Fresh Silver Hilsa Ilish Price In Kolkata India 2023

Fresh Silver Hilsa Illish Price In Kolkata India – This content is about silver color Hilsa Illish price in Kolkata India. If you are interested to buy this fish you can check this year’s full details information. We are going to discuss price, import, and export information here.

Illish has very much demand in Indian all market. Mainly it imports from Chandpur Bangladesh. Because this area Illish fish is silver color and very test than others areas. The area of Sundorbon where fishers men are collecting this fish and selling it in the Indian verity market. 

This year we have expected that Hilsa price will high than the previous year. Because in this year COVID – 19 problems in every country. That is why the import and export business also will not continue at full speed. So we think this year people will buy this fish at a high rate.

Ilish Price

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In the wholesale market of any market, Illish weighing 500 to 600 grams has been auctioned at Rs. 400 to 600 per kg. Hilsa weighing 800 to 1 kg or more is circulating for between Rs 800 and Rs 1,000. However, traders say, this price will be reduced by 7 days, because more fish will rise.

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Today this fish has reached the markets of the city Dulal Das, a warehouse owner in Nagendra Bazar, said, “The famine in Hilsa is over. In the last few days, a lot of hilsa has grown Fishermen are very optimistic Prices are expected to come down significantly, “said an official of the district fisheries department. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

Ilish Fish Price

As in previous years, trawler owners or fishermen have suffered losses at the start of the season. Returning from the deep sea, fisherman Shankar Das said on Wednesday night at Namkhana Ghat, “After four days in the deep sea, I saw hilsa. This time I entered the estuary in two days and cast the hilsa net that’s why I got good fish Weight is also quite good.

The idea of ​​the fishermen is that as a result, the price will go down a bit now They say that whatever the situation, a few thousand tons of hilsa will rise in the next few days As a result, the price may go down quite a bit very soon.

Ilish Fish Price In Kolkata

The start of the season was not good at all although hilsa was caught in the nets, it was natural for fishermen to be upset by its size and number. Even the Bengalis could not taste the hilsa but the situation has changed drastically from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning.

Hilsa-laden trawlers have started crowding the ghats of Namkhana, Kakdwip, Frazerganj, Patharpratima, and Raydighi. Each trawler has an average of about 150 kg of hilsa the average weight is about seven hundred grams it is learned that a total of 300 tons of fish arrived till 8 am on Wednesday.

Illish Price

The color of the sea water has been dark for the last few days In this water there is a swarm of hilsa “The weather has changed in the deep sea,” said Satinath Patra, secretary of the Sundarbans Marine Fishermen’s Workers’ Union. Hilsa swarms matched Rupoli grains of the sea have started to fill the net everything else depends on the weather. “

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