Hero Alom Scandal Viral Hot Video Link [হিরো আলমের আপত্তিকর ভিডিও ফাঁস]

I am not Hero Alam with anyone’s help. But I never give a phone call to Ananta Jalil Bhai. He called me and excluded me from his movie, no regrets. But I want to tell you one thing, everyone uses Hero Alam, I think Ananta Jalil Bhai also used me. ‘Hero Alam was saying the words address to Ananta Jalil.

Hero Alom Excluded From Ananto Jalil's Movie [হিরো আলম বাদ কেন কারণ দেখুন]

Earlier, Ananta Jalil announced to make a movie about Hero Alam. But on Thursday, he made some allegations against Hero Alam and at least said that he would be dropped from the movie. After that, Hero Alam came on Facebook Live and said the words about his omission.

Hero Alom Scandal Video

The video has been blurred on a YouTube channel called Prothom Sangbad under the headline ‘Hero Alam’s secret deeds leaked’. In the one-minute video, he is showing his private parts in an obscene manner in a live chat with a girl.

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The YouTube channel claims in the thumbnail that after watching so many videos, if Hero Alam does not admit his bad deeds, then his 3-minute video will be fully released. Also his appearance will be shown. And everyone can understand how terrible he can be for the film. 

Hero Alom Hot Video Link

Hero Alom’s hot video link has published a week ago by the online news portal. To collect this link you have to read this post carefully. Click Below and watch viral video.

Reason of Hero Alom Excluded From Ananta Jalil Cinema  

Ananta said that the reason for excluding Hero Alam from the movie was, “Recently, when some pornographic videos of Hero Alam spread on social media, everyone is forbidding me to make a movie about him again.” I am always embarrass about Hero Alam’s controversial issues.”

Speech Of Hero Alom To Ananto Jalil

Reacting to such allegations, Hero Alam said, “In the middle of the day, Anant Bhai, a journalist at FDC, said, ‘many people have said a lot against Hero Alam, but I don’t listen to them.’ He left out? Hero Alam claims that Ananta has taken such a decision after listening to the rumors of others.

Arrogantly on live, Hero Alam said, “Be small, I produce it myself.” If someone doesn’t take me to the movies, I’m not sorry. He also said that there are proposals to work on two more new films in the future.

Hero Alom Facebook Live Video 

Hero Alom Will Return Ananto Jalil’s Movie Signing Money

Meanwhile, Hero Alam took fifty thousand rupees as signing money for Ananta Jalil’s movie. Ananta Jalil has stated in his status that since he cannot take Hero Alam in the movie, he will not take back the signing money either. But Hero Alam has said that he will return that 50 thousand rupees.

Ananto Jalil’s Facebook Post To Hero Alom

Post Title: I will not make any movie about Hero Alam and I will not return the signing money of fifty thousand takas!!

Full Post: Most of the entertainment journalists and all the geniuses of the film family are objecting to making a movie about Hero Alam. And recently when some of his pornographic videos spread through social media, everyone is forbidding me again, not to make a movie about him.

So in order to protect this honor, I don’t want to make a movie with a controversial person.

No film organization wants me to make a movie about Hero Alam.

I also don’t want to make a movie with a controversial person in honor of every film organization.

The reason is not to mention the reason. A few days ago, I matched Hero Alam with Zayed Khan on my own initiative, and Pan Pacific Sonargaon also had lunch with them.

Even after the settlement, Hero Alam is commenting on the same issue in different places which is not desirable at all.

In the midst of my busy schedule, I sat next to him, he did not understand my dignity.

Since I do not understand my dignity, I do not want my dignity to be tarnished by him in the future.

I wanted to stand by his side and help him, so that he would benefit.

It is not possible for me to work with people with such characteristics.

Because of this, I will never make a movie about him again.

I don’t want the fifty thousand rupees signing money that I gave, I gave it to him.

– Ananta Jalil

Hero Alom Scandal Video Link 

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