SSC 2021 (English Version) History of Bangladesh and World Civilization Assignment Solution

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SSC History of Bangladesh and World Civilization Assignment Work 1st week

Assignment number 1 chapter 1 introduction of history.

And assignment work: An essay on “History in human life” (within 300 words)

Learning outcomes:

Learners will be able to explain the concept of Nature and the scope of history and heritage.

Learners will be able to describe elements and classification of history.

The learner will be interested in history and heritage.

Guideline: explanation of history and heritage


Explanatio n of the source of writing history written or unwritten and its classification

And the explanation of the importance of history.

Analysis Of the necessity of studying history in human life.

Total marks for this assignment 16: accurate answer 80% to 100%, mostly accurate 60-79%, Partially Accurate 40-59%, ambiguous: below 39%

SSC 2021 history of Bangladesh and world civilization assignment solution 1st Week

Those students your new resident in support history of rubbish and all civilization Saturday is ready to publish.

An essay on “History in human life” (within 300 words)

The history and world civilization of Bangladesh is a very important subject for SSC candidates. From the first chapter History Introduction, the students have been asked to write an essay of 300 words on the history of human life. We will now discuss the essay in detail.

The word history originates from the Bengali word which means tradition. Tradition is the practice of the past, education, language, art, literature, and culture that we preserve for the future. Hey, history is passed down from one generation to another. In the words of E. H. Carr, history is an endless dialogue between the present and the past.

The origin of the word history from the Greek word historia is Bengali synonym history. The word history was first used by the Greek philosopher Herodotus, known as the father of history. He was the first to use the word historia to find out the truth about the Greek-Persian war.

The relationship between man and history is intense. Man is a part of the history of evidence and documentation instead of a continuum of his society and civilization. That is, the origin and development of human society and human institutions is the main subject of history.

The important achievements of human beings that have been able to contribute to the progress of human society and civilization are included in history such as philosophy of art-literature-culture architecture politics war religion everything is included in history.

Importance of human life history:

The importance of history in human life is immense. History is the activity of the past. What happened before human life is the main subject of history. Through history education, we can manage the present and the future properly.

The cause of the downfall of any king’s empire in the past will free you from any major mistake in the present. The importance of history in human life is immense so we will study history and acquire knowledge.

Leopold von Range, the father of modern history, defined history as “the search for what happened and the history of its rights.”

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