Sonali Bank E Wallet App Download, Install, Cash Out 2023

With the new system, Sonali Bank customers can withdraw cash from any branch of Sonali Bank without a check. Sonali Bank e-Wallet Apps is one of the examples of facilitating customer service through digitalization at all levels of the country day by day. Although Sonali Bank does not have an ATM booth, customers had to stand in line for hours to withdraw money. But with this new facility, all customers can easily cash out and withdraw within a short period of time.

Through e-wallet apps, customers can easily view their bank accounts and other information. Any transaction can be completed through a money transfer to another account. All the benefits of Sonali Bank’s e-wallet apps are described below:

All the benefits that customers will get:

1. No check is required

2. There is no charge

3. You can withdraw money from any branch of Sonali Bank

4. Cash in hand in 2 minutes

5. No hassle of signature verification

As an account holder of Sonali Bank, all the information you will need to avail the above benefits is given below.

What you need to have:

1. Sonali e-wallet apps must be installed on mobile.

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Here are some points on how you as a customer can withdraw money through these apps:

How to withdraw money:

1. QR code is available at any branch of Sonali Bank.

2. Bring money to e-wallet using add money feature first through Sonali e-wallet apps.

3. Now scan the QR code and cash out.

4. In the cash section, tell the amount, and mobile number.

Receive your money from the cash section.

Image: 1. QR code. You will see this kind of QR code at every branch.

If you have an account with Sonali Bank, then there is no need to worry, you can download this app from Google Play Store and take the above benefits.

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