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Argentina Next Match – World Cup 2022 Argentina All Match Schedule, fixture will be published here. Argentina match schedule today 2022, how do know Argentina match schedule? Argentina today’s match when will start in Bangladesh time. Argentina today’s match update. When will the football match in Argentina start? Bangladesh visitors search on Google to know the Argentina match schedule. The main purpose of our article today is to inform Argentina fans about Argentina’s daily match schedule.

There is excitement all over the country on the occasion of the World Cup. Bangladesh mainly supports two teams, Brazil and Argentina. Just three days before the start of the World Cup, the Argentina team will face the Qatar football team today, November 16 at 9:30 PM. This match has fueled the World Cup excitement even more. Let’s take a look at the schedule of matches in Argentina in the World Cup.

Argentina vs Qatar Time

Argentina vs Qatar International Friendly Match will be held today 16th November 2022 at 9:30 PM. If you are a fan of the Argentina team then you must watch today’s game. From this article, you will get some links on how to watch the game live today by clicking on it you can watch the game directly through the website.

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FIFA World Cup 2022 Argentina Match Schedule

FIFA Football World Cup 2022 will start on November 21. There is excitement around the World Cup. In the meantime, if your favorite team is Argentina, then it doesn’t matter.

Because many media are predicting that Argentina will win the World Cup this year. There is a reason behind saying this, Argentina has not lost a game so far. To win the World Cup, Argentina must remain unbeaten for the next 7 matches.

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Argentina has three matches to play in the group stage of the World Cup. Strong teams against Argentina are Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Poland. Argentina’s first match will be against Saudi Arabia on November 22 at 4 pm.

Argentina will face Mexico in their second match. This game will be played on November 26 at 1 am Bangladesh time. The last i.e. third match of the group stage will be played against Poland. It will start on November 30 at 1 am.

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Argentina World Cup match time

The schedule for Argentina’s next three matches has already been released. Since the schedule of matches till the group stage of the World Cup is given, we have given the schedule of three matches of the group stage only. If we can finish the group stage then we will update the next match schedule through this post. Hope you will visit our website and check the timing of the remaining matches.

Argentina Super 16 Match Schedule

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