper and second paper both. Our suggestion was 100% common in the examination.

English 1st Paper Suggestion 2020 Rajshahi Board

In the last year we also provide a super common service suggestion for all student of Rajshahi Education Board. They also said us that they have common all question in the exam hall. According to the previous year exam experience we can say that in this year also you will get come on all questions.

SSC English 1st Paper Common Suggestion 2020 Chittagong Board

Chittagong board is one of the biggest board in our country. There have a number of students who are extra ordinary. But all Kind of student also want to see a full suggestion. Because good student want to get a golden A+ in the SSC examination. That is why they want to sure the A+ in the English first paper examination.

Chittagong Board SSC English 1st Paper Super Common Suggestion 2020 

If they lost any subject A+ in this examination. They will not get Golden A+ in the result of SSC 2020. They want to sure to get their desire result. We are working for the all kind of a student in Chittagong Education Board. Our Suggestion Also will help them to get their desired result in the examination.

SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2020 Comilla Board

Comilla Education Board have a reputation in all over Bangladesh. Because from this bird never out any question. And the teacher also check the exam paper properly. So that the student want to see a super common suggestion for the examination.

We have complete a full come suggestion for the Comilla Board SSC examination student 2020. If they need English first paper suggestion they can take it anytime. We think they will get a good help from our website. They also will get their SSC exam result 2020 from this website.

SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2020 Comilla Board

SSC English Super Common Suggestion 2020 All Board


(1)Tree Plantation.

(2)A winter morning.

(3)Load Shedding.

(4)A book fair.

(5) Traffic jam.

(6)Water pollution.

(7) Environment pollution.

(8)A school library.

Completing story:

(1)The king Midas and his golden touch.

(2)The Lion and the Mouse.

(3)Honesty of wood cutter.

(4) Bayazid a demotion to his mother.

(5)Dress does not make a man great.

(6)Who is to Bell the cat?

(7)Unity is strength (Most important)

(8)A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Describing Graph And Charts:

(1)The number of mobile user.

(2)The choice of profession.

(3)The internet user of Bangladesh.

(4)Shows the illiteracy rate.

Informal Letter:

(1)Condolence of father/mother death.

(2)Thanking a friend for his hospitality.

(3)What you intend to do after S.S.C Exam.

(4) Invitation to spend summer vacation.

(5)Annual prize giving ceremony.

(6)Benefit of reading newspaper.

(7) Preparation of upcoming exam.


(1) Preparation of coming exam.

(2)Condolence of his father death.

(3)How to improve in English.

(4)Annual Prize giving ceremony.

(5) Inviting him to attending the wedding ceremony.

(6)Plan after the SSC exam.

(7) Congratulation him on brilliant result.

(8)Inviting a friend to join the picnic.


(1) Necessity of tree plantation.

(2)Use and abuse of mobile phone.

(3)The importance of reading newspaper.

(4)How to eradicate the illiteracy problem form Bangladesh.

(5) Importance of learning computer.

(6)About the benefit of early rising.

(7)About the way of opening a bank account.

(8)Patient and the doctor.

CV for English 2nd Paper:

(1)Post of a computer operator.

(2)Post of a probationary Officer in a Bank.

(3)Post of a teacher/an English teacher.

(4)Post of a Librarian.

(5)Post of a medical representative.


(1) Permission to go on study tour.

(2) Praying for relief for flood affected people.

(3) Setting up a computer club.

(4)Praying for common room.

(5)Seat in the school hostel.

(6)Praying for sinking tube well.

(7)Arranging a multimedia class room.


(1)The season you like most.

(2)Your aim in life/Future plan of life.

(3)Student life/Duty of a student.

(4) Importance of reading newspaper.

(5)Computer is a gift of modern science.

(6)The game you like most.

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