Eid Ul-Adha 2021 Date in Bangladesh (Eid Date 2021)

Eid Ul-Adha 2021 Date in Bangladesh (Eid Date 2021) – Eid Ul Adha 2021 is going to celebrate in Bangladesh on 1st August. According to the Islamic foundation, moon sighted committee the Eid festival will celebrate in 1st August 2021. In Bangladeshi regional called it as Kurbani Eid. So Kurbani Eid will be held on 1st August.   

Eid Ul Adha 2021

Eid Ul Adha is one of day among two big Muslim religious festival days in the world. In this year Eid-ul-Adha will celebrate in 1st August 2020 in Bangladesh. Except middle-east countries and Europe Muslim people. Because they will celebrate it on 31st July 2020. So on the next day Asian Muslim people will celebrate it. 

Is Eid Ul Adha Celebrate Same Day?

There have a possibility that this year Eid Ul Adha will celebrate in same day. According to world Muslim organisation that it can bee happened in the world. But normally it does not celebrate in the worldwide that Eid is same day.   

Eid ul Fitr 2021 Date

Are you looking for the Eif ul Fitr 2021 Date? If yes then carefully read this part. We have discussed on here the possible date of Eid ul Fitr 2021.

We can expect that the day of Eid ul Fitr for this year is going to celebrate in May 24. After finish 30 days Roja we will celebrate this day with a lots of entertainment. We will celebrate it with our family members.

We have given a probable date for the eid day. As this day is depending on the rising of Moon. There are nobody can say the exact date for Eid ul fitre. On the other hand we can say the Eid ul Adha date before 10 days of the eid.

We have an option to know the Eid day before two day of the Eid. Because Suidi-Arab will celebrate this day before one day of our country. We will celebrate it after one day of them. We also have followed it on the Ramadan month starting day.

If you need to know others information about this year Eid day you have to visit us on May 23. We will upload some extra information and the exact date of Eid 2021. So you are welcome to visit us on that day. We also will publish Ramadan Eid Jamat time and date and place information on here.

How Eid Ul Fitr Celebrate in Bangladesh?

Do you know how Eid ul Fitr celebrate in Bangladesh? If not then read it from here we are going to give details information about it. It is celebrating in our country with a lot of entertainment. People also enjoy this day from their own place. Happiness also comes to every house in that day.

There are some traditional cultures of celebrating this Eid day. But in this year we could see some different things in everywhere. There may be a little changes to celebrate this day. The government may call an action not to go out from home and celebrate it.

Every year all kind of people starts the day with eating sweets. In our country we are using Shemain instated of sweet. We are arranging so many types Shemai in our house. It is an ancient tradition of Bengali people in both East and west Bangla.

We are eating good foods with all family members and also share with neighbors. This day all kind of official activities has been postponed. And it shows a great social bonding with each other’s. And it called the teaching of Islam.

Eid Namaz Jamat In Eid-gah

We are performing Eid Namaz Jamat in our local Eid-Gah field with all society members. In this Eid jamat all level people are coming to attend. They all are wearing New Dress and cloths.

This Eid salat is the main attraction for this day. Because it happens at the very first hour of the day. Everybody comes with new cloth and complete satlat all age’s people together in a field. After complete this salat people cuddle each other’s and forget all sins.

Eid Bonus Money Distribution

It is also an important part of enjoying the eid day with family members. This part is happening with the little members of a family. The elder persons give money as an eid bonus among the children. After getting this money children very happy and going to market to buy some sports toy.  

Visit to Relatives and Neighbors

On the Eid day people also go to visit their relatives and neighbors house for sharing happiness. People also find happiness to go outside of the home. Each family members also get happy to see others after long time later.

Delicious foods are prepared in every house. And it is offered to them who comes to visit. Moreover this is a source of Muslim brotherhood. Social bond is the main outcome of this event.

Wishing Eid Mubarak

You can invite your friends and others close relatives to come in your house over mobile SMS or Eid Wishing Card. You also can do it over mobile call to them.

You also can wish your social media friend by messenger SMS. If you do not have any idea about that you can get it from our website.

We have already uploaded Eid wishing SMS, picture and Image on this website. These things are very precious anyone can collect it from here.

Students who are studying they can wish their teachers and friends by Eid wishing picture. If you want to invite your neighbor to come to your home you also can follow these system.

Nowadays pictures and quotes are very popular in our country. It is an online contract age and everybody also like to share a public post on Facebook in this Eid day. They can follow our quotes for these things complete.

Buy New Eid Clothes

Gents and Ladies are like to buy new clothes for wearing in the Eid day. The young generation people are most like it and enjoy.  In the shopping mall also full in cowards before 10 days of Eid.

Everybody buy new Panjabi, shirts, pants, shows, three piece, Sharee, Toilet products etc for using on the eid day as special.

So buying new clothes and special things it is also one kind of enjoy for the people who are going to celebrate the day. In Bangladesh we are observing this scan very much.  

Updated: May 1, 2021 — 1:40 pm

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