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The actress Pori Moni LIVE Facebook Video has been viral everywhere. Now the topic is trendy and so much popular worldwide. So, if you want to watch the Hot Video online can visit this place. You can also download this video and some photos from here. We are going to describe Pori Moni Facebook LIVE Today, Hot Picture, NEWS Update, Instagram Id, and her religious information step by step. If you need everything then read the full article and get full views from here. 

Pori Moni Facebbook LIVE Video


A RAB team is conducting a raid on the house of the well-known Bangladeshi actress Parimani in Dhaka, but before the raid, Parimani came on Facebook live and complained that a group of people had come to pick her up.


At around 3.30 pm, a RAB team took a position in front of Parimani’s house. Then Parimani came live on Facebook. There he complained that a group of people had taken up position in front of his home and that Facebook Live also saw him trying to contact law enforcement.

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Pori Moni News Update

At four-thirty, Parimani went to the door while she was on Facebook Live. On the other hand, the RAB asked the bride to open the door and asked her to confirm her identity.

After a few minutes of conversation, he opened the door, but Facebook Live did not show who had entered the house.


After opening the door, he told his fiance that they would legally talk to the actress. The man requested his girlfriend to shut down Facebook Live.

Parimani is heard to say at this time, why are you taking everyone’s mobile? At this time, someone again requested him to shut down Facebook Live in his own hands and at one point Facebook Live was shut down.

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Pori Moni Religion

She is following Islam Religion by born. Her family members also follow Muslim religious activities. Last Eid-ul-Adha she had given sacrifice a cow. 


Pori Moni Instagram

Her Instagram account has 288k Followers, 4 Following, 179 Posts, and her id name (@pori.moni.902). 


Pori Moni Hot Pic 

Now we are going to publish some hot pictures of this actress. You can like them so much.



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