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So far, the tests of corona suspects have not been readily available in Bangladesh. So many people are panicking when they have a cold or cough. Don’t understand if Corona is infected.

The Corona Tester app lets you test your Corona risk yourself. Here you will find more information on how to get rid of the corona, how to treat corona sufferers. Here you can protect the society from the risk of corona with the information of the people who have corona symptoms around you.

Corona Tracer BD App

The Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has launched an experimental app for citizens to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.

Coronavirus, a deadly disease that has spread worldwide, has already hit Bangladesh. But the question remains as to how much the country’s health sector can cope with this disaster.

A contact tracing app has launched to identify people who have come in contact with a patient infected with the coronavirus (Covid-19).

This smartphone-based app called ‘Corona Tracer BD’ is now available on Google Play Store.

State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak officially launched the ‘Corona Tracer BD’ app in a virtual event.

The ‘Corona Tracer BD’ app will automatically use Bluetooth and modern technology to secure the location of users when they are close to two users.

Whenever another app user comes within a certain distance, the two apps will ‘digitally shake hands’ with each other and securely exchange the required information.

About the app, Junaid Ahmed Palak said that the Corona Tracer BD app should used on smartphones for the protection of oneself and one’s family. Using the app will reduce the risk a lot.

While using the app, it will be known whether you have been affected by any corona in the vicinity or have come in contact with the victims. You can easily download this App.

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Details Information About Corona Tracer BD App

Some outstanding genius features of Corona Tracer BD Application make this application by the authority. For these things, the application become popular in our country.

You can get all kinds of Corona BD information with the help of this application. The doctor also will give you some advice to recover from Corona.

This all kind of help from this app is totally free for all Bangladeshi users. If anybody affected in Coronavirus the app will give you a notification.

Technical Requirements Of Corona Tracker BD App

You have to need some technical requirements before using this app. If your smartphone does not have these features you cannot be able to download and use this app. So, let us know about all the technical requirements of this application from below.

Your mobile phone android version must have at least KitKat 4.2 version.

To use Corona Tracker BD App your phone must have a Bluetooth connection.

Your device must have 10 Mb free RAM space to download this app.

Click Here And Install Corona Info App

“Corona Info” is a mobile app approved by the Government of Bangladesh. Through this app, anyone in Bangladesh can check whether they, their family, or the people around them affected by corona symptoms.

Their invention has already aroused responses in various quarters. Anyone can find out about the current condition without panicking as soon as the initial symptoms of corona appear.

Through the app, by answering some questions, you can initially know someone’s current status. The relevant information will be in a central server. Each data will list according to the importance of different lists.

Anyone can give information about themselves and their family members through the app. Volunteers will be placed here based on the amount of data that will communicate with the person on a mobile phone. A panel of experienced doctors may be placed here. Who will speak directly to the patient?

It is learned that a group of experienced doctors has selected a number of questions to identify corona patients. By submitting the answers to these questions, the user will initially know if he has any symptoms of the corona. And the answers to these questions are stored in a government database.

The download link of the app has been given. Link to download the app


The only pathology institute in Bangladesh – IEDCR can detect coronavirus. Meanwhile, despite all efforts, many countries in the developed world have failed to prevent coronavirus infection.

To prevent the spread of the virus, the general public is urged to wash their hands with soap and cover their noses when coughing and sneezing.

Once the virus is transmitted in Bangladesh, it can spread widely, which is why everyone is advised to be aware.

Covid-19, also known as the coronavirus, has been making headlines in recent times. The virus is spreading rapidly in different parts of Asia and beyond. With simple precautions, you can reduce the risk of infection and spread of the virus.

In Bangladesh, the number of victims and deaths is breaking records every day. The coronavirus detected in 2,423 people on Thursday (June 4th). With this, the total number of victims in the country stood at 56,573. The death toll rose to 61 with 35 more killed.

Some Important Precaution to Prevent Coronavirus

It is very easy to prevent this virus. So you can protect yourself and your baby from getting infected with this virus by following a few rules without panic.

What we have to do-

Stay at home.

When you go out, follow the rules. I use a mask.

The three-layer surgical mask washed and used according to the above rules (if forced).

After returning home from outside, I washed my clothes. Or leave it hanging for at least four hours.

PPE made of plastic or eye face, head after one use must wash thoroughly with detergent and used (if forced).

Read the PPE made of cloth or clean according to the prescribed rules if compelled (because these are ready for one-time use).

I use a head cap that completely covers the hair.

Those who have sneezing and coughing follow all the rules issued by the government.

Bleaching powder:

A mixture of one part bleaching powder and 5 parts water can break down the protein part of the virus.

Oxygenated water:

Yes, it is just as effective as soap, alcohol and chlorine. But pure or pure oxygenated water harms the skin. So can’t be used.

Some Important Picture of Corona Tracer BD App


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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Question: Coronavirus Software Kivabe Download Korbo?

Answer: You can easily download this app direct from Google Play Store.

Question: How terrible is this virus?

Answer: Like other respiratory illnesses, the virus can cause mild symptoms, including colds, coughs, sore throats, and fevers. Infection with this virus can be fatal for some people. It can also lead to pneumonia, shortness of breath and organ failure.

However, in very rare cases, the disease is fatal. Older and previously ill people are at higher risk of becoming seriously ill as a result of this virus infection.

Question: Should I wear a medical mask?

Answer: Medical masks help to limit the spread of coronavirus and other diseases. However, its use alone is not enough to reduce infection. Regular hand washing and not associating with a potentially infected person is the best way to reduce the risk of contracting this virus.

Question: Are children at risk?

Answer: People of any age can be infected with this virus. One thing to note, however, is that no casualties have been reported so far in children infected with the coronavirus. The virus can be fatal, especially in older people who are already ill.

Question: What is UNICEF doing in Corona Case?

Answer: A UNICEF consignment arrived in Shanghai, China, in late January, with protective masks and protective suits for health workers to assist China in curbing the spread of the coronavirus.

The consignment of six metric tons shipped from UNICEF’s Global Supply Center in Copenhagen and will ship to Yuhan, China. UNICEF will send more emergency supplies in the coming days.

Ends Words

The ministry of telecommunication and Information Technology has launched an app to check Coronavirus named Corona Tracer BD App. The whole world is facing challenging times due to this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. By reading this article you can easily download the official application of the Bangladesh government about Corona. You can get an everyday update from this application.

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