Check “Binod” Real Identification And Why He is Famous? [বিনোদ]

If you have a free movement on social media or you are a fan of ‘meme’, you already know about ‘entertainment’. But who is this entertainment? Why is this name so famous overnight? Where did the entertainment come from on social media? In fact, the popular YouTube channel Slavy Point.

In an episode of that channel, the two moderators discussed the comments below the video. That video went viral. There, a person named Binod Tharu wrote Binod in the comment.

Who is This Binod?

Binod’s name is Binod Tharu. He has a YouTube account but no videos. His activities on YouTube was limited to watch various videos on YouTube, go to the comment section and then write ‘Binod’. Recently, a YouTube channel made a funny video on how meaningless YouTube comments are and showcased the comment ‘Binod’ as a case for example. Little did it know that more meaninglessness was in store. Leaving YouTube behind, Binod started trending on Twitter. All leading brands picked up the trend and it was all Binod everywhere.

Why Binod is Famous? 

Binod Tharu just wrote his name in the comment. Surprisingly, the man also got seven likes in the comment. That’s the beginning. Binod’s popularity started from then. Now the names of Binod are scattered on Facebook and Twitter.

The performers had an explanation, everyone has this entertainment in them. And it didn’t take long for their comments to go viral. And then it starts to meme. Instantly spread on social media. All in all, it’s just a storm of fun across social media.

Binod in Paytm

Insanity has reached such a point that Paytm has changed its name to ‘Binod’. The name of Paytm’s official Twitter account has been changed to Binod.

Binod in Twitter

Nagpur City Police and Mumbai Police also met at Binod Mim. Nagpur City Police tweeted a warning about Corona. It says, ‘Vinod we know you have gone viral but your protection is important. Corona is more famous than you. So stay home, stay healthy. ‘

Mumbai Police also tweeted. They wrote, ‘Fun, hopefully your name is not your online password. You are viral now. So change. ‘

Using the popularity of Binod, Jaipur Police has made the society aware with every letter of Binod. Wrote, “What is #BINOD? B – Buckle up the seat belt before driving I – Inform Police about any suspicious activity N – Never drink and drive O – Obey COVID guidelines D – Dial 100 for any help or assistance.”

Binod in Tinder, Hotstar, Amazon, Netflix India

Many popular and multinational companies including Tinder, Hotstar and Disney, Suigi, Amazon Prime Video Inn, Netflix India, Airtel have joined the entertainment meme.