PSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board With Full Marksheet

PSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board With Marksheet has been published today. Dear students do you know your result published today? Yes, Dhaka Education Board authority published result on their official website today. If you want to see it please go to the official website or you can collect it from our website also. We are discussing here details about Dhaka board PSC Result 2019 and Mark sheet Download.PSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board With Full Marksheet

We are aware about that PSC Exam 2019 starts on first December 17, 2019 and it complete on last week of this that month in this year. The students from Dhaka Education board are always perform a bright in every board final exam. So the board has a good reputation of all sectors.

Well, you all know that PSC Dhaka board result published today. You are searching full result along with marks sheet from online. That is why you are come here. Read our full content to collect your mark sheet copy.

PSC Result and Marksheet 2019 Dhaka Board

The exam committee of the board announced that they are going to publish result today. And the main things they mentioned that they also will publish Mark sheet today. But one of the officer says that they made full result sheet and it is ready to publish today. If you want to see your result wait till it publish from Education Board Bangladesh.

Dhaka Board PSC Result 2019

In Bangladesh there are total eight general education board and one Madrasa education board exist. Dhaka is the most famous then others. This board authority is always feel proud to be one of the member of this board.

There are a lots of Primary school under this board. We all know that to become a good board must have some good reputation, must achive some good things to be one of them. Dhaka board students are doing good result in all public exam also in PSC board final exam. PSC Result & marksheet Dhaka

Dhaka Board PSC Result 2019 Publish Date

We all know that all education board PSC Result 2019 will publish on December 30, 2019. Dhaka Education Board also will publish result on that aforementioned time. On that day you will see your result from our website also.

Well you are also come here to know the date of mark sheet publish date. We also can tell you the PSC mark sheet publish date. We all know that DPE publish mark sheet on the result publish day. So your mark sheet also will publish on that day.

PSC Result Dhaka Board

PSC Result 2019 Dhaka board also known as Education Board Dhaka. The PSC result will publish on December 30, 2019 at 10:00 am. Students also can find all kind off information related of this exam from this website. They may go to here for more information.

Those who want to know the PSC result 2019 Dhaka Board they can visit this website as soon as possible. As you also can get all kind of info from here related to this result. PSC Result & marksheet Dhaka

We all know that this year the exam was start from 18th November 2019. And finished on 26 th November 2019. In this year the exam starts from at 11:00 am. And it will finish at 1:30 pm. The exam time fixed on 2:30 hours.

How to Check PSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board Online?

Dear students you have to know that there are many ways to get PSC result from online. In Bangladesh all Education Board are good in their online service. Dhaka division board is very very good in their online service. You have to know that there are many ways to collect PSC result from online.

You can collect your result from Dhaka education board official website our you also can collect your result from our official website. And they are also have a popular way to collect your PSC result. You will happy to know that PSC result by an Android apps.

All Education Board have their own official mobile apps. Dhaka board also have a mobile official app. If you have an Android mobile phone alone with an Internet connection you will collect your result from online. We are here are going to discuss about your result collect from online.

Well come to the point, main discussion is Kale PSC result from online. DPE has an official website where the publish PSC examination grade 5 exam result. Those who are not collect your result from online we are here to help you. We will help you to collect your result from dpe official website. We also help the Guardians to collect their children result from online. Discuss all options.

First Way to Collect PSC Result From Online:

  • For collect your PSC result from online at first going to your mobile browser.
  • Now write on your browser URL box
  • And you will see primary education board official website.
  • On the homepage you will say several way to collect your result.
  • Select on the individual result option.
  • Then on the option of choose the passing year from here you will give your passing year 2019.
  • They will need your student id in this option you will give your PSC exam roll number.
  • Then you will give Thana/ Upozila Code.
  • Then click on the submit button.
  • You will see PSC exam result on your screen.
  • PSC Result & marksheet Dhaka

Second Way to Collect PSC Result from Online:

Dear student you also can see your PSC exam result from DPE official website. For collecting your result by visit DPE official website you can follow our second option. Here we are going to discuss second option.

  • To collect your PSC result from DPE official website.
  • At first you go to your mobile browser URL box write
  • Then you will say DP official website.
  • Select the result option.
  • Select the individual result option.
  • On the page you will see exam name, exam date, district, division, roll number, thana or Upozila etc.
  • You will give all kind of information like your exam name PSC, exam date, your district name,, you division name you exam roll number and thana code.
  • After submit all information you will see your PSC exam result 2019 Daka board.

How to Check Dhaka Board PSC Result 2019 by SMS?

Dear students you may check your result by mobile SMS. Dhaka board result authority also publish it by SMS for you. It is very easy way to see all result from Online. And we also know that getting result by Mobile SMS. We are going to show you mobile SMS process. PSC Dhaka Board Result by SMS.

SMS Formate for PSC Students:

At first you must go to your mobile phone SMS system. And write DPE and give a space and write your Thana Code number or Upazila Code number and again give a space and write your exam roll number and send to 16222.

Example: DPE 23 12345 and send to 16222.

SMS System for Ebtedayee Students:

It also like as PSC SMS format. At first write ETB give a space give your Thana or Upozila Code space Roll Number and Send to 16222.

Example: ETB 30 23456 and Send to 16222.

Primary School Certificate (PSC) Exam Result 2019 Dhaka Board

We all know that Dhaka is the capitals of Bangladesh. Dhaka Education Board under 13 district they are Dhaka, Narshindi, Madaripur, Gazipur, Manikganj, Gopalganj, Narayanganj, Shoriotpur, Tangaile, kishorganj, Faridpur and Munshiganj. In this districts students are attend the PSC board final exam under Dhaka Board.

Dhaka board exam authority chairman announced that they are going to publish the result soon. They said that the interested students can wait till they publish result. We know that not only Dhaka board but also all board students will get their result on that day.So dear students keep visit our website till your result publish.

Class Five Exam Result 2019

We all know that Class five exam result means PSC exam result. In this year undet Dhaka Education board there are a lots of students attend the exam. All board chairman also will publish this result on their website severally.
In the village there we all know that students those who are in class five they are class five examiner. That is true but in the official way that is called Primary School Certificate (PSC) exam. We also called it Somaponi result.

PSC Dhaka Board Result 2019 Kobe Dibe?

If you come here to know the date of publishing PSC result 2019 you are correct. Because we are going to tell you the result publishing date. It is true that the result at any cost will publish within this year. Because from 01 January 2020 all students will get their new books. So that the result probably will publish on 30 December 2019.

PSC Result 2019 All District

In the year 2019 the exam has finished but the result is not publish yet. In previous year 2018 the exam result published within 40 days. 2018 PSC result published on 24 December. You may also like PSC Result 2019 and JSC Result 2019.

All district PSC result 2019 published on the aforementioned time. Last year 32 lacs students attend the exam. But in this year this number is raised. We all know that this number is raising day by day. Last year 3 lacs students attended Ebtedayee exam in this year it’s also raised.

PSC Exam Result all district will announce all education board, including madrasa board in Bangladesh. This result will publish by Government of Bangladesh and the education minister.

PSC Result 2019 Dhaka Education Board

All of biggest education board in Bangladesh, Dhaka is one of them. There are a lots of popular School under this board. Every year under this board too many students are participating in PSC Board final exam. Like previous years in this year also so many students attended the exam. Many students are getting GPA-5 along with Golden A+ endue this board.

From DPE official website at PSC result 2019 will find. You can also get your result from this website post also. This website also will publish it on the result publish day.

PSC Result 2019 Thana Wise

You can also get your result by Thana code. Because, Primary education board published all result by Thana code like JSC institute result. We are here going to discuss your Thana wise result 2019. If you are interest to know that you can read that paragraph carefully.

In Bangladesh there are so many Thana/Upozila. And they are separate in different way. PSC board final exam also held by thana/Upozila school wise. And the education board authority also provide result by Thana/ Upozila wise to all school authority. Thana Nirbahi Officer distribute all result among school head teacher. And they collect official result and publish it on the school notice board.

Thana/ Upozila Codes for PSC exam Result 2019

Dear Students you can see your expect result by Thana/ Upozila code number. If you know your Upozila code number you will collect all result from education board online website easily.

Upozila officer also can collect result by this way. Because if they collect result from online they are not important to go Education board to collect result. Online is the best way to collect all kind of result.

Last Year Number of GPA 5 in All Divisions

We all know that in Dhaka education board there are a number of students got GPA-5 and also Golden A+. You may also like PSC Result 2019 Marksheet

Directorate of Primary Education Result 2019

Directorate of Primary Education Result 2019 has published today on the education board main website. Students can collect result easily from any source. There are many way to collect result.

PSC Mark Distribution and Question Pattern

National Academy of Bangladesh announced the PSC exam 2019 question pattern and mark distribution on their official website today. They said that 80% question will come from Competency and other 20% question will come from traditional questions pattern.

Address of directory of primary education

Directory of primary education address are given below:

Mirpur Dhaka 1216.

PSC means primary school certificate. It is the first main examination of our education system in Bangladesh.
Every year a number of students are attend their own self in PSC exam.

Some students are fail in this exam. Some of are pass in the exam carefully. But all of the students are expect to pass in the exam. Those who are failed in the examination they have the opportunities to pass by another chance to the exam. That is why many students are passed in second time.

In PSC exam under Dhaka board some students are getting a plus. Some of them does not get A+ but pass in the examination. We all are know that every year huge students are attend into the PSC examination. Those who Gate Golden A+ for A plus they will get a scholarship from the Bangladesh government. Prove that in Bangladesh there are many organisations who give them also a scholarship.

Prathomik Shikkha Somaponi Result 2019

The last year PSC Prime certificate result announced on 24th December 2018. In this year the result will publish on 30 December 2019. Education Board authority will publish the class 5 grade result with mark sheet. Directory of primary education DPE announce this year is very easily will get you result from online.

This primary school certificate process will complete the schedule and the ministry of education board. Primary school certificate Dhaka Board result 2019 in the last week of December will publish. If you are from Dhaka Education Board you will get your result from here. We will publish your result with your mark sheet also.

What is The Primary Result Date 2019 for Dhaka Board

The primary result date 2019 for Dhaka Education Board is the biggest education board in Dhaka division in our country. Exam result and mark sheet also will published by Dhaka Education Board authority on that day. Board is going to announce the result on 30 December 2019 at 12:00 p.m.

Latest news update about Dhaka board primary result 2019

Dear primary school level students, to college result published date news. Well we are going to show you have to collect your latest news from online. This website is uploaded all kind of latest news about your grade 5 class result for PSC result 2019 Dhaka board.

Today’s update is Education Board authority says that the result will published 30 December 2019 at 10:00 a.m. on the ministry of Primary Education Board website. At first the result will handover who is the prime minister of Bangladesh. Education Minister Dipu Moni says the result will publish on that day. If you want to call it you result from online you can visit our website on that day from 10 a.m.

PSC Result 2019 Dhaka Education Board Marksheet Download

The Bangladesh Education Board provide mark wise mark sheet for all examination. The board final education system is starts from PSC education. PSC students will get their mark sheet with their subject wise marks. This also will available from 30 December on the education board official website. If you want to collect your mark sheet from here follow all website.

You also download SSC exam mark sheet with full marks from here. It is working for all board final education. Just visit the link and to check your PSC result online by entering your exam roll number and exam registration number. 12 college your result you must enter your registration and roll number. These things are more important in to collect your all kind of information from the website.

Some education board in our country provides mark was mark sheet on their website. But we can see Dhaka board is different than others. Because Dhaka Board have not any internal result link or result published portal. We already discuss about how to get your all kind of results from online. So you can follow our direction to check your PSC result 2019 Dhaka Education Board.

PSC Result Publish Time 2019

You will be happy if you know this news about your result published date. Dhaka Education Board chairman says that the result will published on 30 December at 11:00 a.m. on their official website. So I think it is a very exciting news for you. Hope you all will collect your result from this website on that day.

If you are not yet collect your result you can full content carefully. We also published a board challenge post on our website. You will also get information about your scholarship result. If you want your all result earlier then others website you can follow us. And come here to collect your all kind of information from the category of this question. On our Homepage here you will find also extraordinary things.

In Conclusion

We the BD exam help to help you to provide all kinds of information about PSC examination. To provide you PSC all kinds of information along with PSC results Scholarship exam date and also exam suggestion. PSC Result & marksheet Dhaka

In this year we also give PSC suggestion. Our all suggestion was come on in the exam hall. We also will give a suggestion for PSC examination 2020. If you need all suggestion you can visit our home.

We also will give you JSC suggestion for final examination. If you need any kind of information about your study related you can comment as below comment box. As soon as possible we shall reply your comment and solve your problem. So dear students keep with us till your exam result will publish.

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