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ATV’s record-breaking series, Kurulus Osman, will meet its audience with its 90th episode. The video of the episode, which will be broadcast on Wednesday evening, also attracted the attention of social media. The Kurulus Osman 90th Episode video which started with the phrase towards 1299, pointed to the date when the Ottoman Empire would be born.

Osman Bey, who went to the front of İnegöl Castle with his sons Ertuğrul and Aleaddin, explained his goals to his sons.

Osman Bey’s first target was İnegöl Castle, then Constantinople, then world domination.

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Osman Bey gave a message that they should work and fight nonstop on the way to world domination. Osman Bey gave them advice so that his sons should also follow his own path.

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Establishment Osman… The story of the march from a 400 tent camp to a world empire founded with ‘divine love’.

Osman is finally in Kayı Obası after a long and difficult process. Its first goal is to capture its arch-enemies, the Gehato and the Vizier Aleemsha. What strategy will Usman Bay adopt according to his goals? Suspecting Connor, Minister Aleemshah revealed Connor Alp’s relationship with Usman Bay. Connor, What is the biggest threat awaited?

What will happen in the 90th Bölüm of Kurulus Osman?

Using the words “It is the two wings that carry us forward”, Osman Bey directed the question of what these two wings are to Ertuğrul and Aleaddin. Kurulus Osman 90 Bölüm (Season 3) Watch & Download

The response of his sons was “the law of the world” and “i’la-ı kalimatullah”.

Emphasizing that they must fight non-stop, Osman Bey said, “Until the oppressed have no soul left, we will breathe on the backs of the oppressors. Neither our campaign will end nor our war will end.”

Kurulus Osman 90 Bölüm

“Until the oppressed have not a single sigh, we will breathe in the neck of the oppressors! Our campaign will not end! Our war will not end!”

Osman Bey with his sons Orhan and Alaeddin in a new era in Bithynia. The year has been 1299. Osman Bey’s sons Orhan and Alaeddin grew well and flourished. How will the new games establish in Bithynia lead Osman Bey? While Bilecik Tekfuru Justinyanus and Yarhisar Tekfuru Basileus were determined to change the balances in Bithynia, Osman Bey set his sights on İnegöl, which he had been trying to conquer for years. What will be Osman Bey’s first step towards this cause?

Osman Bey’s new enemies Bilecik Tekfuru Justinyanus and Yarhisar Tekfuru Basileus

Yarhisar Tekfuru Basileus and Bilecik Tekfuru Justinianus, who saw Osman Bey as a great danger, were would-be relatives. Justinian was to marry Holofira, Basileus’ stepdaughter. How will the solution that Holofira finds to deal with this situation lead Kayı Obası? Who will make the first move to end the peace for Osman Bey and İnegöl Tekfuru Nikola, who have had to end the war between them for years?

time to be a state! The hostility put to sleep by Barkın, who has strengthened his friendship with Osman Bey over a long period of time, will wake up with news from Master Arius. What will be the Master’s new evil plan? Osman Bey has grown over the years and has taken great steps towards becoming a state, but their enemies have grown equally large. Will the trap set by Osman Bey for his enemies be able to open the doors of İnegöl to him?

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You already know who is topic we are going to show you in this article. We have given a short description of today our discussion topic. Now we are given a direction to download this English subtitle of a new episode.

You have already known that the new episode is published at the local time of 8:00 PM by the authority of ATV. So you can get the English subtitle link within one hours later.

Which are working to solve the problem of uploading the new episode on our website. Just give us a moment we will follow the link in this article quickly. Otherwise, if you need it very quickly you can click the following link we have given.

Users can also the English TV is is called also PTV entertainment there is available Kurulus Osman’s new episode. This television is very much popular among Pakistani people there is also show all games in the world.

This TV has three versions one is a news channel one is a sports channel and another is an Entertainment channel. In The Deep level of this article, we are going to show you some online watching links those who are want to see it from outside of Pakistan will work this link very fast.

Kurulus Osman 90 Episode Download 2022

Season 3 has been started in 2021 after finishing the coronavirus problem in the world. So now we are telecasting season 3 all episodes for the English language only.

Definitely, you can download the English new episode of Kurulus Usman from our website without any hesitation. As we are living in 2022 you have to follow this year’s latest link. A new online download link is available on our website.

We have taken permission from ATV’s official website and the authority of online telecast. They have told us that work it with them and give the permission of others users to download it. So this is a very good opportunity for us to provide you with the new episode of kurulus Osman in the drama of the world.

Kurulus Osman 90 LIVE Streaming

People who need the process of the third season in this drama to live streaming are welcome to this post. In the cold Osman Episode 90, that is for the son of going to born in their family.

Bala Hatun is one of the most famous characters in this drama. Selcan Hathon is one of the characters who is acting as a mother of Usman. Usman another wife name Malhun Hatun.

Live streaming of only English language for kurulus Osman’s new episode you can enjoy it from your mobile phone. There is one of the great Battles against the Mongol army.

Osman has won the battle and established his Empire. You can enjoy this story on the new episode live streaming. If you are facing any kind of problem just notified us we will describe your details.

Kuruluş Osman 90. قسط سیز3. – تازہ ترین ویڈیو رات تک مزہ آیا یہ ویڈیو صرف ATV اور آن لائن براڈکاسٹنگ سائٹ دیکھیں آئیے دیکھیں

عثمان جان لے کہ تم میرے ہاتھ میں ہو۔
وزیر نے عثمان بے کے سپاہیوں کو یرغمال بنا لیا!

Kurulus Osman Online Watch Link

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That is why I was just going to provide you with the new link which is working right now. Other members are watching the new episode in the English language. Just click here to get the new link online was kurulus Osman new episode.

Kurulus Osman Episode 90 Season 3 English Subtitle Download

Finally, we are coming to the right place to download or watch Kurtulus Osman episode 90 in English language subtitle. Already you know that 90 episodes are coming on our website new link.

This link is very much working and you can observe it very quickly from the mobile and desktop any device. We have already taken the trailer for this episode.

The new episode is going to pay on-air on a TV channel today at 8 p.m. in the language of takis but we will provide you the download link of English language.

But there is only one sentence that those who know the Turky language do not need to download. But you need only the English language if you just click here.

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