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National University Bangladesh, NU students now apply for the covid-19 vaccine through the official link. This is the website of National University’s student coronavirus vaccine registration. The teachers and the employees of all Education College under the skin University also can apply for the rail station from 10 July to 12 July. This official notice has been published on 8th July 2021. Students corner text in registration website link is


The Eligible applicant List For NU COVID-19 Registration

According to the official notice of National University that any college under the University students and the Teachers also employers can apply for the vaccine program. The Process has been started on 9th July and it will continue till 28 July.

That means any of the students for employers under the university can be raised for this direction program in Bangladesh.

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NU Students Corona Vaccine Registration

The official notice of the taxing program of Reti tells about the student who is living in and under dirty area they take the vaccine quickly. The notice is described for the Student data entry registration.


If a student from National University wants to get the vaccine then he or she must complete the registration. Every student must maintain the profile information.

NU ( COVID-19 Registration Notice

Generally, the students from Honours degree or Masters under the University of national in Bangladesh are available to get the vaccine.

It has been started for the student who is interested to get the coronavirus vaccine. All users will visit the official link…..

NU Vaccine Application Official Link


Before entering your data to the website of the National University coronavirus in the registration form you have to read all blank box questions carefully.

The authority is announced for the registration of all students in Bangladesh against Corona. They are Request to the students and the employee to complete their information within 12 July.


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