Kurulus Osman 93 Bölüm (Season 3) Watch & Download in Urdu, Hindi, English, Arabic, Bangla, Turkey

Kurulus Osman 93 Bölüm (Season 3) Watch & Download in Urdu, Hindi, English, Arabic, Bangla, Turkey – The 93rd episode of ‘The Establishment Osman’, which was followed with enthusiasm, was marked by Osman Bey’s capture and execution of Master Arius, the ambassador of darkness, with his game.

In the 93rd episode of ‘The Establishment Osman’, Master Arius wants to turn the conditions in his favor by using his spy Barkın in Kayı Obası.

Selvi Hatun and the women of the tribe are kidnapped by Commander Romanos while they are going to the highland with the game they have set up with Barkın.

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Romanos asks Osman Bey for the soldiers captured during the conquest of Nikola and Bilecik in return for the women of Selvi and the tribe.

Suspecting Barkın Bey, Osman Bey thinks that Selvi Hatun’s kidnapping is a game and sets up his own game.

Osman Bey had his nephew Aktemur infiltrated the İnegöl Castle as one of the commanders of the Bilecik Tekfur.

Osman Bey sets a trap after learning from Aktemur that Master and Commander Romanos will capture the mine and then detonate it.

Now it’s time for the mask to fall off. The ambassador of darkness, who comes to the end of the games he has set up one after the other, falls into the hands of Osman Bey.

The master and his men attack the workers in the mine with cars in their hands as if they are unaware of anything.

When they attack, they realize that these men are the Alps Gencebey, Turahan and Shamil settled by Osman Bey.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 93

Shamil, Turahan, and Gencebey begin to cut the master’s men.

The Master, who fell into the trap while he thought he was setting a trap, collides in shock. As the men die one by one, Osman Bey appears before him.

They begin to clash with Osman Bey and Usta. Osman Bey hits the Master with his sword and knocks him down. Osman Bey steps on the Master’s neck and takes off his mask.

Osman Bey, after a short astonishment, says: “You… You are a devil in disguise. You came to my Obama. You ate my morsel at my table.” “You tried to deceive us with the Qur’an. You committed many traitors”

“So you came after all this evil? You tried to bring Söğüt down on us. You killed Mari, Umur Bey?” “So you tried the life of Sheikh Edibali too?”

After successive slaps from Osman Bey, the master said: “He’s cruel… I both killed him and kept him alive. If he’s breathing now, it’s thanks to me. But admit how Osman played, I played very well. I played looking deep into his eyes”

He replied, “We will always exist and we will destroy you. We will destroy you, Osman.”

The end is near for the master. Osman Bey raises his sword towards the sky…

“You can only destroy yourself. I’ve taken the lives of many oppressors until this time. Now take a look, these will be the last eyes you see,” says Osman Bey…

And Osman Bey caught and executed the ambassador of darkness, Master Arius, with his trick.

Produced by Mehmet Bozdağ; The 93nd episode of ‘Establishment Osman’, directed by Ahmet Yılmaz and starring Burak Özçivit as Osman Bey, attracted great attention from the audience.

And the face under the mask appeared…

Kurulus Osman Episode 93 Urdu

After a long and arduous process, Uthman Kay finally came to Obasi. Its first objective was to capture its ancient enemies Gehato and Wazir Alimshah. Which strategy will Osman Bay adopt according to his goal? Suspecting Connor, Minister Alim Shah Osman revealed his relationship with the Bay of Connor Alp. Connor, what’s the biggest threat?

Osman Bay is breaking the bridge with Sultan Mesud. Osman B played a big game to catch Wazir Alimsha and Gehato. At the end of the game, both Wazir and Gehato. Can Osman Bay Wazir Alim Shah find out about his secret ally?

The glass is falling for the Seljuk Sultan Mesud, who thinks that Osman Bay has betrayed him and that he has come to Obasi from Konya. He asked Osman B to give him Alimshah and Gihatu. Osman Bay Sultan threw a bridge with Mesud and said, “Let these blind people open, let the blood of the oppressor flow.”

Download Urdu subtitles?

Users are also getting a new episode of Kurulus Osman, also known as PTV Entertainment, on English TV. This television is very popular among the people of Pakistan and shows all the games in the world.

There are three versions of this TV, one is a news channel, one is a sports channel and the other is an entertainment channel. At the deep level of this article, we are going to show you some online viewing links for those who want to see it from outside Pakistan, this link will work very fast.

Kurulus Osman 93 Episode Download 2022

Season 3 is set to begin in 2021 with the end of the coronavirus problem in the world. So now we are broadcasting all the episodes of Season 3 for Urdu only.

Of course, you can download Carols Osman’s new Urdu episode from our website without any hesitation. Since we are living in 2022 you have to follow the latest link this year. A new online download link is available on our website.

Click To Download Kurulus Osman Episode 93 Urdu

We have obtained permission from ATV’s official website and online telecast authority. They asked us to work with them and allow other users to download it. So this is a great opportunity for us to present you a new episode of Qarat-ul-Uthman in the world drama.

Kurulus Osman 93 Live Streaming

Welcome to this post for those who need the action of the third season of this drama for live streaming. Cold Osman in episode 93, which is for a boy born into his family.

One of the most popular characters in this drama is Bala Hatun. Celchan Hathon is one of the characters who played the role of Osman’s mother. Uthman’s second wife was named Malhun Hatun.

For the new episode of Kurulus Osman, you can enjoy live streaming in Urdu only from your mobile phone. A great battle against the Mongol forces.

Kurulus Osman Episode 93 Urdu

Uthman won the war and established his empire. You can enjoy this story in the new episode live streaming. Let us know now if you have any problems, we will explain your details.

Kurulus: Osman (Season 3) Episode 93 The trailer for Season 3 will be aired worldwide on popular TV ATV at 10 pm Pakistan time and 8:00 pm Turkish time. And free online Urdu subtitles after watching PTV, after realizing. HD videos are being downloaded on PTV from March 9, 2022. Watch online download with Urdu subtitles. Enjoy the trailer of this show and rely on March 2, 2022.

Download Kurulus Osman Episode 93 Season 3 Turkish Subtitles

Finally, we are at the right place to download or watch Kurulus Osman episode 93 in Turkish subtitles. You already know that 93 new episodes are coming to our website.

This link works very well and you can watch it very quickly from any mobile and desktop device. We have already taken the trailer for this episode.

Kurulus Osman Episode 93 Urdu Language Download

The new episode airs tonight at 8 pm on a TV channel. In Turkish, however, we will provide you with the download link in Turkish.

However, there is only one sentence, those who know the Turkish language do not need to download it. But if you click here only the Turkish language is required.

Link to watch Kurulus Osman online

Now we can provide you with an online link to watch the new episode of this drama. We know you’re happy to be here and have already read the full article.

So I’m going to give you a new link that’s still working. Other members are watching new episodes in Urdu. Click here to get the latest episode of Kurulus Osman online.

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