Sangsad TV Primary School Online Class 1-5 Routine 2021 [নতুন ক্লাস সমূহ দেখেনিন]

The Online Class routine for the primary level has been published today on the DPE official website. The directorate of primary education authority has published this routine on their website in a new notice. This routine also has published by bd exam help authoring on this website. So read this article carefully and collective the routine from here. And it is very important for all the class 1 to 5 students. Now they can Learn education from their home. It is a very good decision taken by the authority of DPE.

The Classes will be started on the 1st week of January 2021. Buy this online class students will get more information about their study. That is teachers also give some suggestions which will help the final examination. All students are requested to attend this class from their home via Sangsad TV. These classes also can be collected from the YouTube channel. So today we are going to discuss this matter details.

Ghore Bose Sikhi For Class 1-5 

According to the Directorate of Primary Education Board authority, for the crisis of coniferous COVID-19 all over the world all educational institute has been closed from 18 March. At that moment DPE authority takes a decision that they will continue students’ education. They take online classes by Sangsad television Bangladesh. And this event will start from 7 April 2020 they live telecast it on this television.

To attend this event All students are requested to attend the classes carefully. Besides Student, all teachers also can see this program.

Primary School Online Class Routine 2021

♠ BTV Live Telecast ♠

Sangsad TV Live

After finish, this online class teacher will give some homework for the students. And students will take that homework on their papers separately according to the date. And students will complete this homework and the Institute teacher will take it after open the school.

Sangsad TV Live Online Class for Primary

After the secondary, this time, video has also been taken for public elementary school students to broadcast on Parliament TV. In addition, these programs have taken initiatives to create separate online portals to keep these videos open to students all year. The department officials confirmed the information to us.

সাংসদ টিভি তে সরাসরি ক্লাস দেখুন এখানে

Director General of the department said. “We have started working for video classes,”. All Video classes designed for students. And so here a total 40 teachers are working. And so after editing them, Parliament will be broadcast on television. Parliament has already spoken to the television. And also added that Now the matter needs to be addressed to the Ministry of Education for coordination.

An initiative has taken to upload video of class activities of urgency and importance to the overall development of elementary students’ education. And another worker said that We have taken all measures to start holding the video and we started doing some work.

How Do I Attend Online Class?

They will upload the video class on Parliament Television as well as online portal. And It will create and upload a portal with a name that is attractive to children.

Students can attend the class from their own home. And also from online portal also. To watch this class from online they can visit Youtube channel which is maintain by Sangsad TV. 

Online Class Watch Live On Sangsaad TV

These videos will also be saved on YouTube. So that students can take subject-based lessons from video classes whenever they feel the need. The director general told BD Exam Help that an initiative has taken to promote one and twenty minutes for first and second grades and one class for third and fifth grades on Parliament TV.

Click here To See Sangsad TV Live Now

Considering the situation, an initiative has taken for Parliament Television to broadcast video of class activities. And Since the sixth to tenth grade activities of the secondary level aired on Parliament Television. For this reason, the Ministry of Education has been discussing when it can be aired on Parliament television.

Online Class Routine For Class 5 (Five)

Class Five students also can attend online class from 7 April on this year. They see this event on the display of Sangsad TV. And all students also can see it again if they miss it once.

Primary education ministry published three days class routine on their website. They also can collect from this website. Now this very good schedule are available on this post. So as soon as possible collect it from here and share it with your friends.  

Bangladesh Sangsad TV Online Class Routine 2020

Updated: December 28, 2020 — 9:33 pm


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