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“My breath depends on your breath, Akkız. As long as you breathe in this world, I live.” Destan 27 Bölüm Urdu, English Online Watch & Download Link – Akkız and Batuga are at a dead-end of love and death! Will the winner be Batuga or Obar? Batuga, who showed the greatness of the Turk even while in captivity, made an unexpected move to kill Obar. Will Batuga or Obar be the winner as a result of this move?

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The Itbaraks, who resurfaced for centuries of revenge, attacked and decimated the Gök Khanate to avenge their ancestors. What will be the next target of the Itbaraks, who blend their savagery with the love of revenge?

Destan 27 Episode 2022

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This is the way to get Destan 27 Episode on the perfect time date. Now the episode is going to publish on the official website of the Atv drama. We have collected the official website link for you. We think that you must link it and watch the real video.

Love in the grip of death, A much greater danger awaits Akkız, who ran from danger to danger to save Batuga. What kind of result awaits Akkız and Batuga, who will be stuck in the deadlock of love and death this time. Will love or death win?

War of the khans, Obar, who attacked the Gök Khanate to avenge his ancestors; He had captured Alpagu Khan. Hundreds of years after Oguz Khan and Barak Khan met on the battlefield, under what conditions will Alpagu and Obar meet this time? Will history repeat itself or will the outcome be different this time?

Kaya’s throne struggle, Taking advantage of the attack of the Itbaraks, Kaya, as if saving his life was not enough, both took the throne and plotted to prevent Alpagu Khan from returning to the palace. Will these moves made by Kaya be successful? Will Kaya, who has made a deal with the enemies, be able to convince his own nation?

Ulu Ece’s revenge move, Ulu Ece, who lost her crown due to the betrayal of Kaya and Yibek, will not accept her situation and will start revenge moves. Who will get their share of Ulu Ece’s wrath?

Destan Bölüm 27 Watch Video HD Online Urdu, Hindi, English Subtitle Download

“Batuga, Akkız, they’re dead, aren’t they?”

Destan (Epic) to Night at 8:00 pm ATV

Akkiz and Batuga, who are ready to accept all kinds of sacrifices to unite the Turks, will find both China and Russia in this struggle! When Ulu Ece, who secretly uses China, can’t kill Akkiz, he evaluates his biggest weakness and uses Batuga.

Let’s see what happens in episode 27. Akkiz and Batuga, who are ready to bring the Turks together, will be able to take them to the next step. Watch the next episode on 27th at 8 pm live on ATV and online you can also watch Urdu Hindi also in English subtitles.

Destan (Epic) Episode 27 Online watching Netflix, YouTube

Already Destan Episode 11 relished on 17 May 2022 at 8:00 pm local time of Turkish and 17 March 2022 realized of episode 11, are you interest Watch Destan episode 27? wait and see for Showing Destan new episode 27.

The new episode 27 of Destan (The Epic) has been released! In the end episode; While Batuga tries to save Akkız’s life, he and Akkız make a plan to catch Balamir red-handed. What happened in the episode on 27 March 2022.

1. Watch Destan (EPIC) Episode 27 Trailers with English Subtitles on Netflix.

2. Watch Destan(EPIC) Episode 27 Trailers with  English Subtitles on YouTube.

Destan Episode 27 Watch HD Video Live ATV Chanel

The HD Video for this drama is now available on google and YouTube channel. We know that all people need to watch HD Video. Today we also give you some links to see the Full HD Video on this drama.

Free Online watching Destan Episode 27 All Subtitles  To Night 

Destan Episode 27 Online watching Subtitles

Destan episode 27 trailer already realized on ATV channel, and Realised on 14 June are published the Turkish language on 14 June 2022 at 8:00 pm and after days later everyone is watching subtitles this Drama series on 14 June 2022.

Destan 27 Bölüm Trailer

Türkleri birleştirmek için her türlü fedakarlığı kabul etmeye hazır olan Akkız ve Batuga, bu mücadelede hem Çin’i hem de Rusya’yı bulacaktır! Çin’i gizlice kullanan Ulu Ece, Akkız’ı öldüremeyince en büyük zaafını değerlendirir ve Batuga’yı kullanır.

Bakalım 27. bölümde neler olacak. Türkleri bir araya getirmeye hazır olan Akkız ve Batuga, onları bir sonraki adıma taşıyabilecek. Bir sonraki bölümü 27.00’de saat 20.00’de ATV’de canlı izleyin ve çevrimiçi olarak Urduca Hintçeyi İngilizce altyazılı olarak da izleyebilirsiniz.

Destan Epic Episode-27 in Hindi Subtitles

One of the Most famous Turkish Series, Destan Episode 27 in Hindi version Subtitles will be released on 27 March 2022 on the Turkish channel Atv while it will be available in Hindi Subtitles on 27 March 2022.

you may Download and watch destana episode 27 series. Download this series with old series from our site or online.


Destan Episode 27 in Urdu Subtitles

ترکی کی سب سے مشہور سیریز، Destan قسط 27 اردو سب ٹائٹلز میں 2022 کو اے ٹی وی پر ریلیز کی جائے گی جبکہ یہ اردو سب ٹائٹلز میں 27 مارچ 2022 کو پاکستانی وقت کے مطابق رات 10 بجے دستیاب ہوگی۔ آپ ڈیسٹانہ ایپیسوڈ 27 سیریز ڈاؤن لوڈ اور دیکھ سکتے ہیں۔


Watch and Download all Episodes of Destan with English Subtitles 

Watch or download Design with English Subtitles. Destan Turkish Series is about the epic love between Akkız, the legendary warrior mountain girl orphaned by Gök Kagan Korkut Khan in the harsh steppes of Central Asia, and Gök Tegini Batuga, who Korkut Khan in the Gök Palace orphaned; It is about the love of these two strange birds to achieve the impossible by making swords and their hearts as shields.

The Destan Turkish Series is a heroic adventure set in the year 750 AD. The story, which takes place during the spread of Islam and in an environment where Turks met Islam, will also focus on Central Asian culture.

The cast and subject of the Design Series, which is set to premiere soon, are exciting. The epic series’ highly awaited trailer has been released. In the first teaser for ‘Destan,’ Ebru Sahin’s character Akkiz exclaims, “I am the daughter of Dag, Akkiz!” I’ve evolved into a helping hand for those who don’t have any.

I’ve become a path for people who don’t have any. I have come to make peace, to release the slave, and to write my epic on the mountain to the sky.” The Destan Turkish Series follows the heroic story of a warrior mountain girl Akkiz, who Gök Khan Korkut Han orphaned. Ebru Sahin and Edip Tepeli star in the lead roles.

Story Plot of Destan Turkish Series

Destan Turkish SeriesSeries the epic love between Akkız, the legendary warrior mountain girl orphaned by Gök Kagan Korkut Khan in the harsh steppes of Central Asia, and Gök Tegini Batuga, who Korkut Khan in the Gök Palace orphaned; It is about the love of these two strange birds to achieve the impossible by making swords and their hearts as shields.

Destan is the most famous series in present days because it describes the times of darkness and brutality, the Turks face a perilous fate, but Batuga, the disabled prince, and Akkız, the slave girl, will write a ‘Destan’ (legend) that changes the fate of the Turks.

Is the story of the ‘Destan’ series real?

The story of the Destan Series is drama series it may not real or real. The screenwriters explained the story, which is an outcome of a dream. Mehmet Bozdağ said that the screenwriters also turned the story fiction in his mind into a series.

They said that he wanted to go through an imaginary hero instead of telling a story through actual historical events. Mehmet Bozdağ stated that he would take an important step in terms of female heroes.

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