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2021 – 2022 Session College students’ applications have started last 8-1-2022. And the application process will continue till January 15, 2022. Many students do not know the rules of how to apply for admission to the college of their choice. Now we will tell you some exact rules on how you can get admission to the college of your choice if you apply. If you apply in this way, you can apply from your home.

You are aware that an official website has been created for applying to the college. If a student thinks he will apply to an outside computer store then there is no problem. However, we know that there are many mistakes when applying in this way. Find out the detailed rules for getting admission to the college of your choice by making a good application and avoiding all kinds of mistakes by looking at our post.

An Application Must be Completed in a Browser

First of all, we are advised to make only one application at a time in a browser window to avoid wrong and unwanted Mix-UP, that is, we are instructed not to make multiple applications using multiple tabs in the same window. Using multiple tabs in a browser window will make data from all but one tab unacceptable. In the beginning, we have to review this rule in our head.

Do It Before Starting the Application

Now you must know the notification of the college to which you will be admitted. And if you know that, if your number and GPA match then just follow the steps below.

A student must open the official website prescribed by the government for college admission before starting his application. In that case, you can open this link directly by copying this link or you can open it by clicking on this link.

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After entering the official website, you must click on the Apply Now button. Rather than the new page, it is the roll number of your SSC roll number. SSC board name must be determined. It should be written in place of the year passed in the SSC exam and the latest registration number should be written. In the next part, you will see that there is room for writing a verification code. Write exactly for verification. By clicking on the Next button you will get your detailed information form on the next page.

Rules for Filling Out The Correct Application Form

The detailed information form must include your name, parent’s name, and permanent and temporary addresses correctly. Be sure to write the post office code and the name of your village accurately. If necessary, look up the correct information with Google search.

In the mobile number field, you must give the number that is active. Make sure your mobile number is input correctly. After completing the application form correctly, check the information again. If all the information is correct then submit it.

All come down and this time you will see the house of college choice. From here, the college you want to study in and put that college on your first choice list. In this way, you will go through the names of the first five colleges in your list of favorites.

Rules for Submission of Application Fee

Your application process will not be completed after you submit this detailed application form. Because you must pay the prescribed amount of the application form. In order to pay the application fee, you must see the instructions for submitting the application fee.

Depending on the needs of the student, cash, bKash, Rocket, Teletalk, Upaya, and Sonali Bank can be repaid by any means. However, before paying the money, he must look at the rules of the company.

The application process has to be completed only by paying the prescribed application fee. After completing the application process you must wait to see the results. Hopefully, on the day the results are released, you will be eligible to be admitted to the first college on your preferred list.

Results will be released on January 29 and class will start on March 2

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