প্রকাশিত Chandpur Ramadan Calendar 2023 PDF Download

Chandpur District Ramadan Calendar 2023 pdf download link has been published for all local or temporary people staying in Chandpur. Do you want to know about Chandpur Iftar Time? When is the last time of Sehri today in the Chandpur area? Now we can know all this detailed information from the calendar of the month of Ramadan. Only if you can download the Chandpur area-specific Ramzan calendar then you will get answers to all questions together. So without further delay let’s take a look at today’s Ramadan schedule.

Chandpur, the home of hilsa, has created a calendar with an accurate analysis of Sehri and Iftar timings for all the people of this area. All people must download from google internet to check Chandpur Ramzan Schedule 2023. Now you are on the official website to check Chandpur District Sehri and Iftar Timings very easily in a very quick time.

সেহরি ও ইফতারের দোয়া – Iftar & Sehri Dua

Tarabi Namaz Porar Niom, Dua, Munajat [তারাবির সঠিক নিয়ম জেনেনিন]

It is for your information that all the citizens living in Chandpur have to take Iftar within the specified time. And also as a believing Muslim, you have to complete Sehri in proper time. To observe these things according to Islamic Shariah, you have to set the time according to the lunar months.

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চাঁদপুর এলাকার রমজানের সময়সূচি:

Date (تاريخ)Day (يوم)Fajr (فجر)Sunrise (طلوع)Dhuhr (ظهر)Asr (عصر)Asr (Hanafi)Magrib (مغرب)Isha (عشاء)
Mar 20Mon4:476:0212:053:304:276:117:23
Mar 21Tue4:466:0112:053:304:276:127:24
Mar 22Wed4:456:0012:043:304:276:127:24
Mar 23Thu4:445:5912:043:304:276:127:25
Mar 24Fri4:435:5812:043:304:276:137:25
Mar 25Sat4:425:5712:033:304:276:137:25
Mar 26Sun4:415:5612:033:304:286:147:26
Mar 27Mon4:405:5512:033:294:286:147:26
Mar 28Tue4:395:5412:033:294:286:147:27
Mar 29Wed4:385:5312:023:294:286:157:27
Mar 30Thu4:375:5212:023:294:286:157:28
Mar 31Fri4:365:5112:023:294:286:157:28
Apr 01Sat4:355:5012:013:284:286:167:29
Apr 02Sun4:345:4912:013:284:286:167:29
Apr 03Mon4:335:4812:013:284:286:177:29
Apr 04Tue4:315:4712:003:284:286:177:30
Apr 05Wed4:305:4612:003:274:286:177:30
Apr 06Thu4:295:4612:003:274:296:187:31
Apr 07Fri4:285:4512:003:274:296:187:31
Apr 08Sat4:275:4411:593:264:296:187:32
Apr 09Sun4:265:4311:593:264:296:197:32
Apr 10Mon4:255:4211:593:264:296:197:33
Apr 11Tue4:245:4111:593:264:296:207:33
Apr 12Wed4:235:4011:583:254:296:207:34
Apr 13Thu4:225:3911:583:254:296:207:35
Apr 14Fri4:215:3811:583:254:296:217:35
Apr 15Sat4:205:3711:583:244:296:217:36
Apr 16Sun4:195:3611:573:244:296:227:36
Apr 17Mon4:185:3511:573:244:296:227:37
Apr 18Tue4:175:3511:573:234:296:227:37
Apr 19Wed4:165:3411:573:234:296:237:38
Apr 20Thu4:155:3311:563:234:296:237:38
Apr 21Fri4:145:3211:563:234:296:247:39
Apr 22Sat4:135:3111:563:224:296:247:40

[NOTE: ইফতারের সময় ও সেহরীর সময়ের সাথে ১০ মিনিট + যোগ করে মাগরিব ও ফজরের নামাজ পড়তে হয়]

As we are going to observe the month of Ramadan continuously, we should check the iftar and sehri timings through the website daily from today. We hope that our work for the benefit of all will give you peace of mind. The calendar given here is applicable only to the people of the Chandpur area.

পাঁচ ওয়াক্ত নামাজ পড়ার নিয়ম ও দোয়া বাংলায় (মহিলা ও পুরুষ)

You can learn more about how to perform Tarawih prayers in the month of Ramadan from here. As soon as you click on the link given by us, you can directly know the rules and regulations of reading Tarabi Namaz in the Bengali language.

Since you have been fasting all day, it is certainly Sunnah to recite the Iftar prayer while breaking the fast. To know the iftar prayer in Bengali you have to click on the link given by us.

Do not go to sleep after eating Sehri it cannot be a good thing for a believer. So you should observe fasting after Sehri and finally go to sleep after offering Fajr prayer.

If you liked the above, then definitely share our post on your Facebook profile. A share of yours will help the people of the Chandpur area to get all the information about the month of Ramadan very quickly.

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