Borzah Yankey Country, Profile, Age, Tiktok Video, Full Biography

Borzah Yankey is a young men from Canada. He is a popular in Facebook, Tiktok and Instagram. At present he is viral in Facebook for his one Bangla talking video. In this video already 3 Million views, 54 thousands share and 15k comments. He is like to laugh but mainly he is a professional Tiktoker.

The Bangladeshi native also doing funny comment and share his videos on their profile. Somebody also invite others to see his videos.

Borzah is 25 years old Canadian black man. He mainly famous for his a Bangla Tiktok video which is also share on Facebook profile last week.

How Does Borzah Know Bangla?

People also interest to know that how he know Bangla language? He know that one Bangladeshi yang man is his friend. He knows Bangla from his Bangladesh friend. After know Bangla he also love this language.
Generally Canadian people is not to know Bangla. But he is learning Bangla from a Bangladeshi yang man of his friend living in Canada.

He has an interest to learn this language that is why he express his passion on some videos. He also looking a funny person. Bangladeshi people also interested in his color ans the taking style.

Borzah Yankey Real Name and Biography

Name: Borzah Yankey

Nick Name: Yankey

Occupation: Professional Tiktoker

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

Birth Date: 1994

Age: 25 years old

Country: Canada

Height: 177 Centimetres (5 Feet and 8 inches)

Weight: 57 kg (Approximately)

Color: Black (By Born)

Hair Style: Normal (Black Color)

Borzah Yankey Wikipidia, Tiktok Facebook, Instagram Profile

He has no any information on in Wikipedia. His Instagram profile address is borzah_yankey. 

His Facebook Profile is Borzah Yankey

Tiktok Profile Of Borzah is borzah.yankey

Borzah Yankey Family Members

He is not provide his family information on his tiktok profile. If we find this kind of information we will provide you on this article in a new update.

Father’s Name: Not Found

Mother’s Name: Not Found

Family Members : Not Found Yet

Sisters Number: Will Update

Brothers Number: Will Update Soon

Borzah Yankey Picture

Borzah Bangla Funny Video

“বুকের ভিতর হাহাকার করে”, “ফুসকা”, “আমরা করনার চাইতেও শক্তিশালী”, “আমার সোনার বাংলা আমি তোমায় ভালোবাসি”, “নোয়াখালী বিভাগ চাই”, “মদ খাবি মানুষ হবি”, “আহো ভাতিজা আহো”

That kind of funny title he has used on his video recently uploaded. One video he tell love Bangla in a funny way. We are going to show you some Bangla viral video link for you.

চলতি সপ্তাহে বোরজার এমনই এক বাংলা বলার ভিডিয়ো ভাইরাল হয়েছে ফেসবুকে। বুধবার পর্যন্ত প্রায় ৩০ লক্ষ ভিউ হয়েছে ভিডিয়োটিতে। শেয়ারের সংখ্যা জানেন? ৫৪ হাজার। তার সঙ্গে ১৫ হাজার কমেন্ট। বলাই বাহুল্য বেশিরভাগই বাঙালি। 

Just click here and video will open automatically

Amar shonar bangla ami tomay valobashi

Aamra corona chaiteo shokti shali

Borzah Yankey Not Smiling/ Laughing Picture

If we are searching on google that who is the living happiest person? Then you can see Borzah Yankey on the top recommendation for you. So we can say that if Borzah is not laughing it is not see well.

Except all we have collected some unique and uncommon not smiling pictures of Borzah from his verified Facebook profile.

We know that somebody has search on google that for his sad picture. So that we have collected these pictures and uploaded them below. 

Frequently Asking Questions and Answer:

Question: Borzah Kon Desh Er?

Answer: Borzah is from Canada.

Question: Borzah ki koren?

Answer: He mainly a professional Tiktoker but now he is active in Facebook and Instagram also.

Question: Who is Borzah Yankey?

Answer: Borzah is one of the Tiktok video maker living in Canada. Recently he is viral on Facebook for his some Bangla funny videos.

Did Borzah Yankey Die?

Recently a rumor is spared in all over the world that he has died. But last week he has uploaded a new video on his verified profile. So that we can say that he is alive yet and well health.

“Borzah Yankey is no more” this wrong information has been flowed in social media. But we saw that he is still creating new videos and uploaded these on his profile.

Borzah Yankey Education

He has completed his college education and get admitted into University of Canada. He has passed from a Canadian High School. A meritorious student is like Borzah. During complete his diploma engineering course he has met a Bangladeshi friend.

Borzah Yankey Age

According to the birth year Borzah is 25 years old yang man. His birth year is 1994. 

Borzah Yankey Religion

Yankey is following Christian religious. He has a deep religious mind. He maintains all kind of religious rules and regulation in everyday. His family members also active in this work.

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